Anton Omelchenko - Groom
(1883 - 1932) - Biographical notes

Groom Terra Nova 1910-13

Born in Bat'ki, near Poltava in the Ukraine into a peasant farming family, he became groom to a local estate becoming a jockey. It was as a jockey in Vladivostok in 1909 that he was recruited by Meares to help select the Manchurian ponies he had been sent by Scott to buy. Along with fellow Russian Girev he accompanied the ponies and dogs via New Zealand to Antarctica. Omelchenko was assistant to Oates who was in charge of the ponies, he became a popular and hard working member of the expedition working with the ponies on several sledging journeys.

In WW1 he fought with the army in Russia and later with the Red Army. He returned to Bat'ki where he helped to establish a collective farm, he was killed by lightning in 1932 at the age of 49.

1883 - 1932

Anton Omelchenko

Anton Omelchenko
Cooking mash in the stable, May 23rd 1911

Landmarks named after Anton Omelchenko

Feature Name: Omelchenko Bluff
Type: cliff
Latitude: 77°3808´S
Longitude: 166°4533´E
Description: A rock bluff rising above 600m, between Turks Head Ridge and Tech Crags. The bluff is approximately one kilometer northwest of Grazyna Bluff, Cape Evans, Ross Island. The bluff is in close proximity to Cape Evans and is in keeping with other features in this area which are also named after members of the British National Antarctic Expedition (1910-13). Named by New Zealand in association with the 2012 Scott Centenary year.

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