Welcome to all Fids and Old Antarcticans

FIDS - "Falklands Islands Dependencies Survey" was the original name for what became the "British Antarctic Survey" (BAS). Members of FIDS referred to themselves as "Fids" and the name stuck. It is usually taken as meaning someone who has travelled to Antarctica and worked on a FIDS or BAS ship or base. Some purists maintain that it should only apply to those who have wintered on such a base - no distinction is drawn here and all are welcome.

Antarctic Mountains
Halley 2016
Stonington Base
Stonington 1970
Looking across Borge Bay (RRS Shackleton at mooring)
Signy 1966

Fids Pictures

Deception Island 1962 - David Bridgen

John Biscoe and Admiralty Bay - 1950 - Mike Leader
John Biscoe 1963-64 - Paul Ellery

Halley V construction 1989-90 - David Maxwell
Halley - Antarctic Ash

Hope Bay, View Point 1960's

OBP 1982 - Adi Kellermann

Rothera - Jenny Dean

Signy 60 years, 1947-2007
Signy 1985-86 - Paul Ward
Signy 2017-18 - Jean-Baptiste Thiebot

Stonington 1971-72, Huskies - Drummond Small

Illustrated stories
Signy 1969 - manhauling to the Sandefjords - John Edwards and Martin Pinder

Halley 1960 - manhauling trip - Dave Edwards

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