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  Antarctic Penguins and Seals

Adelie Penguin
isolated from the background

 Penguin - Lone Adelie with background
Adelie Penguin
with background

 Penguin - Lone Adelie, black and white line
Adelie Penguin Graphic
- black line art on light backgrounds.

Penguin - A Pair of Adelies on sea-ice
Penguin Pair

Two clean and shiny Adelie Penguins fresh from the sea against the sea-ice.

 Greeting Cards
Seal Pup Antarctica

Antarctic Weddell Seal pup.

   Penguin - Jackass, black and white line
Jackass Penguin Graphic

Black line art on light backgrounds.

 Penguin - Posing Adelie, black and white line
Displaying penguin graphic

A proud penguin displays to the world

   . Seal Pup - Antarctic pair
Seal Pup - Antarctic Pair

A Weddell Seal pup and Ma relax during a light snow flurry.

 Penguin - Follow my leader
Penguin follow my leader

Penguins day out, all obstacles must be cleared.

. Penguin - Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day
- we've all had one, but maybe not quite as much as this Adelie penguin chick.

Displaying Adelie penguin -
White silhouette for dark and solid color backgrounds - apparel
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  Graphics and historical

Shackleton Ad

T-Shirts, Other Clothing, Bags etc.

Shackleton advertisement, Men Wanted for hazardous journey. Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration. Torn edges with dropped shadow.

Shackleton, Antarctica
Shackleton, Antarctica

Ernest Shackleton, advert placed for men to join an Antarctic expedition. Square edges.

Narto ergo sum - I ski therefore I am
I ski therefore I am

Narto Ergo Sum - "I Ski Therefore I Am", as the French philosopher Rene Descartes almost said. This penguin skier from Antarctica spends as much time as he can living the dream.

Antarctic Ski Club
Antarctic Ski Club

The penguin president of the Antarctic Ski Club caught in mid jump.

 Antarctic Ski Club - grunge
Antarctic Ski Club - grunge

The penguin president of the Antarctic Ski Club caught in mid jump in this grunge version of the club logo - "shabby chic" if you prefer.


  Antarctic Scenery

Scenic - Moon Rise
Moon Rise Antarctica

The moon rises above a calm iceberg strewn sea

3 Antarctic Pictures  - Set 1
3 images - 1, 3 of our most popular images

3 Antarctic Pictures  - Set 2
3 images - 2, 3 of our most popular images

Scenic - Coronation Island - Antarctica
Antarctic mountains and glacier

Berg Wash
Berg Wash
- an ethereal picture of a wave washing up the side of an ice-berg.