Antarctic Peninsula Cruise
Crossing the Circle

Antarctic Circle, pristine scenery, sites of scientific and historic interest, experienced guides, optional kayaking and camping on some voyages

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Cruise down the Peninsula between the mainland and offshore islands to cross the Antarctic Circle at 66 degrees and 33 minutes latitude south. This marks where on the planet (along with the arctic circle in the north) the sun is above the horizon for 24 continuous hours on at least one day of the year. The further you go below the circle, the greater the number of days where the sun doesn't set.

As your ship sails ever further south, the daylight hours grow longer and the air gets colder as you enter rarely visited territory to explore wherever the wind and ice will allow.

There are many potential landing sites here along the Peninsula and its islands. These cruises come in the second half of the Antarctic cruise season to allow seasonal sea-ice to clear from further south allowing access, exactly where you go is dependent partly on the itinerary and partly on what the ice conditions and weather dictate. You can sail from Ushuaia in Argentina and back again with some cruises also taking in visit to the Weddell Sea and Elephant Island enroute or take a fly-cruise joining your cruise ship in the South Shetlands after a 2 hour flight from Punta Arenas in Chile.

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Antarctica Peninsula Cruises With Circle Crossing 2024 - 2025

Trip Crossing the Antarctic Circle
12-16 days, 23 days
Polar Circle Air-Cruise
10 or 11 days
Polar Circle, Weddell Sea and Elephant Island
15 days
Ship Various Ocean Nova
Magellan Explorer
Ocean Explorer
Pax 87 - 199
Departure port Ushuaia - return same
Departures Nov '24 - 2 departures
Dec '24 - 3 departures
Jan '25 - 5 departures
Feb '25 - 9 departures
Mar '25 - 7 departures
* Prices $7,700 - $66,367

* Prices are per person. the lowest price is usually for triple occupancy in a basic cabin, the highest for double occupancy in the best available suite.

Options such as kayaking are usually booked when the cruise is booked, they may be at additional cost and have limited availability - it may be too late once the cruise has started.


You will find here all of the reasons that you wanted to travel to Antarctica, scenery, wildlife and history. Make a less travelled journey to cross the Antarctic Circle, a much more difficult trip than crossing the Arctic Circle at the other end of the planet. You'll get the midnight sun if you're here around the December solstice though even when the sun is below the horizon in high summer there will be twilight and virtually no actual darkness.

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