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Solo Antarctic Travellers
Frequently Asked Questions

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Cabins on Antarctic cruise ships are usually doubles with a smaller number of triples and quads, how are solo travellers accommodated?

There are two options:

    1 - Share a cabin with another same gender solo traveller, in these cases there is obviously no supplement due and you will most likely make a new friend in the process.

    2 - Pay a supplement to stay alone in a double cabin, the cost of this varies but becomes a greater proportion of the full occupancy as the standard of the cabin goes up. Expect to pay 1.5 - 2 x the single rate to occupy a double cabin alone.

Q:  Do all ships accept bookings from solo travellers for shared cabins?

A:  With only a few exceptions, almost all ships cruising to the polar regions allow solo travellers to book shared cabins with other solo travellers of the same gender. If you're willing to share, then you can travel in a twin, triple, or quad cabin without paying the single supplement.

Q:  Are there any particular ships that are more suitable?

A:  The "best" ship really depends upon your preferences. There is more chance of finding someone to share with on one of the larger ships - more passengers means more people who are also travelling alone.  A few ships have especially good single-cabin options for guests who prefer private accommodation.

Q:  If I book a shared cabin as a solo traveller, am I guaranteed to keep that? i.e. if no other solo books to share, is the ship going to try and "bump" me off in some way to get a pair of travellers into the now single occupancy, single fare, double cabin?

A:  Once you're confirmed in a shared cabin, you're guaranteed that cabin (and fare) even if the ship doesn't end up matching you with a roommate.

Q:  Are there restrictions to the category of cabin bookable by solo travellers?

A:  Any cabin may be booked by a solo traveller, the single supplement and option for sharing varies by cabin category and shipping company.  With a few exceptions, generally the lowest 2-4 categories are available for shares.  Premium cabins and suites often carry higher single supplements and usually cannot be booked as a share.

Q:  Is dining "open" in that all tables are available to all travellers?

A:  Yes, and that is part of the beauty of expedition travel!  Dining is casual, and is an excellent way to meet other fascinating, likeminded travellers.

Q:  Is there a way that the solo travellers on a ship can find each other quickly once on board?

A:   If you book as a share, one of the first people you meet will be your roommate - who is also travelling solo.  While there aren't any formal mechanisms onboard for solo travellers to meet up, small expedition ships are known for their casual atmosphere and camaraderie.  You will likely meet other solo travellers as well as friends travelling together right away, as your small group of explorers will be gathering daily for briefings, Zodiac cruises, shore visits, meals and socializing in the lounge.

Q:  How likely am I to be with other solo travellers or will it be mainly couples?

A:  You'll find there is a fantastic mix of travellers who are drawn to small ship travel to the polar regions.  That said, larger ships that offer designated solo cabins as well as ships with generous share policies are more likely to attract more solo travellers.

Trips from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula are the most usual cruises.

If you have more time, you can visit sub-Antarctic islands and the Falklands too.

Fly-cruise trips fly from Punta Arenas in Tierra del Fuego across the Drake Passage to meet to your ship in the South Shetland Islands, usually returning the same way, a small number of fly one way and sail the other are also available each season.

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Antarctic Peninsula
Sample Cruises - 2024 / 2025

Trip Highlights Prices USD*
Classic Antarctic Peninsula Expedition

10 - 12 days
South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula, Penguin Rookeries, Lemaire Channel. $4,860 -

Antarctica Peninsula Basecamp

13 days
Antarctic Peninsula trip with inclusive activities on offer such as hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, mountaineering, and camping out under the South Polar skies. $9,100 -
Crossing the Circle

11 - 23 days
typically 12 - 14

Sail down the Antarctic Peninsula and cross the Antarctic Circle, South Shetland Islands, Wildlife, Scenery. $7,700 - $66,367
Fly-Cruise to Antarctica

Air-Cruise, Fly the Drake
Sample Cruises - 2024 / 2025

Trip Highlights Prices USD*
Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands. Fly across the Drake Passage

6 - 14 days
typically 8
Fly across the Drake Passage in 2 hours to join your ship, cruise the South Shetland Islands and western Antarctic Peninsula. Spectacular scenery, glaciers, icebergs, penguins, seals and whale sightings. Limited number of sail one way, fly the other trips. $4,995 - $36,495

South Georgia with the Falkland Islands and / or the Antarctic Peninsula

South Georgia with the Falkland Islands and / or Antarctic Peninsula
Sample Cruises - 2024 / 2025

Trip Highlights Prices USD*
South Georgia, Antarctic Peninsula and Falkland Islands

17 - 23 days

Sub-Antarctic South Georgia has some of the most unique and abundant wildlife on earth including the world's biggest King Penguin colony, one of the world's largest concentration of Southern Elephant Seals, and many other  penguins, whales, seabirds and seals all with a background of the Alps dropped in mid-ocean.

Falklands Islands - a British colony in the South Atlantic with wild places and diverse abundant wildlife.

The Antarctic Peninsula is Antarctica proper with icebergs, glaciers and wildlife.
$11,556 - $48,191
South Georgia and Falkland Islands

17 or 21 days

$9,995 - $25,990
South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula

15 or 20 days
$13,200 - $37,116

* Prices are per person. the lowest price is usually for triple occupancy in a basic cabin, the highest for double occupancy in the best available suite.

Options such as kayaking are usually booked when the cruise is booked, they may be at additional cost and have limited availability - it may be too late once the cruise has started.

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