A Quick-Look at Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition - An illustrated account from the ship being stuck, sinking and then escape and rescue.

Shackleton Endurance Expedition - Quick-Look
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A brief introduction to the story of Shackleton's Endurance expedition from 1914-1917. 35 images with simple captions and QR codes to larger picture pages, single unlinked pages or as a slide-show.

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Sir Ernest Shackleton Portrait
1 - Sir Ernest Shackleton Portrait

2 - Frank Wild in polar gear, a studio portrait taken in England before he left with Shackleton for Antarctica in 1914.

3 - Tom Crean on the ship Endurance
with some sledge dog pups born during the journey from England to Antarctica.

Endurance trapped in the Weddell Sea
4 - We tried sawing and axing a path out of the ice, but it froze together again as fast as we could cut it.

Ice pressure ridges, Shackleton Endurance
5 - The flat sea-ice has been pushed up into pressure ridges.

6 - Our cameraman Frank Hurley climbed into the rigging with his 36kg camera to film the ship in the ice.

The crew of the Endurance at dinner
7 - The crew at dinner.

Endurance in ice passing by a large ice berg
8 - We had a close call when a huge iceberg passed nearby carried in the pack-ice, we had no way of avoiding it if it had headed towards us as we too are stuck.

Frank Hurley, Weddell Sea
9 - Frank Hurley our photographer is always busy taking these pictures.

10 - We had side-splitting fun this evening. Everyone had their hair cut close. Rickinson had very handsome dark wavy hair and didn't want it cut off, so he told Sir Ernest that he could cut it if he would then let him cut his.

11 - Night watch on the ship is a lonely time, it is good to get back to the Endurance after my rounds of the ship and of the ice near the ship in the winter night.

12 - Hurley photographed the ship in the long winter night using 20 flashes, 27th of August 1915. He half blinded himself, stumbled into snow drifts and banged his shins in the process!

13 - Our ship Endurance in the middle of winter 1915, stuck in the pack ice, we have had 24 hours of darkness for months.

 14 - In the winter night we keep the dogs in "dogloos" on the sea-ice beside the ship, these are kennels made of hard snow.

15 - A fright as moving ice pushed the Endurance over, this time we were lucky as it came upright again, this might not happen next time.

Endurance salvage crushed ship
16 - The ship is slowly being crushed by the ice, we salvage as many contents and materials as we can.

Frank Wild and Endurance
17 - The ship is dead, crushed and held in place by the ice itself.

Ocean Camp, 15th December 1915
18 - Ocean Camp, we now live in a village of tents and salvaged materials on the sea-ice far from land.

19 - Frank Hurley (left) and Ernest Shackleton (right) camping on ice hundreds of miles from land after the Endurance had sunk, 1915.

Dog team, scouting across sea ice
20 - Dog teams were sent out to find a way to reach land over the rough sea ice, progress was so slow as to be pointless.

dog sled team and drivers
21 - Part of a dog sled team and drivers.

James Caird
22 - The carpenter is using salvaged wood to raise the sides of one of the lifeboats.

Shackleton Endurance
23 - We set off to drag the boats to the edge of the ice, 6 days we gave up on the idea as as progress was so slow and exhausting.

Shackleton Endurance
24 - At night we pull the boats onto a raft of ice for safety, and light a blubber fire to warm frozen bodies.

3 lifeboats making through the ice strewn seas
25 - We try to stay together as far as we can, though can't all go at the same speed, a mixture of ice floes and bergs make the sailing dangerous.

On Elephant Island, hot food and drink at last
26 - After five hard days and nights in the boats with little water or food we have reached land on Elephant Island, hot food at last, we have drank and eaten all day.

The launching of the James Caird
27 - Launching the lifeboat James Caird from Elephant Island. Shackleton and five others are setting out to reach South Georgia 800 miles away across the stormiest seas in the world to bring rescue.

Shackleton Endurance
28 - Waving goodbye to the rescue party, will we see them again?

Snuggery - Elephant Island
29 - We now live under two upturned boats, a place we have called the "Snuggery" or the "Sty". It is 18 feet by 9 feet by 5 feet at the highest point, twenty-two of us live in here.

Voyage of the James Caird
30 - After a hard journey, Shackleton and the rescue party near South Georgia.

Arrival at King Haakon Bay, South Georgia
31 - The James Caird is dragged ashore at King Haakon Bay, South Georgia

32 - After 3 months on Elephant Island we are tired, dirty, and hungry, we hope every day that we might see a rescue ship sent by Shackleton.

Yelcho at Elephant Island
33 - After 4 months and on his 4th try, Shackleton reaches Elephant Island on a steam tug called "Yelcho".

Shackleton Endurance
34 - The "Yelcho" a steam tug lent to Shackleton by the Chilean government to rescue his men.

Elephant Island party in Punta Arenas
35 - Rescued! - the men from Elephant Island safely in Punta Arenas, southern Chile.