Quick-Look, Overviews of Antarctic Topics
briefly annotated picture stories - teaching resources with QR codes

This page connects to a series of educational resources, each of which gives a short captioned and illustrated introduction to a topic about Antarctica that is heavy on the illustration and light on the captions. They are ideal for younger students.

Each resource has two sets of slides:

Set 1 - Links to allow the viewer to scroll through the slides for use while projected for the whole class to see or by an individual on their own device.

Set 2 - Each slide as a stand-alone resource without any links other than to the home-page through the logo.

This code links to the first page of the quick Penguin Adaptations slide show, click or try scanning it with a QR app on your phone or tablet to access it. It can also be copied and printed.

Each resource page comes with a set of QR codes, how to use them:

A QR (quick response) code is a simple way of connecting to a webpage. To use them you need a QR Reader app on a smart phone or tablet, you then scan the code and with another click you are taken to the webpage.

They give a simple real world way of finding a specific web resource and can be printed onto any paper document, worksheet, sticker etc. so make it easy for students to go to exactly where you want them.

The codes can be copied and pasted into your own documents and there are links on each resource page to print out all the codes (links at top of page) to cut-out, laminate, physical cut and paste etc. them into your own lesson plan and scheme of work. In this way you can send your students to the beginning of the slide-shows or to individual pages of your choosing without them going too far off-piste.

The Resources

Antarctic Animals

14 slides introducing some of the animals that live in Antarctica.

Arctic Animals

15 slides introducing some of the animals that live in Antarctica.

Penguin Adaptations

15 slides about the ways that penguins of different species are adapted to live their lives in their Antarctic environment.

Shackleton's Endurance Expedition

35 slides giving an account of Shackleton's Endurance Expedition of 1914-1917, the loss of the ship, escape from the ice and rescue.