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This Page: USS Arneb (AKA-56), USS Atka (AGB3), USS Curtis (AV-4), USCGC Editso (WAGB-284), USCGC Eastwind (WAGB-279), USNS Greenville Victory (T-AK-237), USCGC Northwind (WAGB-282), USCGC Staten Island (WAGB-278), CGC Westwind (WAGB-281), USS Wyandot (KA92)

USS Arneb - AKA-56

McMurdo Base 1955 KA56 USS Arneb TF43 Operation Deep Freeze III 1959

Robert "Bob"  Blanchett (USS Arneb - 1957, 1958, 1959) - Melbourne Australia - email (son), Just found a batch of photos Dad took when he was on the Arneb and Wintered Over. He was a radioman on the Arneb from Beaumont, TX He returned to Australia, married had kids but he died at 42 in Melbourne in 1980. He wore his watch cap every weekend of the year. Said the Navy saved his life. so from his son, thank you to you, his shipmates. Bob Blanchett's pictures

McMurdo Base 1955
Bob Blanchett in the office and on deck, wintering over 1959, NAF McMurdo, USS Arneb

Frank Dietl (USS Arneb - 1957-1958) - Southampton New Jersey   Having served aboard the Battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62) for two years (1955-57). Next assigned to USS Arneb (AKA-56) for Operation Deep Freeze III. This cruise was to go around the world, stopping in many countries. The highlight was to make our way into the Antarctica with 6 other ships and embark personnel (1956-1957 previous wintering over. At the same time disembark new personnel and Scientists (1957-1958) and supplies for one year. The Arneb was to supply four bases: McMurdo Sound, Cape Hallet, Wilkes Sta., Little America. I don't remember how long the ship was in Antarctica, but I do remember there was no night, always daylight, 24 hrs. Working around the clock to off load supplies. When the ship completed it's task, we sailed up to Sydney Australia. Starting this cruise I volunteered to help Fr. Birkenhauer Jesuit Priest with Catholic services. At Cape Hallett, Father left the ship to winter over.

Jerry Lee Phillips  (1959) - Pearl MS - email  Would be interested hearing from any one that  was on the ARNEB  in those five years

Quentin Risher (USS Arneb - AKA-56 - 1956--1959) - Tewksbury, Ma. USA  Took part in Operation Deepfreeze- II III & IV. Looking for any of my old shipmates. While onboard I was a Radarman 3rd class.

Jim Steiger (RM2, USS Arneb, AKA56 - 1961) - Cleveland Ohio email I was an RM2 radio operator. I also operated the Amateur ( Ham ) radio shack. I used the Arneb ham call KC4USR/MM below the antarctic circle and my own call K8YTW/MM when we were above the circle.

David Sweet (USS Arneb AKA 56 - 60, 61, 62) - The Villages FL   I also served on board the USS Calcaterra DER 390 during Deep Freeze 64 65.  We were communications relay to the aircraft flying into and out of the Antarctica.

Howard Russell White
(USS Arneb - 1958-1960) - Kissimmee Florida  I was RM2 aboard Arneb and have been in contact with one other RM and two RDs that I served with on Deep Freeze Cruise IV and V. Would love to hear from other shipmates who were with me on the Ice.

USS Atka - AGB3

Charles Hickey EM2 (USS ATKA AGB3 - 1957 - 1959) - Iowa Park, Texas    I was a new sailor on my first big cruise aboard the USS Atka. I enjoyed the adventure and will always remember the trip. I would like to locate or purchase a USS Atka Operation Deep Freeze III Cruise Book 1957-1958. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Stephen C  Kapantais (USS  ATKA - 1965- 1966) - Salem MA    Stephen C Kapantais BM SN US Navy

I am the daughter of RICHARD P CARROLL who was on the USS ATKA 1958-1960 . Richard ( Dick) passed away 08/30/1998. I am just looking for information about his service, I loved hearing him tell us things and showing us his certificates  that the Navy handed to the servicemen. I have the USS ATKA Antarctic Cruise Book Deep Freeze 60 if anyone would like to see copies of it, I would be more that happy to email them. I also have my fathers large certificates that the US Navy gave him. The color on them is beautiful. Its amazing just knowing that my father was in these areas. Thank you in advance for any information or stories that you have.  Michelle Hunter, Gettysburg Pa,  

USCGC Eastwind - WAGB-279

McMurdo Base 1955

Tom Baxa (1955-1956) - Barefoot Bay Fl.    

Richard Denno (USCGC Eastwind WAGB 279 - 1962-1964) - 

Rich Humphreys
(USCG Eastwind W279 - 1964) - Deptford NJ  I am looking for a shipmate with the last name Planton possibly from Oregon.

Jerry Murdock (ET3 - ET2, USCGC Eastwind, WAGB-279 - 1962 - 1965) - Onalaska, TX, USA  Eastwind was my first ship. We were inside the Antarctic Circle 126 days straight during the '62-'63 season (McMurdo, Adare, Hallett, Williams Field & vicinity). I liked it so much I shipped for 6 later in '63. During the '63-'64 season we went to the Palmer Peninsula to survey the area around "Base N" on Anvers Island in preparation for construction of Palmer Station. I volunteered to go with the Seabees on the shore party for the survey. Since they needed someone to maintain the communication gear, I got lucky. Even luckier, the comm gear worked fine, so I was able to help with the survey.

During the '64-'65 season we went back to McMurdo, but the ice mostly moved out by itself, so we had time to do more "sightseeing" than before. A bunch of us were able to get a tour of Robert Falcon Scott's 1911 base camp guided by Sir Charles Wright - who was the physicist & glaciologist on the Scott expedition. I wanted to stay on the Eastwind, but had to transfer in '65. Now retired CWO4(ELC).

Virgil Yonts
(1955-1957) - Church Hill US,  USCGC Eastwind - WAGB-279

USCGC Editso WAGB-284

Collie C Brewer "Buck" - deceased (Edisto 1959  to 1961) - email  Quartermaster 1st class. I believe my father was navigator on Edisto ice breaker. I know he talked about McMurdo Sound, Greenland and ice in his ship

USS Glacier AGB-4

Donald Blickens HM2 (USS Glacier AGB4 Ice Breaker, 1956 to 1957) - Bourne  MA USA, email  This was Operation Deepfreeze II. Ship CDR was B.J. Lauff. Our Medical Officer was Lt Peter Fleming. Other under Dr. Fleming were Charles Lounsbury, HMC; Walter Stomsky, HM2; and Pat Babon, SN.

Frank L Brown (USS Glacier - December 1959) - Phoenix,  

Robert Dietrich Atka, TF-43,Glacier (1954-1957) - Lemon Grove (San Diego) CA   Navy Journalist (now retired JOCM) files photos, documents of Atka Expedition (54-55), Deep Freeze I and II.

Zane Lile (USS Wyandot 1958/59, USS Glacier 1958/60) - Russellville Arkansas  Interested in hearing from anyone in, are on, the ice in that period of time. Are others who served on either ship.

Larry King (USS Glacier AGB-4 - 1958-1964) - Terrebonne Oregon  Just watching a Documentary on McMurdo and brings up my memory of my first trip to McMurdo. late winter /summer of 58 onboard uss glacier AGB-4, Not to be smart ,but you guys there now have it made, I remember that we would offload fuel through Long fueling hoses on to land, Now its NUC, Made 3 trips there and looking back , It was the time of my Life ,Love New Zealand and the people and even married a New Zealander, Would love to hear from anyone of that time and toss around storys if you wish or communicate with anyone there now, Feel free to email me

Stephen G. Sochran (US Glacier - 1962-63 or 1963-64) - Manchester NJ, My husband Stephen G. Sochran was in the South Pole on the U S Glacier.  Not sure if it was 1963 or 64.  He lost his cruise book and I have been searching for one with no luck.  Any suggestions?

Brian Universal (HU2 / USS Glacier - 1957, 1958) - Eden, NY   Looking for people who were associated with HU2 from Lakehurst, NY, either in 1957 or 1957.

USNS Greenville Victory - T-AK-237

Dale Griffith (USNS Greenville Victory - 1957-1958) - Sun City West, AZ   

USCGC Northwind WAGB-282


John C. Burritt (1958 - 1959 summer support) - Fleming Is., FL USA - I was one of 3 Navy HU-1 helicopter pilots. We did ice recon, and cargo and personnel hauling. One of the most memorable trips was taking Sir Raymond Priestly, a British Geologist, out to the Shackleton and Scott huts. It had taken him 6 days to go from McMurdo to the huts by dogsled years ago. We did it in about 20 minutes.

William Eberlein (Willie) (1976-1977) - GardenNorth  VA USA 

USCG Staten Island

Adelie penguin
USCG Staten Island Operation Deep Freeze 1971-72

Arthur Braidic (USS Staten Island AGB5 -  1965) - Billings Montana Yellowstone   It was fun. Now looking for my dd2114 #

Monty Compton (USCGC Staten Island 1971-1973) - Yukon, Oklahoma   I have made a journal of my memories of the trips. I served aboard the USCGC Staten Island from 1971-1973 as a Marine Science Technician Third and Second Class. Monty Compton MSTC USCG (retired).

Adelie penguin
Monty Compton with the CGC Northwind, CGC Staten Island and USNS Wyandot behind
Monty's journal and pictures

Roger Fair RD2 (USS Staten Island AGB5 - 1964-1965) - Port Clinton, Ohio USA   Served aboard the SI for April 64-June 65

Michael Mishler  (USCGC Staten Island - 1966-1968) - Junction City, Oregon    Mr. Barry Puckett, I  was also station aboard the USCGC Staten Island for that incredible journey. I would like to hear from you. Mr. Gerald Black (engineman) and Mr. John Ivany  (cook) are residing around my area. I have your Hilo-crew picture on hand and have singled you out. I took a lot of trip pictures and have cherished them. As you, I was 18 years old and seeing the world wonders while my fellow high school classmates went to work at the local paper mill. Hope to hears from you.                  Take Care, Mike Mishler

Pat Ruby (USS Staten Island - before 1968) - Versailles, KY  Widow of Buster Couch who served aboard USS Staten Island prior to 1967

Douglas Strobel - Doug (1956-57 Deep Freeze 2)  - Base: USS Staten Island AGB5   Brentwood, CA USA. Didn't know any SEABEES from the Wyandot.. I was a Chief Radioman on the Breaker.....I am 86 years old now....

CGC Westwind WAGB-281

Joe Rogers (1966 - 1969) - Grand Rapids, MI USA  Operation Deep Freeze 1966, start of construction on the new Palmer Station. Operation Deep Freeze 1968 McMurdo resupply. Learned how to have fun in the "Old Guard"!

USS Wyandot KA92


William Goodwin (USS Wyandot at McMurdo Sound - 1955 to 1956) - Syracuse NY email I am creating a podcast episode about my father's (William R Goodwin) adventures in Antarctica as part of the original Operation Deep Freeze. He is now 87 years old, and still remembers it fondly.

Zane Lile (USS Wyandot 1958/59, USS Glacier 1958/60) - Russellville Arkansas  Interested in hearing from anyone in, are on, the ice in that period of time. Are others who served on either ship.

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Looking for my birth father believed to be Charles Tichy aka Charlie - USS Glacier - 1965, 1966, 1967. He does not know of me, my mother has some information but never informed him of my birth. Would like to make contact just to understand there is a connection. My current location, Christchurch, New Zealand email

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