FIDS - RRS Shackleton, Kista Dan, HMS Protector

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Kista Dan
RRS Shackleton at Signy Base
rrs shackleton signy 1965
RRS Shackleton at Signy Base 1965

Kista Dan
RRS Shackleton at Hope Bay
rrs shackleton signy 1965
RRS Shackleton at the ice foot at Hope Bay

Old Shackleton

The ship was built in 1954 by Solvesborgs Varv A/B at Solvesborg (Southern Sweden) originally named "Arendal". She was renamed "Shackleton" in 1955 and was known as this until 1983 when renamed "Geotek Beta". She was renamed again in 1984 to "Profiler", this was then amended to "Sea Profiler" in 1992. She was scrapped in 2011.

Paul Bennett (1975) - Cardiff S. Wales    I would love to contact captain Roger Chamberlain I sailed with him in 1975. I joined the shack in Djibouti pantry boy and roger helped me through a tough time and visited me in Llanrumney when he paid off/get in touch Roger I would love to catch up with you.

Terry Betts (TSB) (1966-69, 4 seasons), London  email  Look forward to hearing from anyone who knows me.

Timothy Doyle (RRS Shackleton - 11 Oct 1973 - 12 Apr 1974) - Feeding Hills MA, USA, 

Deck hand [AB] Joined at Barry left on return to Barry Wonderful trip

R W Forrester - "Nature Boy" (1956-57)  - Washington Tyne and Wear.  Spent the night aboard in my old cabin before she was scrapped in 2011.

Mike Gloistein (Bransfield, Ernest Shackleton and James Clark Ross - 1990 to present) email  JCR or Perthshire.  Still working for BAS

Dave Hooper (old Biscoe 54/55/56 + Shack 57/58/59) - Southampton email  For all you Geordies who were on board the Shack in the fifties all I remember is good times. I was particularly friendly with Harry Sinclair and still enjoy Newcastle Brown Ale. Hope to hear from someone who remembers me. Regards Dave. H.

Graham Jones, Bases B & F & RRS Shackleton (1965 to 1969) - Thame, Oxfordshire  email  DEM at Deception Island 1966, Argentine Island 1967 and third engineer RRS Shackleton 1968/69

John (Jack) Neillis - (1973/1974) - Crieff, Scotland  email  Sailed on "RRS Shackleton" from 1972 to 1978.I was in the engine room as a donkey/greaser. Antarctic trip was 1973/74.Captain was George Selby-Smith. Will be delighted to hear from anyone who may remember me. Rodger Chamberlain, now master of "DISCOVERY" was deck-boy around that time.

Eric J R Nidd - (1961-62-63) - Donnybrook W. Australia  Would like contact from anyone of that period, Jack Richardson Ch eng, Dave Hewson 2nd eng, Jimmy Martin, Wheatly deck officers, Allan Camron FIDS

Barry "The Dreamer" Terrell (1966) - RRS Shackleton.  Southampton. There were 3 messboys, Colin Beard, Dave "The Flea" Follett who moved to Australia and unfortunately died there, and myself.

New Shackleton - 1999 - present

Sue Dowling (2003) - King Edward Point, RRS Ernest Shackleton.  email  Evesham, Worcs.  Wintered at KEP 2003, then spent the following season as ship's doc on RRS Ernest Shackleton (lucky enough to visit bases A, B, BI, F, H, J, M, O, R, W and Z - oh, and X lots of times...). Enjoyed it so much I spent the 2004-5 summer season at Port Lockroy with two hairy blokes.


Kista Dan

Liz Edwards - Dave Edwards daughter (Halley Bay, Kista Dan 1960-61) - High Peak Derbyshire UK   My Dad was a joiner on the expedition 1960-61 and I am compiling an archive of all his materials from his time in the Antarctic for future generations in our family. Antarctic Holiday

Ernst Johansen (1963) - Nyka Bing Mors. Denmark   

Bjorn Larsen (Kista Dan Halley Base Z - 1960-1962) - Denmark   I want contact to someone about Haley base Z!, and someone who has seen (even foto) Kista Dan.


HMS Protector

Dave Lawton (HMS Protector - 1964-1966) Hayfield, Derbyshire

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