Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole
occupied since 1956

South Pole
South Pole 1983

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Pictures - 1960-61 - Philip K Swartz    1972-74 - Ralph Lewis     2007-2009 - Alan Light

David M Bresnahan (McMurdo, South Pole, Palmer - 1967-2007) -   Worked in the US Arctic Program for forty years.  Currently working as Antarctic Expedition Leader for Holland America.


Jim Affeldt (McMurdo / Pole / Hallet / Vostok - 1968/69 72/73 75/76) - Rock Stream New York    I worked in the McMurdo fabrication shop. Did repairs at the Pole & Hallet. Drank with the Russians at Vostok.

Jerry Clark (McMurdo and Scott Pole Stations) - Social Circle Georgia    I would like to hear from anyone from summer tours October 1966 - April 1967 and October 1967 - April 1968.  I have kept up with a few of the men and would like to hear from anyone else on the ice during that time.

Jack Falkenhof (South Pole Station - 1963) - Lake Wales FL email USWB El Tech. Wintering over party.

John F Garland (MCB-8, Mobile Construction Battalion 8 - 1962-1963) - Cochabamba Bolivia -   Built condenser building for PM-3A power plant, later built wonder arch at Pole Station.

Dick Przywitowski SKI (1966) - Lafayette, Colorado  Winter over at Pole Station 1966, Winter Over McMurdo Station 1968. Station Scientific Leader both stations.

Michael Rice (South Pole & McMurdo - 1969/1970) -  Carlsbad, California, U.S.A. Spent Summer at Amundsen/Scott
South Pole Station as one of two base Communicators (Radioman Second Class E-5, U.S. Navy), Wintered Over at McMurdo Station working in Relay center. Hello to all OAE's (Old Antarctic Explorers), who have braved the harsh and dark Antarctic Winter. Smooth Seas and Prevailing Winds to all.

Danny l Shepard (65-66) - Cherry Valley, NY   W/O 65-66

Philip K Swartz (South Pole Station - 1960, 1961) - The Dalles OR. -    

Group photo at the pole on arrival
Philip's pictures here

Fred W Thompson (McMurdo and South Pole stations - 1961, 1962) - Hawthorne email  Builder 2nd class. Spent summer at pole station then winter over at McMurdo. At pole station repaired caving in structures and built new weather balloon launch building. Also fuel storage for generators fuel. At McMurdo built new fire station and 2 other 40 x 80 steel quonset buildings plus many repair jobs.


Pat Blaylock (1973 / 74) - Sun City West, AZ  Worked the Ice  Tunnels at South Pole Dome Construction for Holms & Narver. I operated the radio call sign KC4USZ, KWM-2 into fixed Mosley Beam driving a Big Collins AMP. Current Call, W6SPS. W6 South Pole Station! What say all you cold ham's?

Doug Crouse (1975-1979)  - Wildomar, Calif.  Spent 4 trips as a cook. Had a great time. I worked all the galleys the Hill, Willy Field, South Pole and Byrd Station. Looking to hear from anyone during that time.

George Farren ('72 & '73 summer) - Coventry RI   

Bruce Fitch (1974, 1975) - Prescott, AZ 

Bruce's pictures here

Gary F. Foltz (1977-78, 1983-84) - Leesburg, Va.  email  I winter-over for Two season's 1977,78 and again in 1983-84, working with the U.S. Geological Survey, Tracking Satellites, and Monitoring the Seismic Equipment for U.S.G.S. Seismic Center in Golden, Co. I received Two Antarctica Service Medals, One with Cluster, for "Superior Service". Also received Two Antarctica Service Awards from the Department of the Interior, for "Outstanding Service".

Darrell Habel BUCN (73-74) - Fort Pierce, Florida    End wall construction of arches.

Bill Hames ATC, USN (McMurdo, Willy Field, South Pole, Su Support 1976-79, WO 1986-87) - Oklahoma City    Best duty of my Navy time. Great experience and some awesome people. Happy to be an OAE!!

Bob Lawyer (McMurdo & Pole 1971 - 1974) - Albany, NY  email  Loved it, would like to go back, "in a heartbeat". Hauled a British radio physicist around on a skidoo for 3 months, camped out 2 miles from the old pole station nights in a row in a tent. Nice.

Ron Markisenis (South Pole Winter over 1965) - Kingston  NY USA email  Radioman S. Pole sta.  One of the greatest experiences of my life.

Leonard Paine (CS-2/CS-1   cookie Base or ship NMCB  71. NSFA 72, 73, 74, WO 79) - email  Rustburg. It is possible that I am the only cook/baker to be the head cook at each station i was assigned to on the ice. Siple 72/73, South pole 73/74 and W/O 79.those were the best jobs i probably ever had.

Lester Price, Postmaster/Radio Operator (1972-1973) - East Samar, Philippines  Thanks for a fantastic website, I have been browsing the photos for the past 6 hours....great trip down memory lane.

Carl Ruffer (McMurdo and Pole Station - 1969, 1970) - New Jersey    Looking to hear from any of the boys I served with from CBU 201

Richard Rutkowski (Byrd Station DF4, 1958 to 1959) - Key Largo, Florida. Winter 1962 South Pole Station, as Weather Station Tech, Ham radio operator.

Robert B Singleton (1975-76) - US  Already an OAEA member...trying to access site for comments

Rich Urbanak (Byrd/Pole Stations, 1960 & 1971) - Titusville, FL  email

Michael Zachary (NMCB 71, Years: 1971, 1972, 1973) - Mill Creek, WA email  Ltjg Officer in charge of Siple Station Construction DF71 and the South Pole Dome and Wonderarch construction DF72


Tom Brace (1984-85) -  Whitesburg  TN  '84-85 W/O Station Mechanic looking for those who were there with me, scientist and support alike. Would like to share pics, validate our 300 degree membership, etc.

Jeff Down (1988) - Bellingham WA   was Asst. Cook in 1986-87 summer, then Sr. Cook and Winterover Cook in 1987-1988, both at South Pole Station.

Tim Leistico (South Pole '80 / McMurdo '82 / Williams Fld 80-85) - Oakland CA   Nice to find this site.

John Mac Millan - "Mac" (1982-83) - Coquille, Oregon -   Wintered Over as Supply. Auroras a biggie and roasting the camera over generator's exhaust to thaw. BBQed steaks and lobsters 4th of July. Hair Ball and Cotton Shirt meeting the opening plane. Prince Edward and the Dome sliding, 20/20, Micky D's for Breakfast, stained glass window would we try for the air drop packages and so much more ........

Mark Mihalic "Cowboy" (South Pole Station Winter Over 1984 - 1985) - Jamestown Colorado USA  

Matt Myers (South Pole Station, Winter Over 1985-1986, Siple summer 1987) - Calais Wintered at Pole in 85-86; summer at Siple in 86; Senior Materials person - Cargo!

Kurt Pitz (McMurdo, Willy Field, South Pole Stations - 1987-90) - New Providence PA -  Summer Support for two years, home port rep my last year.  Spent first season in Mactown as FM Radio Comm Tech, second season spent time at Willy and South Pole as Radar Technician, also was at Byrd Surface camp for repairs.  Love to touch base with any other folks from my time.

Robert Reese Platzer - Jr Bob (Amundsen Scott South Pole 1983-1984) -  Rock Springs Wyoming USA   Winter over OAE

Peter Vossenberg (McMurdo and Amundsen Scott South Pole Station - 1982) - Orlando Florida -   Winter over at McMurdo and in 1986 Winter over at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. I was the cook baker during both winter overs.

Rich Wiik (Winter over South Pole1982-83, Civilian Garage McMurdo1984) - Nashua New Hampshire -  


Rich Overbeck (99-2000) - Dallas Tx 

Mark Shaffer (McMurdo, South Pole - 87, 88, 90, 91) - Cragsmoor NY  Worked as insulator and pipefitter on 207, 208, Bio-Lab, Heavy Shop. Assisted "Psycho" Mark Albershadt at South Pole Jan-Feb 1991. Went to Survival school 2x. Should've w/o.

Rudi Stewart (McMurdo and South Pole - 1991, 1992, 1993) - Leominster - I would love to hear from anyone who was there.

James Stine (McMurdo + South Pole - 1990, 1992, 1994) - Prior Lake, MN, USA    Very nice site, makes me home sick. Enjoyed the pictures of New Pole but seeing the dismantling of the old entrance and power plant (My home while there, so to speak) saddened me.

Kerry Vigue (South Pole Palmer - 1993, 1995, 2002, 2003) - Montrose Colorado


Scott Mosher (McMurdo - 2007) - Scituate MA,   Started at McM WinFly 2007 - worked McMurdo, Pole and Palmer from then until at least 2016 (and counting...)

Jim Walsh (2007) email

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