FIDS - RRS John Biscoe

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RRS John Biscoe
RRS John Biscoe at South Georgia - Shackleton Jetty, 03-82
Picture - Adi Kellermann
RRS John Biscoe
Biscoe in Stanley Harbour 1986

Bird Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Forecast
Bird Island / South Georgia
Rothera Point, Antarctica Forecast
Halley, Antarctica Forecast

South Pole

Colin Ballamy (Nelson)  (1973)  Angola  Served on board the Biscoe with a great bunch of people, big John Summers, Mossey, Aldridge, The Crockford brothers and there cousin, Skipper was Capt. Phellps. They were good days. I now work for an oil company in Luanda Angola. Any one who remembers please get in touch.

Les Banks-Irvine (Signy, John Biscoe - 1977-1980) - Barmouth Wales   Signy as boatman / builder, and then a years as 4th engineer on the Biscoe.

Phil Brown (John Biscoe - 1986 - 1988) - Aberdeen    A deck boy for one trip then an EDH for the second. There are not many places in the world that captured my imagination and heart and will remain with me until the end. The animals, the scenery, the people, the banter, the cold, the hard work! (well I was only 17) Sadly had to leave the sea after an accident, involved with HSE and marine training email if you wish to say hello

Percy Henry Burt (1949-1950) - Bexhill -    Cabin boy John Biscoe / we got through to Stonington Isle,  got Dr. Fuchs out with other men. I am 75 now but still interested about the Antarctic. Still travelling around. I would like to know if any of my old ship mates are left.

Andy Chappell (1985-89) Denmark  email  Hi there.. anyone I sailed with on the Biscoe and Bransfield drop me a line.. I am still at sea.. alot older but no surprise there.

Mike Davis (Cook/Steward - RRS John Biscoe/ RRS Bransfield/ RRS J.C.R - 1984-1991) - North Shields / Tyne and Wear   Hi People Long Time No See! Stumbled on this website by accident, lots of great memories best years of my life so far! anybody wants to get in contact would love to catch up !! Currently working in North Sea Oil Rig Standby / Supply . Bye 4 Now !

Dr. Barrie John Dent (RRS John Biscoe - 1959-1960) - Budapest, Hungary  ,Hi Guys  anyone out there from this era? I spoke to Bobby Wragg  many years ago,   God bless you all

Charles Ellery (RRS John Biscoe - 1962 or 1963) -  My Father, Paul Ellery, travelled on the RRS John Biscoe, when he was 18 or 19 years old, so that would be 1962 or 1963. It had been arranged by his father Tom Ellery. It looks like he was kicking around the house lacking in direction and his Dad said go and do something useful.... Sadly my father, Paul, passed away on the 2nd May 2015, but having put together a huge pile of slides from his trip to Antarctica, I started researching the ship itself, and I stumbled across this page. I thought I'd get in touch to see if anyone remembers him, travelled with him, could tell me what he was doing on board, or would like to see the slideshow. Pictures

Patrick Green (RRS John Biscoe - 1967-8) - West Coast France Looking for memories or recollections of the voyage, particularly Signy, Deception and Halley Bay. Have fond memories

Peter Green (John Biscoe & HMS Protector Summer 1965/6 1966/7) Norfolk UK  email  With the Decca team supporting hydrographic surveying in various locations - notably Maguerite Bay.

Steve Harding (1988) Wiltshire  email  Spent the 1988 /1989 season working as a steward on the RRS John Biscoe. The memories of visiting the big white place has never left me!

Barry Heywood - Signy, Rothera, Halley, John Biscoe, JCR - (1962-1997)  email  Oundle

Dave Hooper (old Biscoe 54/55/56 + Shack 57/58/59) - Southampton email  For all you Geordies who were on board the Shack in the fifties all I remember is good times. I was particularly friendly with Harry Sinclair and still enjoy Newcastle Brown Ale. Hope to hear from someone who remembers me. Regards Dave. H.

Mike Jenkins (3rd Officer 1982-1985) - Newport Shropshire  Came across this website quite by chance. Enjoyed three happy and very memorable trips on the Biscoe, the experiences of being 'down south' will always be there!!

Bruce Joubert (1963-1967) - Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa  Sailed as third and second mate under Captain Woodfield, Malcolm Phelps (Mate). It was the experience of a lifetime

Adolf (Adi) Kellermann (RRS John Biscoe - OBP 1982) - Copenhagen, Denmark

Nigel Lansley (Bendy Wendy) (1981-1988) - rep. of Ireland  email  Would be good to hear from any one who remembers me (who could forget)

Mike Leader - deceased - (RRS John Biscoe 1949-1950) - Reigate Surrey. I sailed on the John Biscoe in 1949 as a cabin boy and also as assistant cook. Great memories and I remember lots of names! Mike's pictures

Ian MacDonald, RRS John Biscoe - 1980 - 83 - Northampton  Hoping to hear from & catch up with  with crew & staff from the same era.

Geoff Morgan (John Biscoe, Bransfield, JCR, 1987 - 1998) - Meldal, mid - Norway  Probably the best job I've been paid to do. Wonderful memories. Had to move to Norway to be near ice!

Rob Mortimer (John Biscoe & Bransfield - 88/89 89/90 91/92) - Naas, Ireland   Served as a seaman on the JB and Brannie for three seasons

Steve Norris, South Georgia / Halley (1974. 1975), Havant  email  Also served as Electrical Eng on board the John Biscoe from 1977 to 1981 and on the Bransfield from 1994 to 1999

Brian Pimm-Smith, (1964), Ramsey, IOM   Met man sailed south and back on the John Biscoe.

Tony Quinn (1959 - 1965) F, E & John Biscoe - Christchurch, New Zealand email  Interested in hearing from anyone who remembers me from Faraday 1959/60, Stonington 1961/62 and John Biscoe 1962 - 66. Have contact here in NZ with Howard Chapman Stonington/Fossil Bluff 60/61

Keith Roberts (1983-84) - Grimsby

Richard Scoffom (Adelaide Is. / Biscoe - 1969-1971) - Canada   

Davy Simmons - Trawler Bill (1951-1952) - Sandness  Any word of 2nd officer Peter Lea page Croft or any of the crew in those years.

Matthew Spencer (1987-1989) - Bransfield / John Biscoe - Rochdale. email  Wondering if there is anyone still on the new ships that I sailed on the old ships with. if so drop me a line it would be great to catch up.

Ray Stirton (Signy 79/82, Bransfield, J Biscoe) - Perth, Scotland   Just read that Bransfield was scrapped, such a sad feeling as many a fun night with Fids and crew. To anyone who might like to get in touch or send a message and to all, good luck for the future. Best time of my life ever, I cant see anything beating the time on ships and base and so great and wonderful friends.

Rolie Summers (Stanley Radio and RRS John Biscoe, 1954 to 1962) -   Southampton England.

Bob Wragg (1959) - Worthing.    I served on the John Biscoe from 1959 to 1961 as Officers Steward and Captain's Tiger to Captain Johnston. Would like to hear from anyone from that era.

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