Scott Base
New Zealand

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Right - Scott Base 2014
Picture - Peter-Rejcek NSF

Peter Breen (Scott Base, McMurdo - 1981-1982) - Rotorua    Was Scott Base staff spent a lot of time in Mac town working and socialising especially at Jessie Raines bar.

Alan Burt (Scott Base - 1978, 79) - Rutland, England email Lab technician at Scott Base October 1978 to November 1979. Ionosonde and seismic programmes.

Nicki Fairbairn (2000/2001, winter over) - Germany   Worked as winter domestic (all year) and then bar/shop manager when Jenna went home over the Winter Months. Hydroponics was a great part of the duties back then.

Robin Foubister (1968 - 69) - Auckland, New Zealand  Looking for Dan Nactsheim, photographer with USN, McMurdo 1969/70.

Michael Gilmour (Scott Base, 1978) - Canberra, Australia email  Just looking at history of 1978 when l was at Scott Base for the summer season.

Dudley Holmes (1960) - Sarina Beach, Queensland, Australia, email

Bob Isles (1989/2005 - Scott Base/ Terra Nova) -   Christchurch NZ. 18 trips from 1989 till 2005, running shop and bar at Scoot Base, also shop at Terra Nova ( Italian ) and Dome C.

Pete PVK van Kampen (3 Squadron RNZAF - 1989) - Aigje, Switzerland   Liked the Ice so much I ended up living in the Alps!

Ian Macleod aka Fat Sam (Scott Base - 1975 and 1976) - Qld Australia  Looking for US Navy cook, Gene Ripley who wintered over with me in 1975/6, he at McMurdo and I at Scott.

Tony Rayment, Buzz (Scott Base - 1965) - Morayfield Queensland Australia email

Tony Rayment
Tony's pictures

Ray Vincent (Scott Base 1978-1979) - Adelaide Australia  

Don Webster (Scott Base - 1960 & 1963) - New Zealand  Wintered-over  in 1960 and 1963

Warwick Williams (Scott Base, Macquarie Island, Mawson - 1977, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986) - East Lindfield, NSW, Australia   Winter Scott Base - NZARP Winter Macquarie Island - ANARE Winter Mawson - ANARE Summer Mawson - ANARE

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John Presland, Scott Base 1978 I am writing family history, John was my brother deceased 2006 love to get info about him at Scott base and any photo's, I am 82 running out of time, any assistance would be gratefully received, Travel Safe, Patricia Duff Nee Presland  Feb '17

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