FIDS - Closed Bases - before 1980
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, KG, N, O, T, V, W, Y and Stanley

A - Port Lockroy,  B - Deception Island,  C - Cape Geddes,  D - Hope Bay,  E - Stonington Island,  F - Argentine Islands / Faraday,  G - Admiralty Bay,  KG - Fossil Bluff,  N - Anvers Island,  O - Danco Island,  T - Adelaide Island,  V - View Point,  W - Detaille Island,  Y - Horseshoe Island

Listed by name of FID as there were lots of small bases that weren't open for long, and many served on more than one base and/or ship.

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Deception Base 1962
Deception Island, Base B - 1962
Picture - David Bridgen
Admiralty Bay, Base G
Admiralty Bay, Base G - 1962

Fossil Bluff Hut 2003
Fossil Bluff Hut, Base KG - 2003
Stonington Base
Stonington, Base E, from the Air - 1971
Picture - Drummy Small

Stonington Island 1948
By Oliver (Dick) Burd's grave, Bob Moss left, unknown right.
Mike Green's grave to the right.

OBP 1982 - Adi Kellermann
Rothera - Jenny Dean
Signy 60 years, 1947-2007
Signy 1985-86 - Paul Ward
Stonington 1971-72, Huskies - Drummond Small

Illustrated stories
Signy 1969 - manhauling to the Sandefjords - John Edwards and Martin Pinder
Halley 1960 - manhauling trip - Dave Edwards

Capt Ric Airey, SG, Adelaide, Rothera, etc. - 1974-1980 - Edinburgh, Scotland    Out of the ether, all you lovely people, hello and well met, hope every one still clinging to the wreckage, they finally found me out after 32 years in the air and grounded me, flew south with American cousins but BAS wont have me not surprising with mother superior still in charge grin, she's done well for a primary school teacher with a rubber fetish. Damn it i have missed you all wonder where Mex Merson, Howard Platt, Gerry Lawson are now .ref history being r/o skeletons I can do particularly the funny ones see doggerel BAS club letter 34 , also why is Nigel Leader-Williams not yet prime minster, and Howard my dads still alive and still my hero. Sea ice fast and plateau clear sledge dog days remain most dear xxricxx

Adrian Almond (Stonington E, Adelaide T - 1973&4) - RAF Akrotiri/ Cyprus   Although Stanley is now home, we are currently living and working in Cyprus.

Barry Armstrong (Adelaide T - 1963 to 1965) - Verbier Switzerland -

John Barlow (Deception Island B, Adelaide T - 1965 - 1968) - Tongue, Sutherland. 

Richard Barrett (Stonington E - 1974) St Margaret's Bay, Kent.  email

Ray Berry - Deception, Signy, Argentine Islands - (1951, 52, 54)  Whitstable

David Bridgen (Deception Island B - 1962) - N.E. Lincolnshire   61,63,64,and 65 in Stanley. Then 18 months on R.M.S. "Darwin", Does anyone know what happened to the Deception scrap-book?

Deception Base 1962
David's pictures

Alan Carroll (Port Lockroy A - 55 - 56) - Byfield

Robin Chambers (Argentine Islands F, Adelaide Island T - 1967-1971) - Nanaimo BC, Canada   At Deception for the eruption Dec 1967. On board Shackleton when 2nd. eruption destroyed base B, 21 Feb '69. Ashore 3 days later to salvage personal gear. 1969 Winter @ F, upper-air Met. 1970 moved to Adelaide T, Met. included 10 wks. travel; plus 4 wks. @ KG.

Howard Chapman (Stonington E - 1961) Wellington, New Zealand.  email

Chris Edwards (Stonington E - 1972-1975) Nr Inverurie Aberdeenshire.  email Still visiting Peninsula but now as a tour lecturer/guide/expedition leader with Quark Expeditions since 1998-1999 season

Frank Elliott (Hope Bay - D - 1948) grand-daughter, Tracy Elliott -

Mike Fleet (Hope Bay D, Stonington E - 1962/1963) Reading.  Regularly attend BAS Club, Hope Bay and Marguerite Bay Reunions. Recently returned south on Larsen Memorial and Stonington or Bust Cruises.  email

Peter Gale (Port Lockroy A - 191957 / 1958),  Inglewood, Taranak, NZ    I was at Port Lockroy for IGY and would like to hear from Len Fox, Jim Muir-Smith, Colin Clement, base leader Jack Tinbergen, Gorden Farquar also Peter bunch at Admiralty Bay or others that I know from this period.

George Green (Adelaide Island T - 1965 & 1966) - Miami, Fl USA

Peter Gibbs  -  (Horseshoe Island Y, Stonington E - 1956-58)  Paphos, Cyprus email Retired but active and still have unplanned contact with occasional huskies brought into the Dog Shelter where I help!

Ken Gibson (Admiralty Bay G - 1959) - Gloucestershire  Would like to make contact with any 1959 winterers at Admiralty Bay.

Peter Grimley (Stonington E - 1960) - Ontario, Canada - Bases Y and E  - email   Semi-retired

Ken Hill (Hope Bay - 1956 and 1957) - Kings Lynn Norfolk UK - From radio operator to journalism and editing. Married Jean in 1962 (died 2010), sons Matthew born 1967 (and Samuel born 1970, died 2011).  Remarried 2013 to also widowed Clare. At 80, spent ten days of 2014 at 70 degrees north in Canadian Arctic on the shore of North West Passage. My half hour 8mm colour film 'A Season in Antarctica' available on request.

Richard (Dick) Hillson (Admiralty Bay G - 1956-57, Detaille Island W/Y - 1958-59) - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada    Anybody have information about Graham Davey, Base G (Admiralty Bay) 1956-59?

Ralph Horne - (Fossil Bluff KG, Stonington E, Adelaide T - 1963) - Dublin, Ireland    Was geologist at Fossil Bluff in summers of 62 to 65. Would be pleased to hear from any Fids who knew me in Marguerite Bay/Bluff in those marvelous times.

Ian Joyner Stanley FIDS Radio Station - 1957 - 1961) - currently at Petworth, West Sussex  email I was stationed at the Port Stanley FIDS Radio Station.

Graham Jones, (Deception Island B, Argentine Islands F/ & RRS Shackleton - 1965 to 1969) - Thame, Oxfordshire    DEM at Deception Island 1966, Argentine Island 1967 and third engineer RRS Shackleton 1968/69

Paul Kirby (Stonington E - 1974) - Sussex    Was in Swaziland from 1981 to 1988.

Rod Ledingham (Fossil Bluff KG, Adelaide Island T - 1967/8) - Oyster Cove, Tasmania -   Fid travellers welcome

Paul Leek  (Port Lockroy A - 1959/1960), New Haven Connecticut USA   I'm interested in hearing from anyone who remembers me. It's a long time ago and many of them are no longer with us.

John Leigh (Air Unit - Deception Island B,   Adelaide T, Fossil Bluff KG - 1964) - Cardigan  WOM for the air unit.  Wintered at B.

Peter Lennon (Fossil Bluff KG - /1975) - Tshwane, South Africa 

Amanda Lynnes (Port Lockroy - 2002-2003) - Cockermouth, Cumbria  Was also at Signy 1996-2001.

Jim Madell (Hope Bay D, View Point V and Detaille Island W - 1956 - 1957) -  Waberthwaite, Cumbria.

Neil Marsden (Stonington E - 1965-61965-66) - Deganwy, North Wales 

Dave Matthews (Stonington E - 1965/66, Horseshoe Is. Y - midwinter 1965, S. Georgia M - summer 1979-80) - Nr. Inverness, Scotland email   Also  Numerous summer seasons in Arctic, mainly East Greenland.

Malcolm McArthur - (Stonington E - 1971-1973)  Fortrose, Ross and Cromarty  email

Tom Miller (Adelaide Island T - 1965-66) - Broughty Ferry, Scotland

Dave Petrie "DavemacP" (Adelaide Island T, Halley Bay Z, McMurdo - 1963-65,66/67,69/70,73/74), Yetholm, Scotland  Beastie man etc. 2 years Halley Bay. First ice depth radio echo sounding by aircraft, Adelaide island. First Hercules flights radio echo sounding from McMurdo, discovered Lake Vostok. Fleming glacier radio echo glacier velocity experiments.

David Price (Port Lockroy A - 1958/1959), NSW Australia  Interested to contact any Lockroy "inmates" during seasons 1957-60 particularly Alan Cameron, Mike Crockford, Jack Tinbergen.

Tony Quinn. (Stonington E, Argentine Islands F, & John Biscoe - 1959 - 1965)  - Christchurch, New Zealand email Interested in hearing from anyone who remembers me from Faraday 1959/60, Stonington 1961/62 and John Biscoe 1962 - 66. Have contact here in NZ with Howard Chapman Stonington/Fossil Bluff 60/61

Bryan Rorke (Adelaide Island T - 1961-64) - Markham, Ontario, Canada  Extremely interested in CoolAntarctica. Once I can get organized would be pleased to share photo from my time in Antarctica. Currently working on a book on 'Ships of the Antarctic"

Richard Scoffom (Adelaide Island T, Biscoe - 1969-1971) - Canada   

Drummond (Drummy) Small (Stonington E - 1971-73) - Kilmarnock  

Antarctic husky
Drummy's pictures and captions

David Allan (Spanner) Spencer - (Deception Island B, Signy Island H - 1966 to 1969 - Blackpool    Was on Deception Island at the time of the 1969 eruption

Tim Stewart (Fossil Bluff KG - 1975) - Humberston, North East Lincolnshire UK -   Nice to see the old KG hut is still standing, and, being used, occasionally. Now married, for some years, and shortly to live permanently on a narrow boat. Graduated Hull (engineering and mathematics) but failed as teacher! Now designing sailing Yachts and autonomous buildings.

Rolie Summers (Port Stanley Radio and RRS John Biscoe, 1954 to 1962) -   Southampton England.

Bill Taylor (Deception, Signy, Adelaide, T, Fossil Bluff - 1967 1968 1969 1970) - Rhydlewis Ceredigion

Jonathan Walton (Fossil Bluff KG, Rothera R - 1974, 1975) - Shrewsbury, England    Son of Kevin Walton (Stonington 46,47). Winters & 9 summers down South between 1973 & present. Father, Godfather, 2 brothers-in-law and cousin also have wintered South. Still very actively interested in Antarctic matters.

Michael Warr (Deception Island B, Adelaide Island T - 1964, 1965) - Prince George, BC, Canada    Meteorologist and husky chaser for two years. I was on the Marguerite Bay 2005,"Polar Star" cruise / Antarctic historian on the Explorer, Dec. 2006, and I am the author of the book South of Sixty

Mike Whitbread (Deception Island B, Argentine Islands T - 1964-67) - Northampton    Spent a few months at Signy and Coronation Island on Hi Fix and another 6 months on South G before it became a BAS base.

Leat Woodhams (Peck) (Port Stanley, FIDS Office,  - 1955 - 1961) - Guernsey since 1976 - email

Graham Wright - Genghis (Halley Bay Z and Stonington E - 1969-1970-1972-1974) - Newtown Powys  2 years on Halley and 2 years on Stonington.

Steve Wroe - "Shagger" (1974) Kendal, Cumbria

Bob Wyeth - (Stonington E - 1970, 19711970, 1971, 1973) - Jodhpur, India   

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Base / Station
C currently occupied
H historic monument
Date first
/ last occupied
A - H - Port Lockroy 63°49'S, 63°30'W 11/02/44 - 16/01/62
B - Deception Island 62°59'S, 60°34'W 03/02/44 - 23/02/69
BI - C - Bird Island 54°00'S, 38°03'W 22/09/82 - present

C - Cape Geddes

60°41'S, 44°34'W 18/01/47 - 17/03/47
D - Hope Bay 63°24'S, 56°59'W 10/02/45 - 13/02/64
E - H - Stonington Island 68°11'S, 67°00'W 24/02/46 - 23/02/75
F - H - Argentine Islands / Faraday
(Wordie house)
65°15'S, 64°16'W 07/01/47 - 22/07/95

G - Admiralty Bay

62°05'S, 58°25'W 25/01/47 - 19/01/61
H - C - Signy Island  - currently summer only 60°43'S, 45°36'W 18/03/47 - 13/04/96
J - Prospect Point 66°00'S, 65°21'W 01/02/57 - 23/02/59
KG - Fossil Bluff 71°20'S, 68°17'W 20/02/61, intermittent
summer only since 1975
M - C - King Edward Point, South Georgia 54°17'S, 36°30'W intermittent from 01/01/50
22/03/01 - present

N - Anvers Island

64°46'S, 64°05'W 27/02/55 - 10/01/58
O - Danco Island 64°44'S, 62°36'W 26/02/56 - 22/02/59
R - C - Rothera 67°34' S,68°08' W 25/10/75 - present
T - Adelaide Island 67°46'S, 68°55'W 02/02/61 - 01/03/77
V - View Point 63°32'S, 57°23'W 08/02/53 - 25/11/63

W - Detaille Island

66°52'S, 66°48'W 21/02/56 - 01/04/59
Y - H - Horseshoe Island 67°47'S, 67°18'W 11/03/55 - 21/08/60
Z - C - Halley bay 75°35'S, 26°34'W
(position has varied due to movement of the ice-sheet and re-building the base)
06/01/56 - present