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VXE-6 - 1970's

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 McMurdo pictures from OAE's

1961 - Larry Johnson

1963 - Ken Osicki
1970-71 - Dudley Vaughan
1972-74 - Ralph Lewis

1976-77 - Roly Hermans
1980-81 - Charlie Johnson
2007-2009 - Alan Light


Glenn Ahlberg (Mugu, McMurdo, CH CH - 1978-1981 VXE-6) - Ojai, California  

Jimmy Alexander (1972/1973/1974/1975) - Jonesboro Arkansas   I was a Yeoman in VXE-6 on the Hill .

Wayne Anderson (1973 - 1976) - Chadron, Nebraska  What an adventure!!!! Think about that time of my life often, wouldn't trade it for the world. Was an AS, worked the Strip and Hill; was also Para-Rescue. Was on 320 when it crashed at Dome C and was part of the salvage team for 329; really miss the crew from down there.

Terry Baker (VXE-6 / Helo Crew - 73-74  74-75) - Hooks Texas  Would like to hear from any of the " Max Pax Max Trash Max cargo" crew.

Willie C. Barr (VXE6 - 1970-1974) - Woodbridge VA.

Mark A Balue the Penguin painter (1979-1981) - Stanton   Worked line Maint. on the ice and corrosion control in Ch-Ch. Painted Penguin's on Aircraft and hit all visiting A/C that parked over night. MAB 80/81. Below them. I notice they did repaints and keep the Penguin on the nose.

Ross Bessom ADJ-2 (VXE6 1969 thru 1971) - San Diego USA email Helo  crew Beardmore Glacier/Herc engine shop Willie Field 69-70 and Herc intermediate maintenance Ch-Ch 70-71.

Wayne "Ollie" Blanchard (VX6, VXE6, 1969 to 1971) - San Antonio, Texas email  69 to 70 Helo crew 70 to 71 CHCH

Tom Budde (1973-76) - Olde Davenport Road, La Motte, Iowa - Witnessed 129 nose ski crash at dome Charlie. Unique flying. Anyone know where Jim Wisehart is? 563-543-5361 cell.

AMHC Willie C Barr (Flight Crew - 1971-1974) - Woodbridge VA. 22291   I retired from the Navy in 1978.

Donald Bartsch BMC(SW)  (1977-1978) - Louisville KY   

Jack Bazydlo (1975-1978) - Clifton Park, New York    I miss the beer in ChiChi, and the opportunities to learn talking to the scientists about their research, going to the Kiwi hut, and of course the Dirty Duck. I'll be happy to hear from anyone from any time period.

Gary Beal (1970-1971-1972) - Mesa AZ  Was part of the crew who crashed on the C121 in October 1970.  Great Experience

Bruce Becker (DF-74-75, 75-76) - Idaho   Strip Rat DF 74-75, GSE Line. Dome Charlie crew DF 75-76 to recover 320, I have a large piece of the shattered prop and the pictures to prove it! Miss Andy and Chief Birch and the rest of you all about this time each year. (Nov 30th)

Charles W. Bishop "Chuck" (1960-1964 & 1970-1974) - Navarre, FL   Worked on the cargo crew 60-64 at Williams field
70-74 in the GSE shop on the hill.

Gary Bogue "Bogee" (VXE-6 Rhode Island - New Zealand, 1969-71) - Cornstalk, Ia   C-130 mechanic ,me ,bogee.....butchee boy (Frank Pignatari) E-5........E6 boss Joe Lamarou..Rhode Island, New Zealand....I never went to the ice oops. Partied way too much. We all had cars in New Zealand ... Wonderful time of our lives!

Larry Bumpus (1977-1979) - Oxnard    AKCM Larry Bumpus would like to hear more from loadmaster Vogel I cannot address your retirement grade as I do not know but i remember you when I first checked into the squadron in first lieutenant with you and Swinney hope to hear from you on future Puckered Penquins events and especially the McMurdo events take care shipmate.

James Burke (VXE6 1978, 1980) - Montrose CO  email  Summer Support - LC-130 Maintenance Control at Christchurch and Williams Field 1978 - 1980. The summer of 1978 - 1979 I was at Williams Field for the rescue of the Soviet Scientists that crashed on the far side of the continent. They had to be flown to the hospital in Dunedin, NZ. This mission required an open field refueling on the far side of South Pole Station. The summer of 1979 - 1980 I was at Christchurch, NZ When Air New Zealand Flight 901 crashed into the side of Mt. Erebus.

Jim Chock (1971-1976) - Hortonville    was an "AK" and the first to make the trek from NAS Quonset Pt. to Oxnard Ca.

Gene Cordova (1973 to 1975) - San Diego  Enjoyed VXE-6. Was on recovery team for 320 and 329.

Camilo Corpuz (VXE6 - 1976 to 1978) - Oxnard  I had two deployments to the Ice (Deep Freeze 77 and 78). Can't forget the slingshot fights at Willy Field. Candy Arellano, Ted Caligiuri, Bill Howard, Tim Briggs, Dave Martucci, Mike Palpallatoc, Mike Dennis to name a few ADs like myself.

William Crawford (VXE 6 - 1977-1980) - Casa Grande AZ USA    Powerplant's bad time for engine failures Ribbon for rescuing Ruskie's DC-10 crash on Mt Erebus The pole was a cool place to visit but would not want to live there 501's for Vodka Boot's. Don't eat the yellow snow It could be Jet Fuel.

Doug "Cookie" Crouse (74-79) - Wildomar Ca.  I was a cook and worked all of the spots. The Hill, Willy Field, South Pole and Byrd Surface Camp. What a adventure.

Camilo Corpuz AD2 (Antarctic Devron Six - Deep Freeze 1977-1978) - Oxnard CA.

Mike Dewald (Mickey) (VXE6 Antarctic Devron 6, 1975 to 1979) - Silver City, NM - email Would like to reconnect with (zz) Kenneth Wright Ivan Silva Tommy Hartley Steve Campbell from vxe-6 from 1975-1979.

Earl "Beef" Dickey (1969-1970 1970-1971) - Sarah, Ms USA    I was a Helo crewman. My Rate AMS-2s

Robert Doc Dobie Le Van (VXE6 Helos, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1985) - Arizona   Enjoyed the ICE, was even looking into going down recently doing work. Favorite stories of life came from the ICE. Outlying camps were the best. Beardmore, NVL, Ellsworth Darwin Glacier, miss the banana sleds .

Wayne Donaghey (1972-1976) - Derry NH   Trying to find Thomas Kealoha not sure of correct spelling

Mike "Bubba Drewski" Drew (1978-82) - Redondo Beach, Ca.   

David ‘Nobody’ Ellefson (VXE6 - 1972 to 1975) - Coronado C email C-130 driver

Caesar Eudave (1977) - Austin Texas  I was leading scorer in basketball championship as seen in the "McMurdo Sometimes" January 29, 1978.  Worked on UH1-N model helos in support of NSFA.

Michael Ferchland (1975-1978) - Springfield Oregon   Most vivid memory.  Sliding down the backside of Observation Hill, and making it to the bottom intact.  Then observing someone else doing it and breaking their tailbone half-way down. I guess he wasn't as stoned as I was.  It was my birthday.

Brian Froggie Fogg (McMurdo - WO 1971-1972) - Hensley, Arkansas USA  Communications

Lito A. Geslani (VXE 6 1970) - San Juan City, Philippines  

Raymond Gierlich (VXE 6 Years 1977-1980) - Bangor, PA, email  It's now been 40 years since leaving CH CH and the Ice as an AE3.Wish I could go back to the Ice one more time and make more memories. It was great meeting everyone and Thanks for the great times we all share.

Tom Gregg (VXE6 - 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973) - Wichita, Kansas  email On board 148318 during crash and burn at Willy Field On board 148321 during crash at D59

Bill Griffitts, NCC (1979 - 1982) - Fallon, Nevada 

Art Hall (1974-1977 Three deployments) - Portland, Or    I was in VXE-6 for seven years. Made three deployments to the ice, was once a member of the para rescue team. I was on one of the C-130's that went down, landing gear caved in on take off. Don't recall the tail number any more. CDR Desko was flying at the time. I also served three years on detachment Pt Mugu as it was first created. From there I went to Va-22 and did a west pac on the USS Kitty Hawk. Got out as an AK1

Bill Harder (VXE6 - 1970, 72) - Port Hueneme Ca. USA - Was in VXE6 from Feb.1970 to Oct.1972. 1st year was at Williams field in cargo. Had a blast, great stories. 2nd year was in CH-CH in Maint. Dept as an AZ. Married a Kiwi girl. Still with same 46 years later. If wasn't for Deepfreeze never would have met my wife.

Jerry (Waylow) Hernandez (76-80) - Covina, Ca.   Remember Christchurch NZ, white heron, and of course the Ice. Was AMH3 C130's Remember close friends Danny Garcia (loadmaster) Bill Howard AD4, Hey guys rec'd email from one of our CMDR's that any connection with the flight of that DC10 that crashed into Mt Erebus that we can be up for unit station from New Zealand if you email me I can give you that info. I would love to go back for a month or so. We ate good didn't we??

Michael P Honrath (VXE6 - 77 to 81) -  Vancouver Wa email  VXE-6 Powerplants / Para Rescue Williams field, Point Mugu, I miss all of you. 360 606 3692

Richard Horton Base (VXE6, McMurdo, Point Mugu 1976 through 1980) - Michigan email

Patrick Huck (VXE6 Det Christchurch year round - 1978-1982) - Euless Texas USA   Hi guys, PN1 originally assigned to VXE-6 permanent Det Christchurch then moved up the street to NSF Bldg and assigned as Personnel Mgr with Task Force 199 permanent Det in ChCh. Stayed in the Navy, made PNC and retired in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. Looking forward to hearing from y'all!

Larry Hunter (1969-1973) - Griswold Connecticut -   Arrive VXE-6 as PN3.  69-70 & 70-71 summer support on hill.  71-72 Det CH CH.  72-73 Det Quonset. Belong to OAEA NE. Good to see old shipmates. Look forward to reunions.

Mike Johnson (VXE6 Loadmaster) - Colorado springs USA   

Robert Kirk (Pigmy) Hyndman (VX-6 1963-1967 VXE-6 1971-1975) - Kingsville, Texas    Aircrew 148318 1965 and 148319 1965-67. Departed in bad shape as AMH2 and moved up from there.

Neil Killion (Rotten Ralph) (VXE-6 C-130 Load master, 1976-1977) - Corvallis    Most fun I ever had with my clothes on.

Rod Jenkins (Years: 1977/78) - Nipomo, Calif.

Don Leger (1971-1973) - Natick, Massachusetts USA    Served with VXE-6 at Willy Field as chief operator of KC4USX amateur radio station, summer support 71-73 It was an honor and thrill to have walked in the shadows of the giants of Antarctic exploration.

Lorenzo Loren Moreno (VXE6 - 71-73) - Kennewick, Washington   McMurdo galley 71-72 summer support. Williams Field 72-73 summer support airframes shop. AMS E4.

Kevin McClure (1975-79 - Pt. Mugu) - Phoenix, Az.   I was an AE/flight crew and made 4 deployments (1 det to Greenland) I was on the repair teams for 320 (1975) and 319 (1976) "parked" at dome "C" big fun.

Rick McWhirter (1978-1982) - Abilene Texas   Had a lot of good times and made s lot of life long friends.

Kent B Marshall (1977-1981) - Melbourne  GSE. ASM Lots of great memories.

Brian Morgan (77/78/79) - Coon Rapids, MN. USA    Mugu, The Rock, The Beaches Hiway 1, ChCh club Dirty Duck, Wiazdr, Lion, Brown, Avon River, diff club every nite 10pm, McMurdo. Great guys in supply Jerry Jackson, Dan Osif, Roy Tucker, Charlie Vaughn, runs to Willie Field overheating supply truck.

Larry Neureither (1979-1981) - Simsbury, CT  Served as the dental officer for 2 deployments. Was there for the DC 10 crash my first year. Lots of good people and memories.

Raymond Nodwell Norwood (1971-74) - Henderson, North Carolina   Williams Field Power Plants and Para Rescue Team

Robert J. O'Keefe I-Beam (1970-1973) - San Antonio, Texas  

Robert Paine (1975/ 1976) - Highland, California 

Michael Patterson - Pat (VXE-6 loadmaster- cargo yd. - 1970-71) -   Guntersville Alabama. Can't believe its been over forty years, how young we were.

Don Payton (VXE6 Helo Crew - 1971-72) - Cheyenne WY  Was AMS3, retired as AMCS in 1994

Dan "Dirty Dan" Pennington (VXE6 Helo Crew McMurdo - 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978) - NAWS China Lake California email Great Squadron, Great Crew loved my time with the Pucker Pete's -- certainly not the place for by-the book sailors --- lots of adventures good times and experiences -- KEEPUM FLYIN Dan

Bob Presswood (1978/1979) - Boulder Creek California   MS2. Went winfly 1978 to Christchurch galley. After 4 months went to McMurdo galley. I ran the hanger igloo during the summer of 1979. I met my wife Jane in CH-CH and we have been married for 35 years.

William Preston (1978 - 1981) - McKinney, TX    I was an Aviation Electricians Mate back in 1978. Did three tours through New Zealand and the Ice, and loved every minute of it. What I wouldn't give to have those days back.

Gregory Raines (VXE6 - 78 to 80) - Epworth Ga. Loadmaster one of my best duty station enjoy the flying on the ice. I was there when the DC-10 crashed.

Alan Rapp (Deep Freeze 73 to 76) - Mesa, AZ email Got as far as CHCH my first year, last three with the Helo crew on the hill.

John Rapps (VXE 6 - 1977, 1978) - Crestview FL USA email Win Fly 77 and 78 Served with Candy A. And Mike T.

Ron Redding (75 to 78) - Santa Maria Philippines - email Great time on the ice. Spent all 3 years on the hill. Stationed there with my brother Bob!!

Mike Rogers (1974-1976) - Belleville, Arkansas    Came to VXE-6 from Midway Island in 74... married a native in late 75.. Lots of fun in ChCh as well Willy field.. Streaked the hanger Christmas Eve 1974 and gave a moon salute to the AF C130 unit that supported us in 75..Remember the Penguin Priest and have photo's

Joe Rogowski (DF 74,75, 76) - Valparaiso IN   

Bill Rosenow (1970-1973) - Scottville Mi   AMSC crew member 318 when it crashed Willy Field 1971,QA and Maint Cont

Albert Sebastian (VXE6 - 70-73) - Vancouuver Wa. -    ABH1 Flight crew loadmaster. Transfer just prior to move to Pt. Mugu, retired from navy 1980.

John Shamblin (VXE 6 GSE - 1977-1980) - Melbourne, Fl 

Mike Skinner (VXE6 - 1978 to 1980) - Springfield MO email I left 6 for A school, lost my TAD orders waiting for a course to open and couldn't come back...

William David Smith (Shitty Smitty) (VXE6 - 1971 to 1975) - El Dorado, Arkansas email  I was AE2 deployed from Quonset Pt my first deployment then moved to Mugu.  Was on the ice 2 deployments and my last season was det Chi Chi.  I have great memories of the time I spent with the best friends of my life... It was an adventure of a lifetime...

Tom Stapelkamp (VXE6 - 69 to 71) - Eustis Fla 

Ron Stransky (VXE6 - 1972 to 1974) - Thousand Oaks, California   2 deploys still live near Mugu.

William (Bill) Thompson (1973 - 1976) - Excelsior Springs Mo  Ran KC4USX a lot of phone patch back to the states.

Roger Turner (ASA - W/O 1971) - Dummerston, VT    I was the cook at the Amundsen Glacier field camp - must have been Dec 70 / Jan 71. Had a great time there with the VXE6 crew and the boys from Ohio State U. When I got back to McMurdo, I wanted to go to the Pole and was told I couldn't. So I went to our VXE OIC from Amundsen and asked if he could get me on a plane. He asked me if I could get him a case of steaks. We helped each other out. Was anybody at Amundsen that season?

Tom (one jump) Walkington (McMurdo VXE 6, 69, 70, 70, 71) - Edina MN - email VXE6 para rescue team Crash survivor Pegasus Oct 8 1970.

Paul "Paulie" Walters (1970 - 1973) - Lake Elsinore, Ca    Served in VXE-6 from 6/70 through 3/72. Served two seasons on the Pole. First season served in the Cargo Yard loading C-130's. Second year was a plane captain/crew chief on the UH-1N. I was a jet mechanic ADJ-3.

Joe Webb (VXE - 6 - 1979 to 1980) - Roseburg OR  PN3 work personnel only did one trip, but love every moment.

Michael Widstrom (VXE 6 - 1970 to 1973) - Brooklyn Park MN  GSE Williams field summer 1971 & 1972

Frankie Williams (1975-1980) - Visalia, CA 

Wayne A. Williams (VXE6 - 1977, 78, 79) - San Diego CA,  email I was an YN3 assigned to the Operations Department for Summer Support 1977-78. I was also with VXE-6 1978-79 Summer support. I was a member of the Para-Rescue Team 1977 - 1979.

Randy Wilson (77-81) - Hines Oregon   Had a lot of fun

George Wood Jr. "Woodeye" (VXE6 - 1968-1970) - Vancouver WA, USA -   The ice is nice but CH CH is peachy. I am a lifetime member of OAEA and VX6/VXE^ Association I flew aircrew on the ski hercules LC130F/H models. The Antarctic is the last frontier so lets protect it.

Al Yoas (1971-1974) - Dallas, Texas    I was an Aircraft Electrician & crew member of Hercs including the last flight of 917 at Pole Station.

Steve Zsembik (Antarcticdevron 6 - 1979-1981) - Camarillo CA -

1960's  1980's  1990's

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Vernon W. Peters (VXE6 1972 & 1973) - Just trying to gather any info or stories about my Dad for my kids. Please email any memories, if you would. Heather Peters-Miethe, Wrangell, Alaska email  Mar '23

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