OAE's - McMurdo Base - 2000's
77°50.88'S 166°40.10'E
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McMurdo Base on November 30th 2008 - click here to see a larger image you can zoom around. - Image Ross Swick.

 McMurdo pictures from OAE's

1961 - Larry Johnson

1963 - Ken Osicki
1970-71 - Dudley Vaughan
1972-74 - Ralph Lewis

1976-77 - Roly Hermans
1980-81 - Charlie Johnson
2007-2009 - Alan Light


David Blaine (1992, 1993, 2008, 2009) - Camp Arifjan Kuwait  I wintered over in 92-93 (Frozen Chosen) then I wintered again in 2008 at Palmer Station and Summered in McMurdo in 2009. Currently in Kuwait until 2015.

Jonathan Caldwell (2002) - Dallas, Tx    Trying to contact some of my old icemates!

Kristy Carney (McMurdo, 1997 to present and still counting plus 1 winter 2005) - Littleton, Colorado  Started off working in the Skua Deli, and then in Fleetops, The South Pole Traverse, and science traverse (WISSARD) as a heavy equipment operator.

John Clampet (CBU 201, 1968) - Miford -   Spent 2 seasons at Palmer 68/69, 69/70. Worked for ASA and Raytheon at McMurdo from 96 to 2008.  Miss all the great people.

Jami Davis (McMurdo - 1997-2005) - Olathe Kansas USA   Wintered over with NSFA 1997 Wintered over as a civilian 2002 with SPAWAR.

William Guenther (2005-2006) -   Albuquerque, NM, USA

Tom Hamann (Winterover 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008) - email  Antarctic blog

Andy Holesha (1986, 2005) - Biloxi, Mississippi, USA.   

Robin Lovato (McMurdo 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004) - Golden, Colorado Crary Lab Administrative Coordinator.

Scott Mosher (McMurdo - 2007) - Scituate MA,   Started at McM WinFly 2007 - worked McMurdo, Pole and Palmer from then until at least 2016 (and counting...)

Joe Pettit (McMurdo and Palmer - 1990 through 2016 seasons) - Longmont Colorado USA,  Twenty five seasons in Antarctica and counting, including six winters.  Spent time at McMurdo and Palmer Stations in a variety of great jobs.

David Pohlod (2007) -   Wilmington, DE.  Winter station manager 2006 and 2007, Summer station manager 2007-2008.

Brent S Stewart (McMurdo, Palmer Station, USCG Glacier, USCG Polar Star, USCG Polar Sea, RV Nathaniel B Palmer, RVIB Oden, Marion Island Research Base, 1985 - 2016) - San Diego California USA

Natalie Sudman (1999-2000) - Minnesota 

William Tinus (2007-2010) - Boulder, Co USA

  Trying to find - To use this option, fill in the registration form at the bottom of the page, but include your own name and email as a contact, requests kept online approx. 2 years.

  I'm sure I did this already... every now and then I send out emails, a proportion of these bounce back as "not found", often because it was a former work email or an ISP that no longer exists, as there is no longer any way to make contact I delete the record to keep things as current as I can..