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Tim Allerton (1983 - 1984) - London   Hi I spent 83-84 on Bransfield and Rothera base as Electrical engineer would like to get re-connected with any of the team from that era.

Owen Betts (RRS Bransfield - Sept/Oct 1998) - Stanley Falkland Islands  Hello to all who was on the RRS Bransfield Sept/Oct 1998. I still see some of the crew from time to time who are serving on the JCR and ES. George Stewart, Charlie Chalk, Dolly Tugs. Does any one have a email address for Paul Heslop. Last time i seen him he was captain on a cruise ship that called into the Falklands.

John Bolton (the grey hound) (1972-1973) - Moonta South Australia 

Dave Burke  (Faraday/Bransfield - 1981-1984)  Fife, Scotland  email  Still do the odd slide show now and again. Brings it all back. Hello to any of the Faraday base chaps '81 to '84 reading this.

Rodney Dallison (1984/85) - Jersey, Channel Islands   Any crew from this years sailing, 1984/85 - Paul Lucas, Alan Coombs, Luke Bigwood, Dave (head steward), Tim (aka Spence!?!) Good memories! I was 3rd chef with John and Paul, the 'A; team! Be good to hear from you.

Mike Davis (Cook/Steward - RRS John Biscoe/ RRS Bransfield/ RRS J.C.R - 1984-1991) - North Shields / Tyne and Wear   Hi People Long Time No See!!!! Stumbled on this website by accident, lots of great memories best years of my life so far!!! anybody wants to get in contact would love to catch up !! Currently working in North Sea Oil Rig Standby / Supply . Bye 4 Now !!!!

Mike Gloistein (Bransfield, Ernest Shackleton and James Clark Ross - 1990 to present) email  JCR or Perthshire.  Still working for BAS

Dave Hazell (Bransfield 1970-1977)   - Lerwick, Shetland. Second steward on Bransfield stayed in the Falklands till 1993 many fond memories of the guys and bases anyone who remembers get in touch Dave.

Paul Herschell (Bransfield 1979) - Hull  Sailed as 4th mate, remember Robin Plumley, Stuart Lawrence, tabby, John Cole, David Smith the artist just to name a few. One of the best ships and crew I`ve had the pleasure to sail with.

Dick Hide (1977) Burgess Hill.  email  The rumble of avalanches, the whales blowing in Penola straights, the grinding of the ice. That was Faraday, what memories.

Stuart Lawrence (1969 - 2003) - Biscoe / Bransfield / Ernest Shackleton  - currently: Fareham, Hampshire.  email

David Maxwell "Maxi" (Halley V and RRS Bransfield, 1989) - Ellesmere Port, Cheshire  

Geoff Morgan (John Biscoe, Bransfield, JCR, 1987 - 1998) - Meldal, mid - Norway  Probably the best job I've been paid to do. Wonderful memories. Had to move to Norway to be near ice!

Rob Mortimer (John Biscoe & Bransfield - 88/89 89/90 91/92) - Naas, Ireland   Served as a seaman on the JB and Brannie for three seasons

Ally McAdam (Bransfield and JCR - 1991-1998) - Dundee ,Scotland   

Robbie Peck (RRS Shackleton 1964-1968, RRS Bransfield 1971-1974) - Holbury, Nr Southampton

Simon Redgen (1990's) - Bransfield/JCR - Colchester   Hi Looking for all crew and fids who sailed south between 1990 and 1996. I was the best cook in the whole fleet- well so says me only !!!!

Jerry Smith (86 - 88) - Carndonagh, Ireland   I worked as deckhand on Bransfield from 86 - 88, Rothera Base GA for summer 88/89 and wintered as metman at Faraday in 89. Visited Faraday/Vernadsky as lecturer on World Discoverer in 2000 - 2002 and could quite happily have stayed for another winter. Now settled in Ireland. Would like to hear from anybody from that era who remembers.

Ray Stirton (Signy 79/82, Bransfield, J Biscoe) - Perth, Scotland   Just read that Bransfield was scrapped, such a sad feeling as many a fun night with Fids and crew. To anyone who might like to get in touch or send a message and to all, good luck for the future. Best time of my life ever, I cant see anything beating the time on ships and base and so great and wonderful friends.

M.S.C. Thabrew, Tabby (1980 to 1982) - Colombo, Sri Lanka    

Tony Wegner (1977-1979) - Tunbridge Wells, Kent,  England. email  Hi to anyone out there who was on the Bransfield / bases/ Falklands. It would be great to hear from you. Anyone know where 1st Officer Barry J. Bromby is these days?

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