Antarctic Air and Naval Operations
inc. Christchurch NZ - ChCh, Point Mugu, Quonset Point, Rhode Island and Navy Cargo Handling And Port Group (NAVCHAPGRU)

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Tony V. Brown (McMurdo Hill. 1st: 1965 and 1970. Served at Det Quonset Point, Rhode Island 1966) - White Settlement, Tx email 

Joe Senones (66-67) - Dallas Texas -  

Jesse Williams (CBU 201 Davisville RI, Summer 1968 to 1969) - Moreno Valley, CA  email  Admin/Personnel, advance party to Christ Church (30 days!). Loved that beer; no barracks! We completed and dedicated the Frozen Storage bldg. at McMurdo. Enjoyed my tour.


Glenn Ahlberg (Mugu, McMurdo, CH CH - 1978-1981 VXE-6) - Ojai, California  

Earl K. Austin (McMurdo, Point Mugu, Willy field - 1980-1981) - Juneau, Alaska,99802  When is the next reunion going to be, and where?

Tedd Duke Belcher (Pt. Mugu, McMurdo, Willy - 1977-1981) - Whidbey Island WA   Worked Christchurch and Willy field. AME/PR shop. Advanced Det for WINFLY 3 out of 4 years.

William Crawford (Pt. MuGu, McMurdo - 1977-1980) -   Casa Grande AZ USA

Robert Dugas (Dugi) (Quonset Point, Rhode Island - 1970) - Marshall email 

Dennis Dunn (Mugu, McMurdo - 1972-1973-1974) - Knoxville    I was AT2. Worked on the hill in electronic shop repairing communication and navigation eq. For 130, s and 1h1ns.

Richard Horton Base (VXE6, McMurdo, Point Mugu 1976 through 1980) - Michigan email

Patrick Huck (VXE6 Det Christchurch year round - 1978-1982) - Euless Texas USA   Hi guys, PN1 originally assigned to VXE-6 permanent Det Christchurch then moved up the street to NSF Bldg and assigned as Personnel Mgr with Task Force 199 permanent Det in ChCh. Stayed in the Navy, made PNC and retired in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. Looking forward to hearing from y'all!

Carl Hunt - John Wayne (Pt. Mugu California, 1975-1978) - Royal, Arkansas   Worked in airframe shop. AMH5

Kevin McClure (1975-79 - Pt. Mugu) - Phoenix, Az.   I was an AE/flight crew and made 4 deployments (1 det to Greenland) I was on the repair teams for 320 (1975) and 319 (1976) "parked" at dome "C" big fun.

Brian Morgan (77/78/79) - Coon Rapids, MN. USA    Mugu, The Rock, The Beaches Hiway 1, ChCh club Dirty Duck, Wiazdr, Lion, Brown, Avon River, diff club every nite 10pm, McMurdo. Great guys in supply Jerry Jackson, Dan Osif, Roy Tucker, Charlie Vaughn, runs to Willie Field overheating supply truck.


Michael Baleztenaaka Iggy (Pt. Mugu 87-90)

Jeff Barch (VXE 6 Point Mugu - 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984) - Newark Ohio   Sure miss all of you OAE's. Hope this gets out to someone. 1981 to 1984 Mac Town GSE.

William Crawford (Pt. MuGu, McMurdo - 1977-1980) -   Casa Grande AZ USA

Bryan Davisson (AD3 - 79, 80, 81, 82) - Lansing Mi  -

Craig Moore (NAS Pt Mugu - 1987 to 1992) - Ridley Park Pennsylvania -  Wishing to connect with old shipmates from Operation Deep Freeze from 1987 to 1992. Hope to hear back from any of you....


Colleen Griffith, AZ 1(1989-1992 & 1996-1999) - stationed at Point Mugu, home base when not deployed with VXE-6. When on deployment with the squadron, I was either in Christchurch, NZ or at McMurdo Station, Antarctica) - St. Peter, Minnesota   The helo side of the house is who I deployed with the most..My 1st season I was the second woman attached to helo side.

Michele Long Macaulay (US Air Force Combat Camera - 1994-1995) - Shreveport LA   Participated in Operation Deep Freeze Midwinter Air Drop 1994 and 1995.  US Air Force Combat Camera out of Lackland AFB, Texas. Flew on board the C-141 out of McChord AFB, Washington. Shot camera footage of the Midwinter Air Drop and all preparations for the US Air Force. Footage provided to the NSF and Antarctic Museum in Christchurch.

Tony Medellin (Point Mugu Ca. McMurdo Station 1995 to 1999) - Longview, Texas  I am still in contact with Eddie Martens.

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