Close-up view of map 1
Philip K Swartz - 1960-61 - South Pole Station - Antarcticans Database Project more

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Close-up view of map 1

Showing location of US stations. The main Navy base was McMurdo (USA 1), on the lower corner of the Ross Ice Shelf about where Montana would be on the US map. To its left (Washington/Puget Sound area) is Hallet Station (USA 6) on Cape Adair. Directly above McMurdo at the top corner of the ice shelf and labeled USA 2 was Little America. By this time it had been abandoned and that portion of the ice shelf had calved and the station drifted to sea. Above that is Byrd Station (USA 3). A line extending from the Pole Station (USA 4) - officially the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station - through Byrd would extend along the coast of California.
There were a few other small stations, active only during the flying season to act as weather posts, search & rescue areas, etc.

Pictures from Philip K Swartz, overwinter, South Pole, 60-61