Antarctic Fishing 5 - The view from one fishing hole to the next

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It's probably one of the oddest jobs I've ever done, a combination of where it happened and what I was doing. It was always a help if it was a little windy I felt as if it was flat calm, you were aware of being in a vast landscape and rather more exposed than was entirely comfortable.

The rope that the divers had placed had a net tied onto it, the guy/s at the other end of the rope would pull the net through the hole until they saw the end of it. At this point it would be hanging like a curtain underneath and against the ice, you'd pull it taught and then let go at both ends so it would fall slowly to the sea-bed. It was better for the ice blocks from the hole to be taken out of the hole as in this case, so that the rope and/or net didn't get tangled up with them.

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