Antarctic Diving 11 - Diving on an Ice Berg

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Diving on an ice-berg, what an ethereal experience! Well, yes it is in an "I've done that" sort of way, but actually it gets a bit dull beyond the first five minutes or so when you've taken the pictures of each other.

The berg is either no threat to at all - it's sitting there as a massive presence, like an underwater building, or there are a number of large "bergy bits" separate, but close and potentially moving. In that case, they are probably no threat, but you're not sure and you certainly don't want to get stuck between a couple of pieces of ice that weigh 1000 tons or more each.

I've also dived on bergs that are all sort of big crevasses and small caverns underneath which were dark and spooky and scared me in case I ended up up inside them and forgot how to get out again - this was probably more in my mind than reality, but I consider it a survival instinct worth listening to.

Diving on an ice-berg? do it once, get the pictures and don't bother again as it's actually a bit dull.

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