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Journal of Monty Compton
Operation Deep Freeze
1971/72 USCG Staten Island

Monty Compton served as a Marine Science Technician. This is the story of his journey during an annual relief of Antarctic stations.

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Attachment: Personnel CGC STATEN ISLAND

I have added the names as I remembered them. HEY! It has been 40+ years now!- may have not listed some being confused with other crewmembers aboard other ships during my 20 year career. Tom Beckham had a better memory than I on the names

CO; Captain Stan Putzke - Deep Freeze 1972
CO; Robert Moss - Arctic West Summer 72 / Winter 73
XO; Commander Don Super

Operations Department

OPS Cmdr: Lt. Bill Potter
Ens. Stan Lehman (Slammin’ Stan)
Ens. Budenburg (red headed)
Ens. Skeffington
QM3 -Lange
QM3 - Capps
(Arctic West)


RM1 Bruce Wood - was accepted to ROTC and was aboard and died on 28 January 1980, the 180-ft buoy tender USCGC Blackthorn (WLB-391) collided with the 605-foot oil tanker S.S. Capricorn and capsized when the Capricorn's anchor entangled the cutter. 23 Coast Guardsmen, including Bruce, were drowned.
RM1 - Bill Altig
RM3 - Anderson
RM3 - Barrett
ET3 - Leon Washington
TT3 - Vladimir Markov


RD1 - Larry I. Culley
RD3 - Tom Beckham
RD2 - Jerry Fields (Strawberry)
RD3 - Brad Schmitt (Goofy)
RD3 - Larry Carpenter (Drifty) - Arctic West Summer 72 / Winter 73
RD3 - Dan Eastman (DR) as in Dead Reckoning
RD3- Swanson (Smiley)

Marine Science (weather and oceanography)

MSTC - Peter SanJule
MST1 - Tom Thompson
MST2 - Hal Burton
MST3 - Monty Compton
(yours truly)


CS2 - Vic Algoso (Big Al)

Deck Department

BM1 - Morgan
BM3 - Piper
BM3 - Montaro
SN - Cotton


Engineer Commander - Lt Cmdr Pat Denney
(He later became my mentor when working with Exploration Cruise Lines in the 80s and then my shipyard sponsor in the 90s at Pacific Fisherman Shipyard off the canal on Lake Union in Seattle).
BT3 - Butler
FN - Choate


AD3 - McGee - Operation Deep Freeze - 1972

SCIENTISTS (Arctic West Trips)

Dr Greg Garrison - U of Washington
Dr. George Divorky - Smithsonian Institute
Dr. Gary Hubbard - USCG Oceanographic Unit

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