How it should be done
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How it should be done

Any time any place any where - 1984. The inspiration for this is a series of Martini TV ads from the late 70's and early 80's when someone would sit down after doing something extreme and heroic to be handed a Martini on a tray by a waiter. I think setting up for this shot in this position has to be pretty heroic in itself. Paul Tearle (left) and Barry (Baz) Green (right) on the ice but I don't know who is in the wet suit.
The ice itself is a cap of sea-ice left behind on an exposed rock when the pack-ice and fast-ice around it has been blown out. I assume that the surrounding ice blew out at low tide and this was only present for a short time before the tide came back and it was blown away itself, so in many ways, a very difficult picture to get.

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Photo; © Mark Sanders