Saturday Night - Rootes, Burn, Pugh, Block
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Saturday Night - Rootes, Burn, Pugh, Block

Saturday night was an event - or at least was supposed to be, many were, some weren't. The gashman for the night would "lob" wine for the meal for everyone. As such it was something you did only once every 3 months or so in the winter and less often in the summer, so the gashman would usually try to make it an event.
The weekly shower in preparation and getting dressed up in smart clothes you had brought for the event were the usual form, or sometimes there would be a fancy dress with a particular theme, quiz night etc. Anything in fact to try and break up the otherwise unremitting progress of time which at times could be very uneventful and dull while waiting for the weather to change or the next ship to arrive.
Dave Rootes, Alistair Burn, Geoff Pugh and Bill Block.

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Photo; © Dennis Allsopp