Aircraft 8 - Wingless Wonder
Larry Johnson - 1961 - Antarcticans Database Project more

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Aircraft 8 - Wingless Wonder

The wingless wonder. After some many flying hours the plane must go through a through test which cannot be done on the ice, it's too expensive to send back to the states so, they took off the wings and used for a taxi from the air strip to the base.

This plane belonged to Harvey Speed. During Summer Ops, while landing in a white out, to resupply a scientific party he did not realize that they were landing in a gully. The wing tips hit the gully sides and bent them up. The plane was still airworthy but looked like bat flying. They could not repair it and it was too expensive to ship back. Harvey continued to fly it with the bent wing tips the rest of the summer. Winter crew removed the wings and made a taxi out of it. - Roger Talbert

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Photo; courtesy Larry Johnson