McMurdo Power Station
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McMurdo Power Station

6 generators, each capable of generating up to 900 kilowatts, but it isn't a good idea to run them at full capacity. 3 can handle the load, with McMurdo filled to 2/3ds capacity (800 of 1200 people) - which is to say, 3 generators at 600+ kw each, for a total of 1800+ kw. This is old equipment. The heat exchangers tap into the generator coolant systems to recover waste heat, transferring the heat to a glycol solution which is pumped to other buildings at McMurdo, where other heat exchangers take the heat from the glycol and heat the buildings. These other buildings have additional furnaces as well. The glycol comes back to the power station about 10 degrees cooler than when it left (Fahrenheit degrees). The new generators in the water plant also have heat exchangers to capture heat from the exhaust, but the older system does not have that.

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