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Pictures Page 3
South! by Sir Ernest Shackleton

Marooned on Elephant Island
The men left behind when the 6 strong rescue party set out to South Georgia for help.

Elephant Island

The Rescue Ship Sighted
The Yelcho comes into view of the men on Elephant Island, note the signal fire to the left of the picture on the small hill.

All Safe, All Well
A small rowing boat sets out from the Yelcho carrying Shackleton back to his men.

View Through a Cave on Elephant Island

The Aurora
The ship that was used by the Ross Sea party

Ice Stalactites
On Elephant Island

A Newly Frozen Lead
The Endurance can be seen in the background. The channel is a recently frozen over lead of water formed when the large ice floe split along the line into the distance.

The Ross Sea Party

Macintosh and Spencer-Smith Being Dragged on the Sledge
The Ross Sea party who's job it was to lay depots en route to the South Pole to be used by the Trans-Polar party, had great difficulties of their own.

The Rudder Was Bent Over to Starboard and Smashed

Next Morning the Jury Rudder Was Shipped

Ice Nomenclature: 1. Young Ice (Bay Ice of Scoresby) in the Middle Distance

Ice Nomenclature: 2. Light Pack

Ice Nomenclature: 3. Heavy Hummocked Pack

Ice Nomenclature: 4. Hummocky Pack and Frozen Lead of Young-Ice

Ice Nomenclature: 5. Close Pack

Ice Nomenclature: 6. Open Pack

Ice Nomenclature: 7. Very Open Pack, approximating to Drift-ice

Ice Nomenclature: 8. Drift-Ice

"The Rookery"

The Anemometer covered with Rime