Andrew Dougal Watson (1885 - 1962)
Biographical Notes

Geologist - Aurora 1911-1913

Single, a graduate in Science of Sydney University, New South Wales. A member of the Western Base Party (Queen Mary Land) he acted as Geologist. A. D. Watson took part in several sledging journeys, accompanying F. Wild in his main eastern trip during the summer of 1912-1913.
From Appendix 1, Mawson - Heart of the Antarctic

Landmarks named after Andrew Dougal Watson

Feature Name: Watson Bluff
Feature Type: cliff
Elevation: 225
Latitude: 66°25'S
Longitude: 098°57'E
Description:  Dark bluff 225 m, at the E end of David Island. Discovered by the AAE, 1911-14, under Mawson.

Watson skins Emperor penguin
Watson skins an Emperor penguin
Andrew Watson

Andrew Watson

Wild and Watson

Wild and Watson
Watson Wild Dovers Grottoes

Watson, Wild and Dovers at the Grottoes, Aurora expedition

The Western Base Party
At the Western Base

The Western Base Party
The Western Base Party (L to R) C. Harrisson, S. Jones, A. Watson, M. Moyes, G. Dovers, C.A. Hoadley, Frank Wild, A. Kennedy

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