Lt. Bellgrave E. S. Ninnis - Biographical notes

In charge of Greenland dogs - Aurora 1911-1913

Belgrave Ninnis

Single, was educated at Dulwich, England (as was Shackleton) and entered His Majesty's Army, having a commission as Lieutenant in the Royal Fusiliers prior to joining the Expedition in London. At the Main Base (Adelie Land) he was assisted by X. Mertz in the care of the Greenland dogs. On December 14, 1912, while on a sledging journey, he lost his life by falling into a crevasse three hundred miles east of Winter Quarters.
From Appendix 1, Mawson - Heart of the Antarctic

Landmarks named after Lt. B.E.S. Ninnis

Feature Name: Ninnis Glacier
Feature Type: glacier
Latitude: 68°22'S
Longitude: 147°00'E
Description:  A large, heavily hummocked and crevassed glacier descending steeply from the high interior to the sea in a broad valley, on George V Coast. Discovered by AAE (1911-14) under Douglas Mawson.

Feature Name: Ninnis Glacier Tongue
Feature Type: glacier
Latitude: 68°05'S
Longitude: 147°45'E
Description:  A broad glacier tongue which forms the seaward extension of Ninnis Glacier. It was recorded (1962) as projecting seaward about 30 miles. Discovered by the AAE (1911-14) under Douglas Mawson and named after Ninnis Glacier.
Variant Name Ninnis Glacier Ice Tongue

Feature Name: Mertz-Ninnis Valley
Feature Type: valley
Latitude: 67°25'S
Longitude: 146°00'E
Description:  An undersea valley named in association with the Mertz Glacier/Mertz Tongue and the Ninnis Glacier/Ninnis Tongue. Name approved 12/71 (ACUF 132).
Variant Names:  Adelie Depression / Mertz-Ninnis Trough

Hangar work Edward Bage, Belgrave Ninnis, Frank Bickerton

Hangar work Edward Bage, Belgrave Ninnis, Frank Bickerton
En route to Australia, Mertz, Corner, Second Engineer Gray, Ninnis

Portrait photogrphy under difficulties! En route to Australia. Left to Right: Mertz, Corner (Second Engineer), Gray and Ninnis

Taking stores to Aladdin's Cave Mertz Ninnis Murphy

Taking stores to Aladdin's Cave Mertz Ninnis Murphy
Catacombs leading to Hut Cape Denison Ninnis

Catacombs leading to the Hut Cape at Denison with Ninnis

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