Archibald Lang McLean
Biographical notes

Chief Medical Officer, Bacteriologist - Aurora 1911-1913

#alt# Single, a graduate in Arts and Medicine of Sydney University; New South Wales. He acted as Chief Medical Officer at the Main Base (Adelie Land) and carried out observations in Bacteriology and Physiology during the first year. In 1913 (the second year) he was Biologist, Ice-Carrier and Editor of the `Adelie Blizzard'. He took part in a sledging journey along the eastern coast in the summer of 1912-1913.
From Appendix 1, Mawson - Heart of the Antarctic

Landmarks named after Archibald Lang McLean

Feature Name: McLean Nunataks
Feature Type: summit
Latitude: 67°50'S
Longitude: 143°57'E
Description:  A group of three nunataks lying within the western part of Mertz Glacier, near the head. Discovered by the AAE (1911-14) under Douglas Mawson.

McLean asleep on deck

McLean asleep on deck
mclean archibald

Archibald Mclean with the marks of old frost bites on his face

Scan of a plaque dedicated to Archibald Lang McLean in Sydney University. Image supplied by John Bouwer, great nephew.

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