Alexander Lorimer Kennedy
Biographical Notes

Magnetician - Aurora 1911-1913

Single, was a student in Science of Adelaide University, South Australia. Receiving special tuition, he acted as Magnetician at the Western Base (Queen Mary Land) during the year 1912. He was a member of several sledging parties and accompanied Wild on his main eastern journey as Cartographer.
From Appendix 1, Mawson - Heart of the Antarctic

Appointed as magnetic observer for the Carnegie Institute Washington in 1914 after his return to Australia.

Enlisted in No.1 Mining Corps on the 30th of August 1915 and served in France for two years in the First World War. Wounded in action and invalided back to England before joining his company again in France later. Arrived back in Australia in 1919.

From 1921 he worked at Adelaide Observatory for four years, followed by two years at the newly built Mt. Stromolo Observatory in Australian Capital Territory.

From 1928 worked as a mining engineer in Western Australia.

Landmarks named after Alexander Lorimer Kennedy

Feature Name: Cape Kennedy
Feature Type: cape
Latitude: 6630S
Longitude: 09832E
Description:  Point on the E side of Melba Peninsula, 4 mi SW of David Island. Discovered by the Western Base Party of the AAE, 1911-l4, under Mawson.

Excavating tunnel from The Grottoes to outer air Kennedy Jones Wild
Excavating a snow tunnel from The Grottoes to outside air, Kennedy, Jones and Wild

Alexander Kennedy

The Western Base Party (L to R) C. Harrisson, S. Jones, A. Watson, M. Moyes, G. Dovers, C.A. Hoadley, Frank Wild, A. Kennedy

BANZARE explorers on the Discovery at the end of Voyage 2 in 1931
Alexander Lorimer Kennedy - Top row second from the left.
BANZARE explorers on the Discovery at the end of Voyage 2 in 1931

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