Dailey Frederick E. - R.N.
Biographical notes

Carpenter - Discovery 1901-04

Joined the expedition from H.M.S. Ganges. Apprentice in a wooden shipyard at a time when wooden ships were being replaced by iron and then steel hulled ships. In Antarctica he was responsible for building the Discovery Hut which still stands. A member of Scott's Western Attempt, the Southern Support Party and the Western Depot Party, manhauling and laying depots for others.

"In his own department our carpenter, F.E. Dailey, worked with the same zealous care as the boatswain. He possessed the same "eye" for defects and the same determination that his charge should be beyond reproach".
Robert Scott

Landmarks named after Fred Dailey

Feature Name: Dailey Islands
Type: island
Latitude: 77°53'S
Longitude: 165°06'E
Description: Group of small volcanic islands lying off the coast of Victoria Land, 5 mi NE of Cape Chocolate, in the N part of the ice shelf bordering McMurdo Sound. Discovered by the BrNAE (1901-04) under Scott.

Variant Name(s) - Dailey Archipelago

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