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Norway in Antarctica
The History and Activity of Australians in Antarctica

Norway has one of the longest and most involved histories in Antarctica of any country. From the very earliest days of exploration, and onto the commercial activities of the sealing and then whaling days. Norway also provides some of the most compelling stories from the Heroic Age and was a leading light in the International Geophysical Year, IGY leading to the Antarctic Treaty.

Norway was one of the very first signatory nations of the Antarctic Treaty in 1960 and is a consultative party with voting rights able to make decisions about Antarctica.

Current activity
Research Station
and position
Summer staff Winter staff Occupied Use
Casey, Vincennes Bay, Wilkes Land
66°17.00'S, 110°31.18'E
70 20 1969 - present Year round
Davis, Princess Elizabeth Land
68°34.63'S, 077°58.35'E
70 22 1957 - present Year round
Macquarie Island, sub Antarctic
54°30' S, 158°57' E
40 16 1958 - present Year round
Mawson, Mac Robertson Land
67°36.28'S, 062°52.25'E
60 20 1954 - present Year round

 Current - Australian Antarctic Division (AAD)





November 1928 - Hubert Wilkins makes the first flight in Antarctica. A five man team with two single engined Lockheed Vega aircraft set off for Deception Island on board a whaling factory ship. The intention was to try and fly from the Peninsula region across the continent to the Ross Sea. While this wasn't possible, a number of flights were made in summers of '28, '29 and '30 that showed the possibilities of aircraft use in Antarctica including aerial photography and mapping and also the limitations.

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