Ammassalik / Tasiilaq -Erratic Boulder - East Greenland

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Ammassalik / Tasiilaq -Erratic Boulder - East Greenland<br />, greenland, travel

Erratics are boulders that have been brought from somewhere else by glaciers, they fall onto the glacier or become incorporated somehow and are carried along by it, the glacier then melts and deposits the erratic somewhere a bit "odd". Often they are a different kind of rock from that where they are deposited, though this one seemed to be very similar to the surrounding rocks so maybe it hadn't come that far.
Such rocks are quite common around this region and seem to frequently be deposited somewhere very obvious, on top of a rocky outcrop like this one rather than in a trough for some reason, perhaps the trough ones just became over grown or buried in eroded rocks.

Photo; Paul Ward - These are pictures taken while travelling in Eastern Greenland in the Arctic summer.