Into Camp at the end of the Day
 - Antarctica Dogs

Antarctic Husky

Taken in late afternoon on a (rare) sunny, calm, glorious day from a survey station on a nunatak at the bottom of the Swithinbank Glacier approx. 68S 66.45W. Shows geology unit (two teams) returning to our two tent campsite. Units comprised at least 2 dog teams (for safety) and either 2 or 3 men.

The dog food which we carried and used in the field came in compressed blocks of meat and fat weighing about 1lb per block (I think) and in boxes weighing 70 lbs each which would last one team (9 dogs) for 5 days. It's trade name was Nutrican which was abbreviated to Nutty by the dog drivers.

When away from base the dogs were fed nutty on a cycle of 1 block on even days and 2 blocks on odd days which was probably a starvation diet so we took any chance to feed them extra! On base they were fed seal meat in lumps of about 10-15 lbs each including blubber. - Drummy Small - Stonington 1971 - 73

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Photo credit - Drummond Small