Pulling Into Drifting Snow
 - Antarctic Huskies

Antarctic Husky

Pulling into low drifting snow was always a demotivating experience for the dogs, as you can tell from the number of tails which are down. Much cleaning of eyes and a tendency for the team to turn away from the wind/drift . Not good for compass travel. This shot was taken on the west side of the Plateau in summer 1972/73 during a geophysics journey.

BAS Sledge dogs were amazing but they were above all working dogs and cuteness wasn't a epithet I'd ever apply. Tough beyond belief, loyal, determined, frustrating, obstinate, belligerent certainly. They were total characters as well and all individuals although the pack hierarchy operated all the time. I probably learned more about  management from my 9 dogs than I've learned since. - Drummy Small - Stonington 1971 - 73

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Photo credit - Drummond Small