Svalbard, Snowy Summer Walk - 2

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Svalbard, Snowy Summer Walk - 2

Svalbard in August, mid summer on a moraine with the glacier to the left.

Maybe it was just ignorance on my part but I never realised until this day how utterly vast moraines could be, all that rocky stuff (actually all small stones and rubble through gravel to silt and dust) is part of the moraine.

There was a quite intense time earlier when we were climbing up and down little rubbly hillocks 5-10m high all part of the moraine where you couldn't see far ahead or behind when we knew there had been a couple of polar bears around from their tracks on the beach, I could just imagine cresting a small summit to encounter a bear at close quarters - except we didn't.

Photo; © Paul Ward - These are pictures from a cruise around Svalbard inside the Arctic Circle in high summer.