Baffin Island

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Baffin Island

The bloke on the moraine (stony hill) is one of our guides with anti-polar bear armaments, which I was informed consist mainly of a shot gun with scary fire-works things called Bear-be-gone and Not-here-you-don't-mr.-polar-bear and maybe even an Acme-Bear-Scarer. But not actually anything to damage a marauding Polar Bear with. I fondly imagined our heroic guides would have wrestled any problematic bears to the ground and do that bit manually. I had my own tactic sorted - it consisted of running away as quietly as possible.

Seriously though I didn't feel any sense of danger from the bears, and those guys seemed to like carrying their guns so we were both happy.

Air temp: +1ºC Latitude: 71º04'N Longitude: 71º48'W

Photo; © Paul Ward - These are pictures from a cruise to the High Arctic in high summer, from Resolute Bay, Canada to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.