Iceland Whaling station
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Iceland whaling station Hvalfjordur.

Whale flensing like any form of butchery is a messy and bloody process. The scale of the butchery makes for very bloody and emotive pictures. A similar picture could be taken inside a slaughter house anywhere in the world, it's just the size of the dead animal that would differ. How pleasant a picture this is irrelevant to the whale, the important part is that it is dead and how it died. The date is probably the 1950's or 1960's and is of shore flensing of a small whale by a flenser with the traditional implement a long slightly curved blade 12-18" long on the end of a 3-4ft handle.

This is another odd subject for a postcard, but that's what this picture is of.  "Dear Mum and Dad having a lovely holiday in Iceland - here's a picture of whale butchery".

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