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Weddell Seals (Leptonychotes weddelli)

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Weddell seal pup

1/ What are Weddell seals like?

Weddell seal gives pup singing lessons

2/ How do Weddell mothers look after their young?

Weddell seal pup and mother

3/ Isn't it difficult for the pups to survive when they're born onto the ice?

weddell seal pup gets shy

4/ Why do they have such large eyes?

Exceedingly cute weddell seal pup hides behind flipperGo on, come on out.....Who's a pretty boy then?

5/ Where are the males when the pups are born and suckling form the mother?

Weddell seal pup and motherVery icy weddell seal mother with pupWeddell seal pup and mother enjoy the view

6/ How do Weddell seals manage to survive out on the open ice? How do they get to the sea?

Early swimming lesson

Weddell seal realises figure in red is not another seal

7/ Do the pups take naturally to the water straight away?

8/ Weddell Seals (Leptonychotes wedelli) at breathing holes

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