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 - Antarctic Mountains

Antarctic Mountains

Traveling by skidoo and sledge is one of the quickest and most versatile ways of getting around Antarctica. These skidoos are the heavy duty version with twin tracks for power and a single ski in front, as opposed to the more commonly seen single track - twin ski arrangement.

Heavy duty they are too, we had one that at some point in its life had been dropped through a hole in the sea ice, had ropes tied onto it by divers and then hauled up again to be dried, cleaned and put back into service.

Skidoos usually pull sledges in Antarctica for extra cargo and people. The man at the back is the "jockey" there to lean into the turn and so steer the sledge to avoid it tipping up. At very cold temperatures it was the most awful place to be. No windshield to hide behind, just stand straight upright and face the gale caused as the skidoo towed you forwards at great speed. I have memories of standing there being aware of little other than cold as my goggles steamed up and froze with me not being able to do anything about it. The world just passed by in an icy blur.

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