Emperor penguin chick and parent
 - Aptenodytes forsteri

Penguin chicks are kept warm and safe under the parents "brood flap" a sort of floppy beer belly of skin, fat and feathers that covers first the egg and then the chick. They are supported beneath by the parents feet that keep them away from the ice. This chick is in the process of being fed by the parent by re-gurgitating some of it's recent meal. The parents take it in turns to protect the chick like this until it is large enough to regulate its own temperature, by which time it is too large to fit under the brood flap anyway.

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This picture by Jerome Maison. © 2005 Bonne Pioche Productions / Alliance De Production Cinematographique.
From the Warner Brothers film The March of the Penguins used here by permission of Warner Brothers.