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Having spent too long talking to people who want to use my pictures of Antarctica from this web site for free and fed up with having people steal them for their own purposes without asking, I've decided to make things an awful lot simpler.

The rule is simple - if the picture has a "watermark" in the bottom left,
it can be used free of charge according to the following criteria:

  • The " watermark" - the text at the bottom left MUST be retained as it is shown, it must remain readable if the picture is resized.
  • Pictures must be accessible by all if they are published on the web. Use in any paid-for section of a website is not permitted. is free for all to use, I expect that free-use pictures from here will also be free to access elsewhere.
  • If the picture is used on a website, the picture must be DIRECTLY hyperlinked to i.e. by html, NOT javascript or Flash.
  • If the picture is used in any printed media, credit must be given in the form
    "use of picture courtesy Paul Ward -"
  • No more than 10 pictures from CoolAntarctica may be used in any context whatsoever without prior consent.
  • Pictures may not be hotlinked from this site. Right click over the picture and select "Save picture as..." to save it on your hard drive before adding it to a website. This includes discussion forums and bulletin boards.
  • Pictures may not be sold or otherwise distributed on their own or as a part of a collection. They may be used in commercial printed or electronic publications as long as the watermark ) and hyperlink if applicable) is included as above. They may not be used for decoration of any kind as a part of any commercial or non-commercial product - t-shirts, mugs etc.

If there is no watermark on the picture FREE USE IS NOT ALLOWED
- these are copyright protected and unauthorized use will be pursued through legal channels.

Watermarked picture example

This picture may be used free of charge

Non-watermarked picture example

weddell seal pup gets shy
This picture may NOT be used without prior written permission -
this will involve crossing my palm with silver

How can I gain usage outside of the free terms?

If you would like to purchase pictures for use without the watermark, at a higher resolution, for use of more than 5 images, or for any other purpose outside of these free usage guidelines, then please  with your request quoting the relevant page/s url/s. Please include the following details:

  • Size and resolution of the required image, dimensions in inches or cm and dpi.
  • Placement in the publication or web page.
  • Purpose for using the image.
  • Distribution of the image, quantity and lifespan.

In most circumstances images from Cool Antarctica will be cheaper than from other commercial outlets and agencies as our overheads are lower. The pay-off is that payment/delivery while expedited as soon as possible will not be instant (48 - 96hrs typically).


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