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Home Decor - Wall Hangings - Tapestries - San Pedro Tapestries - (Peru)
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Home Decor - Wall Hangings - Tapestries - San Pedro Tapestries - (Peru) are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Wool tapestry 'Llama Village' (Peru)

Tall llamas tread single file down a village lane, driven by their patient herdsman. Populated by whitewashed homes, the hamlet is nestled in the shadow of the mighty Andes mountains. Working on the handloom, the Cardenas Brothers weave an enchanting more...

Wool tapestry, 'Andean Tears' (Peru)

Strong diagonal line echoes the rugged mountains ranges that stretch toward infinity. In the foreground, people and houses mingle with fragmented fields and pre-Hispanic motifs. "In this tapestry, I depict many of my own feelings," Raul Ulloa Baylon more...

Wool tapestry, 'Arum Lilies Bouquet' (Peru)

With petals the color of pearls and leaves the color of emeralds, arum lilies make a bouquet of precious beauty. Underscored by lapis and sapphire blue, the tapestry is a rich medley of natural and artificial dyes. Walter Paucar Velarde weaves this m more...

Wool tapestry, 'Bullfight in Cuzco' (Peru)

Spectators gather around the plaza where the tradition and color of the corrida de toros - running of the bulls - is played out in vivid drama. This traditional Spanish pageant of valor and grace is equally vital in Peru. With brilliant color and exq more...

Wool tapestry, 'Butterflies of Manu' (Peru)

Striped caterpillars mingle with the bright butterflies they, too, will become. They cluster on rocks and stones, depicted in a stunning tapestry. Raul Ulloa Baylon takes his inspiration from the Manu Nature Reserve. There some 1,300 species of butte more...

Wool tapestry, 'By the Stream' (Peru)

Cascading down a rock wall, a stream splashes into a pool where women kneel to wash clothes. In the distance, the verdant countryside is fresh and cool, the setting for tiny hamlets. Francisco Huaynate weaves an enchanting vision of the Andean highla more...

Wool tapestry, 'Calla Lilies' (Peru)

Radiant against a deep black background, calla lilies cluster in splendid array. The waxen blossoms and emerald leaves are plucked from the artisan's own garden. Raul Ulloa Baylon captures their ephemeral beauty in a handloomed wool tapestry. Titled more...

Wool tapestry, 'Cuzco Streets' (Peru)

The streets of Cuzco receive weary travelers in this impressive tapestry by Walter Paucar Velarde. Tired from a long journey, the travelers are greeted by the impressive city where red and brown-toned houses hold promise of a warm welcome. "My work a more...

Wool tapestry, 'Family from Junin' (Peru)

A gentle brook flows through the village where a family goes about the daily round beneath a sapphire sky. Francisco Huaynate Paucar weaves a portrait of life in Junin, in the Peruvian highlands. People and llamas share a quiet afternoon in a landsca more...

Wool tapestry, 'Flowers from My Garden' (Peru)

Sunflowers and dahlias spill joyously from a porcelain jar. Framed by emerald leaves, the bouquet comes from Walter Paucar Velarde's garden. He weaves the enchanting scene in a handloomed tapestry to share his fragile flowers in a lasting form. Title more...

Wool tapestry, 'Flying High' (Peru)

A flock of birds flies high above Andean peaks in an original composition by Nilda Amaro. She dyes the wool with natural pigments before weaving the piece on a handloom, in a style unique to San Pedro de las Cajas. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Gift of Flowers' (Peru)

Walking to church, a young mother carries her baby on her back, her hands busy with a bouquet of calla lilies. Raul Ulloa Baylon weaves a radiant tapestry in red, yellow and green. "I was inspired by the love and tenderness of the mother - this is th more...

Wool tapestry, 'Girl from Cuzco' (Peru)

The innocence and charm of childhood are captured with unique brilliance in this stunning handmade tapestry by the Cardenas Brothers. Using natural dyes such as cochineal, eucalyptus and the local molle and tara, the artisans achieve a remarkable lik more...

Wool tapestry, 'Girl Thinking' (Peru)

An endearing portrait of childhood innocence, a little girl contemplates the world around her. Her doe-like eyes peer from beneath a wide brimmed hat and her porcelain face is well framed by her electric blue dress as she wears the garments of tradit more...

Wool tapestry, 'Give Me Five!' (Peru)
Now $965.69 - retail $1072.99

"The muse for this composition is my daughter Pilar, who was two years-old at the time," confides Leoncio Tinoco with obvious pride. "Time has passed by, and that's why I chose to return to that tender time, always in my mind. Every time we'd say 'Gi more...

Wool tapestry, 'Happy Macaw' (Peru)

"This is a beautiful bird that lives in the Peruvian jungle. Its colorful feathers imbue this tapestry with a sense of happiness," confides Walter Paucar. He weaves the tapestry of genuine wool on a traditional loom with a cotton warp, in the unique more...

Wool tapestry, 'Herd of Llamas' (Peru)

Shadows are falling as a herdsman starts his way down the valley with his herd of llamas. They linger on the edge of the incline, heads erect, ears poised, in a dozen different shades of brown and beige in this hand-woven tapestry by Francisco Huayna more...

Wool tapestry, 'Hills of Fire' (Peru)

W. Rojas Yuri creates an optical illusion with pyramids that flow uphill and down. Working in orange and yellow, he tempers the motifs with brown and cool green. This extraordinary tapestry is woven by hand as Yuri takes his inspiration from the Nazc more...

Wool tapestry, 'Jungle Macaws' (Peru)

Blue and red macaws gather in the beautiful Manu jungle. The only government-designated ecological preserve in Peru, the Manu is home to 1,000 species of birds. Master weaver Luis Leon depicts a flock on a riverbank where they eat clay; this is thoug more...

Wool tapestry, 'Lilies' (Peru)

Waxen lilies arranged artfully in a copper vase nestle amid emerald leaves. Walter Paucar Velarde weaves an enchanting tapestry on the Andean handloom. Using soft woolen strands, he achieves an astonishing range of colors, delicately shading the desi more...

Wool tapestry, 'Lily Bouquet' (Peru)

With pearly petals and emerald leaves, calla lilies cluster with golden blossoms. Underscored by scarlet and black, the composition is a rich floral medley. Walter Paucar Velarde weaves this magnificent tapestry on a traditional handloom, expertly tr more...

Wool tapestry, 'Little Girl with a Piglet' (Peru)

She wears a wide brimmed hat like grown-ups, a warm red sweater and a yellow shawl. In her arms, she cradles a wriggly white piglet. Francisco Huaynate depicts this charming little girl from Cajamarca in a vivid, hand-loomed tapestry. Titled "La nina more...

Wool tapestry, 'Llama Herdsman' (Peru)

In the shadow of the mighty Andes, a man herds his llamas homeward. The cloud-dappled sky is sunny, the mountain air crisp and cool. Master weaver Luis Leon creates this colorful portrait of life in the Peruvian highlands as a handloomed tapestry. Ti more...

Wool tapestry, 'Macaw Trio' (Peru)

Three Amazon macaws flaunt brilliant plumage beneath the tropical sun. High in a treetop perch, they observe the verdant foliage beneath them. Walter Paucar Velarde demonstrates his absolute mastery of the Andean handloom with this intricate tapestry more...

Wool tapestry, 'Market in Cuzco' (Peru)

Shoppers crowd around an itinerant merchant in a Cuzco street market. Reaching out simultaneously, hands proffer money and collect it, examine the merchandise and select it, open a cloth shopping bag and tuck their purchases inside. Francisco Huaynat more...

Wool tapestry, 'Market of Earthen Jars' (Peru)

Golden tones surround a group of women, enveloping them in radiance. Raul Ulloa depicts an outdoor village market, where women sell their large earthen vessels crafted from clay. Rotund bodies and smooth clay globes are hallowed in this loving Andean more...

Wool tapestry, 'Moche Fierce Deity' (Peru)

Walter Paucar Velarde weaves an impressive tapestry featuring Al Apael, a deity from the Moche cosmogony. He has the ability to transform from man into animal. Paucar uses natural dyes to enhance the power of this mystical creature, which was uncover more...

Wool tapestry, 'Musical Quintet' (Peru)

Two drummers keep the rhythm for companions who play the antara flute zampona panpipes. Working in a cubist style, master weaver Walter Paucar Velarde creates a tapestry of dazzling beauty. Vivid red, yellow and ochre are tempered with cool shadows i more...

Wool tapestry, 'Musicians from my Village' (Peru)

Tapping their feet to the rhythms of the guitar, musicians play the traditional folk songs of their homeland. A quena flute plays melody with zampona panpipes adding harmony in this beautiful composition. Woven by hand, this signature tapestry by Wal more...

Wool tapestry, 'My Dream Flowers' (Peru)

Sunflowers and daisies bring to mind fertile Andean lands in a bright tapestry by Walter Paucar Velarde. He extracts color from natural dyes for the wool threads before looming the tapestry by hand. The tapestry's composition boasts admirable clarity more...

Wool tapestry, 'Peruvian Horse Riders' (Peru)

Warmed by colorful ponchos, Peruvian chalanes ride the world-famous Trujillo horses. The riders are known for their elegant attire, which feature embroidered linen ponchos, white trousers and shirts, as well as black belt and boots. The women wear co more...

Wool tapestry, 'Preparing Chicha' (Peru)

Concentrating on the task at hand, a young man prepares chicha for sale. He wears a hat and warm poncho with green stripes in this realistic tapestry by Francisco Huaynate. Distilled from maize, chicha was the Inca, Curaca and Runa's drink of choice. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Pretty Women' (Peru)

"I depict three women from my village," Walter Paucar Velarde says of this beautiful tapestry. "They wear the clothing that characterizes the women from the Peruvian Andes. I seek the most precise form of these persons." Working on the handloom, he p more...

Wool tapestry, 'Quena Flute Players' (Peru)

In a dramatic and colorful composition, a trio of Andean men bow their heads, close their eyes, and coax plaintive notes of haunting beauty from their quenas, traditional flutes. Walter Paucar depicts them with clean line and contemporary flair. Usin more...

Wool tapestry, 'Rope Boy' (Peru)

Dressed in the bright colors of the Andes, a boy poses with a rope over his shoulder. He'll be using it to shepherd farm animals as he fulfills his duties. Francisco Huaynate Paucar creates an admirably vivid portrait as he weaves the wool tapestry o more...

Wool tapestry, 'Scarlet Macaws' (Peru)

Like identical twins, scarlet macaws confer in Peru's Amazon rainforest. They grasp a tree branch with strong toes and savor fresh tropical fruits. Depicted in a hand-loomed tapestry by Luis Leon, the bright birds are a beautiful reminder of nature's more...

Wool tapestry, 'Shepherd Girls of Colca' (Peru)

Francisco Huaynate and family present a stunning vision of Colca Canyon - a dramatic gash in the Andean mountains near the city of Arequipa. Three shepherd-girls rest for a moment, attired in the colorful dresses and fantastic hats of the region. Emp more...

Wool tapestry, 'Silhouettes' (Peru)
Now $127.99 - retail $159.99

Intricate geometric shapes reveal nude figures on the outskirts of a village. Complex and beautiful, this tapestry is woven on the traditional handloom. Yet Nilda Amaro infuses it with a modern flair. Titled "Siluetas" in Spanish. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Sunset in Manu' (Peru)

This wool tapestry by master weaver Walter Paucar is Velarde a true delight. Handmade with care in Peru, it depicts a sunset in Manu National Park. Manu is a huge biological reserve in the Peruvian Amazon region that features some of the richest bio- more...

Wool tapestry, 'Sunset in Villa Rica' (Peru)

Golden light burns in the deep background of this Walter Paucar tapestry, silhouetting stately birds and luxurious leaves. The inspiring image draws from the beauty of the Andean sunset, its radiance flowing over mountain passes and through breathtak more...

Wool tapestry, 'Swan Lake' (Peru)
Now $131.99 - retail $164.99

Nilda Amaro creates an idyllic scene where graceful white swans float on a clear blue lake. Surrounded by a green meadow, the lake reflects the quiet sky. Amaro creates the images with a palette of virgin wool and weaves this beautiful tapestry on a more...

Wool Tapestry, 'Swans at Sunset' (Peru)

The sun sinks toward the horizon, bathing the countryside in golden radiance. Poised on the lakeshore, four swans stand in graceful symmetry before taking wing. Raul Ulloa Baylon depicts the idyllic scene in an exquisite handloomed tapestry. He names more...

Wool tapestry, 'The Ancient Ones' (Peru)

Glowing images in jewel tones drift together like a dream. Evoking the ruins of Chan Chan on Peru's northern coast, Raul Ulloa Baylon invokes the ancient ones. Green hills and blue rivers host warriors, palaces and deities in this exquisite handloome more...

Wool tapestry, 'The Gossips' (Peru)

Walter Paucar Velarde uses a Cubist style to create vibrant portraits on the handloom. Carefully placing each weft (horizontal) thread by hand, he depicts a trio of Andean women framed by an infinity of rugged mountain peaks. Titled "Las chismosas" i more...

Wool tapestry, 'The Harp Player' (Peru)
Now $126.39 - retail $157.99

Geometric shapes of varied colors come together to form an Andean patchwork, depicting a harp player focused on her beloved instrument. The harp plays an integral role in Peruvian folklore, its beautiful melody drifting easily through the mountainous more...

Wool tapestry, 'The Llama Herders' (Peru)

The lives and landscapes of the Andean Mountains inspire Francisco Huaynate to create a breathtaking tapestry. He portrays two female llama herders, their small pack preparing to cross the stream in order to arrive at the ancient hamlet in the near d more...

Wool tapestry, 'The Mayor' (Peru)

Inspired by the legendary customs and traditions of Cuzco, Francisco Huayanate portrays a fictitious mayor of an Andean community. His gaze is stern, his stance is proud. He wears the colorful weaves of the Andes as he poses with staff in hand. Huayn more...

Wool tapestry, 'The Return' (Peru)

Green hills and a feast of colors mark the return of neighbors as they make their way back home. Nestled within the Andes, their village offers a peaceful embrace as they arrive with floral bounties. The Cardenas Brothers work with natural dyes to gi more...

Wool tapestry, 'Three Generations' (Peru)

Francisco Huaynate Paucar creates a moving, symbolic composition for this handloomed wool tapestry. Grandmother, mother and daughter, dressed in traditional clothing, stand together as they look out of a window in the Cuzco ruins. "They are standing more...

Wool tapestry, 'Three Musicians' (Peru)

Flute and guitar bring music to the countryside where three Andean farmers sing together. Bright colors envelop the men, each depicted in a cubist style. Raul Ulloa Baylon weaves a sunny tapestry that radiates happiness and camaraderie. Titled "Los t more...

Wool tapestry, 'Trail toward Pisac' (Peru)

Decorated using dyes extracted from various trees and plants, this tapestry depicts a picturesque street within the town of Pisac in the state of Cuzco. In the immediate foreground, an Andean woman is seen as she carries an immense bundle of yellow f more...

Wool tapestry, 'Trio from the Country' (Peru)

Huddled together against the bitter cold of early morning, two women and a man head toward the fields for a day's work. Warm ponchos in bright colors wrap their shoulders, while straw hats cover their faces. Walter Paucar Velarde uses a Cubist style more...

Wool tapestry, 'Two Toucans' (Peru)

Perched on twin branches, blue eyed toucans chat cheerfully. Nilda Amaro depicts the sleek black birds in their Peruvian habitat. With a lightweight, spongy bill larger than the bird itself, the toucan is a colorful resident of the rainforest. Amaro more...

Wool tapestry, 'Vase of Calla Lilies' (Peru)

Radiant against a deep black background, calla lilies cluster in a copper jar. The waxen blossoms and emerald leaves fill the senses with their dignity and beauty. Raul Ulloa Baylon captures the ephemeral image in a hand-loomed wool tapestry. Titled more...

Wool tapestry, 'Village Lane' (Peru)
Now $99.99 - retail $124.99

Cozy houses with red tile roofs line a narrow village lane. Walking homeward, townspeople greet one another and go on about their business. Daily life in the highlands unfolds in a colorful handloomed tapestry by Nilda Amaro. Titled "Vamos a casa" in more...

Wool tapestry, 'Village Reunion' (Peru)

Huddled together against the cold wind, men join in eager conversation. They wear ponchos in bright colors and traditional straw hats as they gather in community solidarity. Walter Paucar Velarde captures a beautiful highlands image on the handloom. more...

Wool tapestry, 'Walkers in the Sunset' (Peru)

A group of women wrap themselves in colorfully woven cloths, protecting themselves from the fierce cold of the highlands. They traverse an imagined Andean landscape, taking advantage of the dwindling daylight as sunset descends upon mountainous terra more...

Wool tapestry, 'Women from the Countryside' (Peru)

Three women talk together, their quiet conversation excluding everyone else. Wide brimmed hats and long, graceful skirts are traditional garb in the chill highlands. Working in handloomed virgin wool, Walter Paucar Velarde captures the essence of an more...

Wool tapestry, 'Women' (Peru)

The legacy of tradition casts a hypnotic spell on the work of the Cardenas Brothers. Experienced weavers, they create a captivating tapestry featuring five Andean women. The piece is woven of wool on a handloom and shows women's garments, hats and br more...

Wool tapestry, 'Yarn Spinning Women' (Peru)

Bent to their work, four women huddle together in concentration, their warm cloaks protecting against the highland cold. Walter Paucar Velarde captures the spirit of the Andes in a brilliant tapestry, realistically woven by hand. The women he portray more...



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