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Home Decor - Vases
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Home Decor - Vases - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Aged Cuzco vase, 'Labyrinth' (Peru)

Inspired by the city of Kenko, whose name means "labyrinth" in Quechua, this elegant vase replicates an archeological treasure. The Huaman Paucar Family meticulously crafts it to capture the style and spirit of ancient peoples. Because each vase is c more...

Benjarong porcelain urn, 'Colorful Khod' (Thailand)

Exotic flowers blossom in a feast of color, their petals opening in celebration of life-lived, adorning this extraordinary urn. The blooms decorate the sky blue background in joyful form, for ancient Thai custom would have the ashes of a dearly depar more...

Blown glass vase, 'Good Vibes' (Brazil)
Now $133.19 - retail $147.99

Lucid colors and a sleek, curvaceous shape distinguish this delightful blown glass cylinder. Hand crafted to bring good vibes to any setting, the vase comes from the creativity of Ivaldino and Odete. more...

Blown glass vase, 'Precious' (Guatemala)

Recycling glass, artisans from the Cooperative of Cantel create a vase of precious beauty. Bright colors caress the voluptuous jar, contrasting with a milky white background. Because each piece is handmade, shape and size can vary slightly and tiny b more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Blue Wonder' (Thailand)

Perforations highlight the deep blue wonder of this ceramic vase. Kanda creates floral magic on the rounded surface using traditional gae sa lak techniques, a traditional Thai sculptural process used in carving for decorative purposes. The piece is t more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Botanical Blue' (Thailand)

An ample body and refined rim define this beautiful, handcrafted vase from Kanda. The blue tone welcomes botanical luxury, as petal designs suggest deep shadows within the lustrous surface. The vase is glazed in the traditional celadon method, result more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Crackled Jade' (Thailand)

Pristine contours form a vase of contemporary drama. Working on the potter's wheel, Kanda shapes the elegant piece. She bathes it in cool jade green, achieving an alluring crackled surface with the celadon technique. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Dragon Mystery' (Thailand)

A dragon of mythological beauty guards heaven and earth in the design of this spectacular celadon vase. Thailand's Duangkamol presents this elegant piece featuring celadon's trademark crackled finish. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Dream' (Thailand)

Classic in its shape, this sleek vase is glazed in two dreamy shades. Kanda works in the traditional celadon technique with its fascinating crackled surface. The ancient Thai art lends itself perfectly to her contemporary design. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Elephant Ring' (Thailand)

Kanda handcrafts this vase with clay, delicately glazing the surface with a fine blue tone. Queuing elephants march on the unglazed ring surrounding the lower shoulder, as the natural background provides a harmonious visual contrast. Steeped in Thai more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Elephant Waltz' (Thailand)

Sweeping her into his arms, an elephant courts his pachyderm partner in a graceful waltz. Both elevate a vase like an offering with intertwined trunks. Kanda works in the traditional celadon technique to create this original vase with contemporary Th more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Flying Elephants' (Thailand)

Kanda designs an original vase featuring a dynamic shape and adorned with textural contrasts. She crafts the piece with the renowned celadon ceramic art, and finish it with a blue glaze. Two nimble elephants float within the vase's glaze finish, plac more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Forest' (Thailand)

Impressive in its structure, alluring in its delicacy, this vase stands like a proud column adorned by an abundance of floral grandeur. The design comes from Kanda who specialize in elegant accents for refined settings. The surface is glazed with the more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Green Elephant' (Thailand)

Kanda creates an exceptional ceramic vase, carefully crafted by hand. The piece is then glazed in the traditional celadon method, giving it a lightly crackled antique appearance. Note the skilled detail of the elephant motif featured around the base more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Green Valley Lily' (Thailand)

Floating on a sea of green, lilies captivate with their ethereal beauty. They decorate a Celadon ceramic vase designed by Thailand's Duangkamol. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Ivy' (Thailand)

Kae sa lak and kae cha loo are traditional Thai sculptural processes used in carving for decorative purposes. Kanda applies it to ceramics, each one with floral shapes incised into the clay before the piece is fired. This decorative vase is then glaz more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Jade Amphora' (Thailand)

Pristine contours form a vase of classical drama. The textures of banana leaves embrace each side while twin handles grace the lovely amphora. Kanda shapes the piece of clay and bathe it in cool jade green, achieving a lovely crackled surface with th more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Jade Balloon' (Thailand)

Sleek and smooth, a ceramic globe evokes an emerald balloon. Celadon glaze with its fascinating crackled surface contrasts with the minimalist design of this vase by Kanda. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Lavender Universe' (Thailand)

Thailand's Duangkamol conjures a purple universe of hypnotic beauty, which he shapes into an attractive vase. Duangkamol combines classic Celadon ceramic techniques with contemporary styles for the vase's trendy design. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Lotus Dance' (Thailand)

Lotuses blossom and dance in a beautiful design by Thailand's Duangkamol. She masters the ancient techniques of celadon ceramic to craft this beautiful vase. This specialized art form features subtle cracks in the surface. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Mysteries' (Thailand)

Lean and tall, this black vase keeps the mysteries of the night. It is crafted with traditional Celadon ceramic techniques by Thailand's Duangkamol. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Natural Illusion' (Thailand)

Spherical grace characterizes this vase, its balanced composition representing the artistry of Kanda. Delicate petals merge with tones of green celadon, recalling the luxury of ancient Thai gardens. The result is an exceptional work of ceramic art. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Precious Peony' (Thailand)

Luxurious engravings depict celestial petals, blossoming around the base of a celadon ceramic vase. Cool green whispers complement the graceful contours, representing the delicate artistry of Kanda. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Rainforest' (Thailand)

Gae sa lak, or in this case gae cha loo, is a traditional Thai sculptural process used in carving for decorative purposes. Kanda applies this method to a series of ceramic products, each one with floral and organic shapes hand-carved into the clay be more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Surfaces' (Thailand)

Protected by glazed luster, a world of floral texture comes to life on this handcrafted ceramic vase. A breathtaking tone of celadon green pours itself into the delicately engraved pattern, resulting in a subtle play of light and shadow. Kanda crafts more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Sweet Sea Green' (Thailand)

Classic in its shape, this sleek vase is glazed in sweet sea green. Kanda works in the traditional celadon technique with its beautifully crackled surface. The ancient Thai art lends itself perfectly to her contemporary design. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Thai Swan' (Thailand)

By Kanda, this low, shallow vase depicts a swan with Thai stylizations. She works in celadon ceramic with its richly crackled textures. more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Traveling Elephants' (Thailand)

Gae sa lak is a traditional Thai sculptural process used in carving for decorative purposes. Kanda applies this method to a series of ceramic products, each one with floral and organic shapes hand-carved into the clay before the piece is fired. The p more...

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Valley Lotus' (Thailand)

Lotus flowers blossom with majestic beauty in the design of this celadon ceramic vase. From Duangkamol in Thailand, the vase features the characteristic crackled finish of this legendary art form. more...

Celadon ceramic vases, 'Sawankhalok Meadows' (set of 3) (Thailand)

Three voluptuous vases in different styles and sizes all attest to the ceramic tradition of Sawankhalok in Sukhothai Province. Duangkamol is a master of Thailand's celadon ceramic technique, demonstrating her skill with this elegant trio. Their surfa more...

Ceramic vase, 'Andean Girl' (Peru)

These young girls face away from the viewer, leaving us with a view of delightful pigtails. Ceramic work at its finest is demonstrated in this decorative vase. Francisco Guerreros, inspired by the sights of young girls in their hats walking in the st more...

Ceramic vase, 'Convent Girl' (Peru)

This vase depicts a group of women sitting outside of a convent. The incredibly vivid colors and geometric shapes employed by the artist convey the life of the people illustrated here. Francisco Coronado uses the passion of various colors and contras more...

Ceramic vase, 'Fiery Warrior' (Ghana)

The fiery visage of a Ghanaian warrior stares back at the viewer of this clay vase, enlightening centuries of artistic tradition. The dramatic look is completed by three horns crowning his head, perfect for a unique flower arrangement. Internationall more...

Ceramic vase, 'Maya King of Tikal' (Mexico)

Angel Cerón crafts an exquisite museum replica in ceramic. The vase bears images from the Maya city of Tikal. Depicted in the style of the classic era, a ruler sits on a throne while standing guardians hold scepters or rods, symbolizing authority. R more...

Ceramic vase, 'Sepia Women' (Peru)

A group of wistful figures in traditional Andean dress adorn this handmade ceramic decorative vessel by Francisco Guerreros. Carefully hand-painted, it demonstrates the artist's commitment to faithfully depicting the people and cultures of his homela more...

Ceramic vase, 'The Cottage' (Peru)

The striking red background and contrasting colors that decorate this vase give it a unique visual appeal. In the distance, the eye picks up faint silhouettes of majestic mountains, and at the front of the picture, there is a modest home. Breaking th more...

Ceramic vase, 'The Meeting' (Peru)

This vase depicts a group of women with braids and hats who meet in the town center. The incredibly vivid colors and geometric shapes employed by the artist convey the life of the people. Francisco Guerreros uses the passion of colors in to make a da more...

Ceramic vase, 'The Monastery' (Peru)

Women sit outside a monastery, their traditional garments flashing vivid colors and brilliant geometric. Francisco Guerreros uses passionate red along with black and bright yellow to create a harmonious dance of color on this brilliant ceramic vase. more...

Ceramic vase, 'The Streets of Cuzco' (Peru)

The spectacular painting adorning this vase depicts a common scene in the streets of ancient Cuzco - a llama and a highlander wandering down a narrow lane. Francisco Guerreros demonstrates fine ceramic work in a piece he names "The Streets of Cuzco." more...

Ceramic vases, 'Get-Together' (pair) (Peru)

Inspired by the sights of young girls in braids and hats who gather in squares in the village of Lucanas, Francisco Guerreros creates two delightful ceramic vases. Bright colors and bold hand-painted line make them favorites in any setting. more...

Ceramic vessels, 'Maya Jaguars' (pair) (Mexico)

Snarling jaguars stare boldly at the viewer, planting their feet in a defiant stance. The beloved trigrillo (little tiger) of Yucatán was venerated by the ancient Maya. Angel Cerón sculpts the ocelots in terracotta, faithfully replicating a Toltec- more...

Glass vase, 'Amber Reflection' (Mexico)

A tall rectangle of blown glass stands on a wrought iron base. Its radiant amber hue brings a golden allure to the translucent geometry. Designed and crafted by Javier and Efrén, the luminous piece exemplifies their talent. Because each piece is han more...

Murano handblown vase, 'Artful' (large) (Brazil)

Crimson and amber splash and dance within the glass walls of this spectacular vase. A modern design obtained with millenary blown glass techniques mastered by the Murano Artisans of Brazil. The presence of air bubbles accentuates the nature of the tr more...

Murano handblown vase, 'Crimson and Amber Power' (Brazil)

Amber and crimson rivulets explore artistic spaces to reveal the power of color. From Murano Artisans of Brazil, the spectacular design of this vase is achieved with time-honored blown glass techniques that are executed by hand. The presence of air b more...

Recycled bottle, 'Autumn Leaf' (Brazil)

Sylvia Magalhães recycles a glass bottle to create a beautiful decorative vase. Wrapped in cotton, it is perfect for dried flowers. Or it can stand alone to showcase a combination of rich, warm colors. more...

Recycled bottle, 'Lilac Buds' (Brazil)

Sylvia Magalhães evokes shy lilac buds as she makes an affirmation for ecology. Wrapping a wine bottle in cotton, she gives it new life as a decorative vase. more...

Recycled bottle, 'Mediterranean' (Brazil)

Inspired by Mediterranean visions, Sylvia Magalhães selects ivory, brown and mustard for this bold design. She recycles a champagne bottle by wrapping it with cotton cords. The result is a delightful decorative vase. more...

Sandstone vase, 'Ice Cream Cone' (Indonesia)

Carved of sandstone, this beautiful cylinder moves outward with every step. Daniel Wijaya evokes an ice cream cone with this novel design. He treats the inner surface of the vase to make it waterproof, yet leaves the stone's natural textures on the o more...

Sandstone vase, 'Rings' (Indonesia)

Modern and functional, Daniel Wijaya's designs are perfect for the contemporary interior. He works in natural sandstone to create this graceful vase, adding visual texture through a series of rings. The vase is treated on the inner surface to hold wa more...

Soapstone vase, 'Floral Honor' (India)

Finely carved in jali or openwork, latticework creates lacy patterns. Gulam Rasool crafts an exquisite vase with dazzling floral motifs. It showcases soapstone's natural colors. more...



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