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Emperor penguin fact file

Whale species

Antarctica mountains, more pictures in the gallery
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- Clouds go scurrying by in Antarctica most days, it's the windiest and highest continent as well as the coldest

Adelie penguins on sea-ice
Pictures of Penguins in Antarctica

Antarctic Huskies

High Arctic Pictures
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Nacreous clouds above McMurdo Base, McMurdo Sound Antarctica - Picture courtesy Alan Light

Antarctica, composite polar night shot
Use of picture courtesy of NASA
Composite image of Antarctica and southern hemisphere at night showing lights from major cities on South America (top left), Africa (top right) and Australia / New Zealand (bottom right). The earth could never be viewed in this way as in reality one half of this view would be in daylight and the other in darkness.

 Picture of an aurora as seen from the International Space Station.
Aurora Australis From Space May 24th 2010
Photograph courtesy Johnson Space Center/NASA

Ice sheets contain a record of hundreds of thousands of years of past climate, trapped in the ancient snow. Scientists recover this climate history by drilling cores in the ice, up to 3,500 meters (11,000 feet) deep. Photograph copyright Reto Stöckli, NASA GSFC

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Sledging - Edward Wilson, watercolour

South - Ernest Shackleton: 1915

The floe was not so solid as it appeared. We had reminders occasionally that the greedy sea was very close, and that the floe was but a treacherous friend, which might open suddenly beneath us. Towards the end of the month I had our store of seal meat and blubber brought aboard.

March 29 - Mirages were frequent. Barrier-cliffs appeared all around us on the 29th, even in places where we knew there was deep water.

The training of the dogs in sledge teams was making progress. The orders used by the drivers were "Mush" (Go on), "Gee" (Right), "Haw" (Left), and "Whoa" (Stop). These are the words that the Canadian drivers long ago adopted, borrowing them originally from England. There were many fights at first, until the dogs learned their positions and their duties, but as days passed drivers and teams became efficient.

The Antarctic Shrine - Standish Backus
Sir Ernest Shackleton's British Antarctic Expedition of 1907hut at Cape Royds, Ross Island. Units of Task Force 43 may be seen several miles off Cape Royds fighting their way through frozen McMurdo Sound behind an icebreaker toward the base at Hut Point. In the background mountains fifty miles away in Victoria Land are pictured. Picture courtesy The Naval History & Heritage Command - USA

The Erebus glacier in Antarctica comes down from Mt. Erebus and protrudes off the coast of Ross Island as an 11-12 km long ice tongue. It is a serrated, blue-rimmed "knife" extending toward image center from the upper right out into snow and ice-covered McMurdo Sound. The smooth white expanse is the Southern Ocean. Photograph courtesy  of NASA / GSFC / METI / ERSDAC / JAROS, and the U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team.

It's Antarctica or Antarctic - not Antartica or Antartic - but also अंटार्कटिका Antártida  l'Antarctique  Antarktika   南極洲  القارة القطبية الجنوبية   Antártica  Антарктида  南極