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Home Decor - Masks - African Gabon
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Home Decor - Masks - African Gabon are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Africa Gabonese wood mask, 'Fang Forest Spirit' (Ghana)

Arched eyebrows frame the canny eyes of a spirit of the forest. Long and narrow, the serene visage appears in black, red and ivory. "One of the fundamental religious beliefs shared by Fang people was that of the necessity to protect and nurture the s more...

Gabon African wood mask, 'Bewitching Beauty' (Ghana)

This bewitching mask represents a Punu sorcerer. Experts in the art of mask carving, the Punu people also revere their dead ancestors, especially females. Tradition dictates the mask of a female ancestor is to be reserved for the tribe's sorcerer. Ev more...

Gabon African wood mask, 'Fang Ceremony' (Ghana)

A helmet-like headdress contrasts with dark sese wood features, conferring a serious air on this elegant personage. Triangles adorn the cheek like tears and a diamond adorns the upper portion. Crafted by Salihu Ibrahim and considered therapeutic, the more...

Gabonese Africa wood mask, 'Bakota Woman' (Ghana)

Eric Danquah carves a beautiful portrait of a woman with multiple necklaces and a surprisingly modern coif. It depicts a woman of the Bakota tribe in Gabon. The intervention of such masks was sought for fertility, hunting, and commercial ventures. A more...

Gabonese Africa wood mask, 'Beauty' (Ghana)

Tribal scarring adorns her smooth forehead while almond eyes beneath arched brows denote the standard of feminine beauty. Salihu Ibrahim carves a gracious visage, its symmetry adding to its enchantment. The tall hairdo identifies a woman from the Pun more...

Gabonese Africa wood mask, 'Harvest Hopes' (Ghana)

Called upon for a bountiful harvest, this fertility mask captivates with solemn dignity. Abubakari Alhassan carves the wawa wood mask by hand guided by the artistic stylizations of the Fang people of Gabon. Alhassan molds the clay face with detailed more...

Gabonese Africa wood mask, 'Merry Maiden' (Ghana)

Merry eyes and an engaging smile characterize this mask by Victor Yao Delanyo. The slender girl wears her hair in small braids, gathered at the top of her head. The name, Gowe, means "river" (the symbol of a beautiful maiden) in the language of Gabon more...

Gabonese Africa wood mask, 'Punu Beauty' (Ghana)

Almond eyes beneath arched brows represent the Punu standard of feminine beauty. Painted white, the serene features suggest one who has passed on to the realm of spirits. The tall hairdo denotes a woman from the Punu tribe of the upper Ngoume River r more...

Gabonese Africa wood mask, 'Spirit Guide' (Ghana)

A faithful replica of the renowned "White Masks of the Ogooue," this mask personifies an ancestral spirit of the Kota and Mukudji people from Gabon. Known as "Punu," the ancestral spirit is believed to guide one to the hereafter; Punu masks are reser more...

Gabonese African wood mask, 'Guiding Spirit' (Ghana)

Ghost-like, this piece replicates the white masks of the Ogooue, of the Kota and Mukudji tribes. Known as punu in Gabonese, the mask incarnates the spirits of ancestors who return to visit the living and assist them in the hereafter. Salihu Ibrahim h more...

Gabonese wood African mask, 'Fang Intercessor' (Ghana)

An imposing personage closes its eyes as though in prayer. By Nana Adu Amankwapam I, this mask represents the Fang people of Gabon. "The mask is believed to serve as an intermediary with the spiritual world," he explains. "Anytime they need to inquir more...

Gabonese wood African mask, 'Fang Protector' (Ghana)

Etched with parallel zigzag patterns, this long, slender visage is the work of Nana Adu Amankwapam I. Red and yellow accentuates the eyes, and the mask receives an aged finish with applications of white clay. "This mask is used by the Fang tribe from more...

Gabonese wood mask, 'Fang Harvest Spirit' (Ghana)

Mystical and elegant, the harvest mask of the Fang people is consulted to ensure a bountiful crop. Abubakari Alhassan replicates the art of this Gabonese community with astute artistry, carving the mask from wawa wood, rubbing it with clay, and decor more...

Gabonese wood mask, 'Fang Peacemaker' (Ghana)

Nii Noi 'Chico' Nortey depicts the serene features of a mask from Gabon's Fang people. Suggesting wisdom, the ample forehead crowns a slender, elongated face. Carved by hand of African sese wood, masks such as this are thought to bring peace to the h more...

Gabonese wood mask, 'Heart of the Party' (Ghana)

An inviting smile brings to life this heart-shaped mask, traditionally worn on festive occasions by the Ogowe people of Gabon. Evans Doe Martey carves a remarkable sese wood replica, which he embellishes with beads and a jute beard. more...

Gabonese wood mask, 'Love Bird' (Ghana)

The customs and traditions of the Fang people inspire Abubakari Alhassan in the creation of this mask. Carved by hand of sese wood, the mask features a bird looking downwards over an elongated face. Aesthetically minimal yet rich in meaning, this mas more...



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