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These Art Gallery - Sculpture Wood - Relief Panels Religious - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.
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Cedar relief panel, 'Blessed Good Shepherd' (Peru)

Jesus tenderly carries a tiny lamb on his shoulder; the animal nestles close against his body. Alejandro Ramirez depicts Christ as the Good Shepherd, a metaphor taken from the gospel and prefigured in the Psalms. The image is reverently sculpted in e

Cedar relief panel, 'Holy Family Together' (Peru)

Lovingly sculpted of cedar wood, this elegant relief panel depicts the Holy Family. Joseph is ever protective of Mary and little Jesus, each carved in beautiful detail. Javier Ramirez adds subtle color with radiant oils, and accents the halos with gl

Cedar relief panel, 'Jesus on the Cross' (Peru)

Mary reaches toward her son while Joseph tries to comfort them both. Jesus gazes down at her from the cross with sorrow and compassion. Javier Ramirez explores one of the Christian faith's greatest tenets - that Jesus' death on the cross provides sal

Cedar relief panel, 'Lord of Mercy' (Peru)

After his ascension to heaven, the resurrected Christ touches his pierced heart. It emanates rays of light that shine earthward. The image of the Lord of Mercy is meant to illuminate the lives and souls of believers. Sculpted in cedar wood, this pane

Cedar relief panel, 'Mary and the Eucharist' (Peru)

Mary stands solemn and poised during the sacrament of Eucharist. The Montalvo Family invokes her presence through their sublime sense of art. They paint her portrait in a hand-carved cedar wood relief panel and finish it with bronze leaf application.

Cedar relief panel, 'Our Lady of Perpetual Help' (Peru)

Acclaimed by many of the Catholic faith, when Mary is invoked as Our Lady of Perpetual Help, she will concede great miracles. Ever present and ready to comfort, the kindness in her heart is masterfully transmitted in this relief panel by the Montalvo

Cedar relief panel, 'Sacred Family Life' (Peru)

Alejandro Ramirez presents a scene of love featuring the Sacred Family in a quotidian moment. Joseph, the carpenter, is at work while Mary accompanies him with the Baby Jesus sitting on her lap. He feeds a playful lamb. The intensity of their express

Cedar relief panel, 'Saint Peter and Saint Paul' (Peru)

June 29 commemorates the martyrdom in Rome of Jesus' disciples Peter and Paul of Tarsus, the evangelist. The Montalvo Family artisans depict the saints' entry into heaven where an angel presents both early Christians with golden crowns. Sculpted in c

Cedar relief panel, 'The Risen Christ' (Peru)

Triumphant over death, the risen Christ carries his cross as an emblem of his great sacrifice. Mary Magdalene gazes at Jesus with joy, while Peter falls to his knees. But Jesus takes him by the arm and lifts his disciple to his feet. The Montalvo bro

Cedar relief panel, 'Virgin of Caresses' (Peru)

Cradled in his mother's arms, the infant Jesus reaches a chubby hand to caress her face. The Virgin gazes lovingly at her son with a look of infinite tenderness. Golden haloes surround them in this relief carving by the Ramirez Montalvo Family. They

Cedar relief panel, 'Young Madonna' (Peru)

Mary is an innocent young girl in this tender portrait. A sleepy little Jesus snuggles in her arms as she looks skyward in prayer. By Javier Ramirez, the image is superbly sculpted in low relief, painted by hand and embellished with gleaming bronze l

Cedar wall panel, 'Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego' (Peru)

Alejandro Ramirez finds inspiration in the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego for this moving cedar wood panel. It is said that Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego atop a mountain, and asked him to tell the bishop to build a cathe

Cedar wood panel, 'Christ's Prayer on His Knees' (Peru)

The force of Christ's faith and devotion exudes from this panel as He kneels in prayer. "I was dedicated to capturing every miniscule detail as I carved this piece," confides Javier Ramirez. "I wanted to emphasize the folds of Christ's tunic and ever

Cedar wood panel, 'Portrait of Christ' (Peru)

Alejandro Ramirez captures the love and compassion that reigns in Christ's heart in a moving cedar wood panel. "He experienced moments of happiness, sadness and prayer, setting an example of life," believes Ramirez. He paints Christ's vivid presence

Cedar wood wall panel, 'Apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes' (Peru)

Bernadette kneels with a rosary in her hands as Our Lady of Lourdes appears in front of her. The first apparition occurred in 1858 inside the Massabielle cave, and there have been many since. Admired for her faith and devotion, Bernadette was canoniz

Copper panel, 'Jesus' Sacred Heart' (Peru)

Sustained by angels, Mary gazes at Jesus' wounded heart, wrapped in thorns and pierced by a centurion's sword. A symbol of Christ's love for man, the Sacred Heart was first venerated in 11th-century monasteries. Devotion to the Sacred Heart is devoti

Wood relief panel, 'Buddha in the Forest' (Indonesia)

Seated in a forest clearing, Buddha meditates beneath rustling branches. In the background, tall volcanoes look out to sea. Ketut Sandi carves a beautiful portrait of the master, setting the scene on the island of Bali. Kepelan wood lends its lovely