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Art Gallery - Photography
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Art Gallery - Photography are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

'50 Cents Each' (Brazil)

Fat papayas crowd a market stand, their smooth peel slashed to reveal their red-orange flesh. Perfuming the air with their sweet, ripe fragrance, the succulent fruit makes an enticing composition. Juicy wedges stripped of peppery black seeds vie with more...

'A Touch of Autumn' (Thailand)

Autumn arrives in Korea with a spectacular palette of colors, inspiring Ryan Chappell to take this photograph. Colors are alive as Chappell works with Fujicolor crystal archive paper, presenting the signed photograph on a mat board. more...

'Abstract' (large) (Brazil)

Moving the lens for a close up, Mauro Fichman focuses on textures, shapes and patterns. They take precedence over the objects themselves in a fascinating interplay of colors and depth. The extraordinary photograph is appropriately titled Abstrato, Po more...

'Alms Bowls' (Thailand)

Dressed in saffron robes, anonymous monks hold alms bowls in their laps. The silvery globes contrast with the warmth of golden orange. Beautifully captured by Ryan Chappell's lens, the images come from Chiang Mai. "Every year on his birthday, the Kin more...

'Angler' (Brazil)

Clouds gather to close the day on Guanabara Bay as a man tends to his fishing rod. The sun's last golden rays shed light on this photograph by Sid Bond. A spectacular vision, Rio de Janeiro is a natural muse that inspires Bond's photographic artistry more...

'Arches of Lapa' (Brazil)

A young man strides forcefully across this composition by Mauro Fichman. Located in the neighborhood of Lapa, these stone arches are a famous landmark of Rio de Janeiro, originally constructed during colonial times to serve as an aqueduct. Reflective more...

'Arpoador Boulders' (Brazil)

Tempestuous seas and clouds remind of nature's ever changing moods as a solitary man observes the eroded magnificence of the Arpoador boulders. The composition is captured by Mauro Fichman's opportune lens as he frames for eternity a moment in life. more...

'Atmosphere in a Temple' (Indonesia)

Fringed parasols shade the entrance to a Balinese pura, or temple. Caressed by sunlight, the ritual umbrellas cast shadows of all tonalities to convey the atmosphere created by worshippers. Andika Pratama shares glimpses of his culture through this e more...

'Balinese Dancer' (Indonesia)

Beautifully attired in traditional dance costume, a young Balinese woman is captivating. Her graceful gestures and floral headdress are beautiful, yet they are no match for her bright eyes and mischievous smile. Rudy Adnyana captures this portrait as more...

'Balinese Teenagers' (Indonesia)

Celebrating tradition, teenage girls parade from Puputan square in Denpasar district as part of the annual Bali Art Festival. Floral headdresses and golden garb enhance the dancers' youthful beauty. Photographer Andika Pratama captures their grace as more...

'Balinese Woman's Hairdo' (Indonesia)

Seen in silhouette, a young woman wears an ornate headdress crowned with tropical flowers. Her long, dark hair cascades luxuriously beneath. Andika Pratama exalts the lovely woman with this black and white portrait. "Balinese women tend to tie back t more...

'Ban Rak Thai (Mae Hong Son, Thailand)' (Thailand)

Brendan O'Connell's opportune lens captures the exact moment in which rays from the early morning sun melt away the cool mist that curtains over Ban Rak Thai. "Children are skipping and dancing as they hurry across the land-bridge on their way to sch more...

'Banana Leaves' (Brazil)

Mauro Fichman captures the intensity of Brazil's natural colors with this fascinating photograph. Strategically positioning his camera, Fichman focuses his lens on the verdant banana leaves being caressed by the sun. In the background, the sky's blue more...

'Baris Dancer' (Indonesia)

A young woman with haunting eyes prepares for the traditional Baris dance. The young beauty gazes directly at the lens, her thoughts in the intricacies of the warrior she will portray. Very rarely seen today, the Baris was performed during a temple f more...

'Beauty of a Balinese Woman' (Indonesia)

Poised, a Balinese woman becomes Rudy Adnyana's beautiful muse. She wears a traditional hair slide and earrings, both featuring colorful beads inlaid in gold. Her face expresses inner calm. Adnyana photographs her as a tribute to the inherent beauty more...

'Between Me and My Shadow' (Indonesia)

Taking advantage of the afternoon light, Rudy Adnyana creates an aura of mysticism with this black and white photograph. He depicts a man returning from the temple, loyally followed by his shadow on the wall. Printed on Konica laminated paper more...

'Blue Dawn' (Brazil)

A mystical blue dawn awakens Guanabara Bay with Sugar Loaf Hill standing tall and eternal. The energy of life begins to stir as joggers exercise on golden sands. Sid Bond's expertise is evident in the clarity of the colors captured in this photograph more...

'Boats on Perfume River' (Thailand)

Perfume River is busy with fishing boats during the afternoon, attracting Akha Jim's lens. "These boats on Perfume River in Hue are traditional types of fishing vessels in central Vietnam," explains Akha Jim. This photograph captures the essence of t more...

'Boats on the Lakeshore' (Indonesia)

The sun's bright rays guard the fishing boats on Lake Beratan, in Bedugul (Indonesia), casting away the shadows. White fluffy clouds line the clear sky. A comforting sense of calm exudes from this colorful photograph by Bali's Rudy Adnyana. Printed o more...

'Botafogo Cove' (Brazil)

Boats bob at anchor on Botafogo Cove, embraced by a row of skyscrapers that line the shore. Thrusting skyward like a guardian, the sculpture of Christ the Redeemer dominates this portrait of Rio de Janeiro. Robson Sicuro discovers a magical afternoon more...

'Brasilia' (medium) (Brazil)

City lights line the horizon as the burning sky finds its reflection in Paranoa Lake. "Brasilia is a contemporary city," says Joao Paulo Barbosa referring to his birthplace. "Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, it values architectural traits and horizontal a more...

'Brazilian Sunrise' (Brazil)

Sid Bond shares the natural beauty that awakens Brazil with this spectacular photograph. Misty blue colors the sky as the sun begins to break through the clouds. Sugar Loaf Hill is the first to greet the astral star in a photographic composition that more...

'Bronze Hand' (Thailand)

Ryan Chappell focuses his lens on Buddha's hand, capturing its graceful gesture though cast of bronze. It is part of the 15m tall bronze Buddha of Taejosan Mountain, South Korea. It weighs 60 tons, and the length of each fingernail is 30 cms. Chappel more...

'Buddha's Rays' (medium) (Brazil)

Nature's beauty is unsurpassed as evidenced in this inspiring photograph by Joao Paulo Barbosa. "Scientists refer to this phenomenon as 'God's Beams,' though in Brazil we know it as 'Buddha's Rays'," explains Barbosa. "I took this photograph of the P more...

'Carrying Offering on the Head' (Indonesia)

Dressed in embroidered top and checkered sarong, a woman makes her way to the temple. She balances a large tray on her head, which she holds with just one hand. She has prepared a bountiful offering featuring fruits, cakes and flowers. Rudy Adnyana t more...

'Cat in the Window' (Brazil)

Framed in massive beams, a window opens in a thick wall, its stucco showing the ravages of time. The textured surface reflects a rainbow of light that ranges delicately from rose to green to cerulean. Peering from the black interior, a spotted cat lo more...

'Cat' (Indonesia)

Appearing amidst the shadows, a cat has a secret to tell. She hypnotizes Rudy Adnyana with her powerful stare as he focuses his lens on her face. The secret remains unrevealed. Adnyana's black and white photograph exudes artistic mystique. Printed on more...

'Caught' (Brazil)

Silvery shapes march in diagonal rows, reflected in infinite layers. Juxtaposing glittering scales with shining metal, Hugo Curti captures a fascinating composition. He brings the lens up close to focus on the visual ensemble discovered in fish on a more...

'Cerrado 360' (medium) (Brazil)

Centering a 360?? rainbow, a tree bids farewell to the setting sun. "Cerrado is the second most important biome in Brazil after the Amazon rainforest," explains talented photographer Joao Paulo Barbosa. "Its two million square kilometers represent 19 more...

'Chamathevi Temple' (Thailand)

Standing tall in niches, three ancient Buddha images radiate calmness and a disengagement from worldly cares. Light from the side plays across each statue, intensifying the clarity of stone features. Chavanond depicts Wat Chamathevi (Chamathevi Templ more...

'Cheongju City through a Window' (Thailand)

Seen through an arched window, Cheongju spreads along the distant shore. Long, low mountains frame the South Korean city while storm clouds sweep across the sky above. Ryan Chappell captures a beautiful landscape from his travels. He prints the color more...

'Chimborazo' (large) (Brazil)

Joao Paulo Barbosa captures the ice blue majesty of Chimborazo Mountain (Ecuador) with this spectacular photograph. "Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the 'avenue of volcanoes' in Ecuador. The top of the 6,310 meters can be reached with ice-climb more...

'Chimborazo' (medium) (Brazil)

Joao Paulo Barbosa captures the ice blue majesty of Chimborazo Mountain (Ecuador) with this spectacular photograph. "Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the 'avenue of volcanoes' in Ecuador. The top of the 6,310 meters can be reached with ice-climb more...

'Christ the Redeemer' (Brazil)

Clouds caress and envelop the image of Christ the Redeemer in this dramatic photo by Mauro Fichman. The famed statue overlooks the city from a vantage point atop Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. Thrusting skyward like a guardian, the city's symb more...

'Church' (Brazil)

The silent magnificence of the Brazilian skies is speckled with white cotton clouds as the arid grounds clamor for rain. Hugo Curti's expert eye captures the immensity of the northeastern landscape, between Brasilia and Salvador. Colors are vivid and more...

'Colorful Body' (Indonesia)

Bathed in color, three young men participate in the ritual procession of Ngrebeg. Before the procession, they enjoy a banquet together, then each one brings a kind of fruit as offerings. Photographer Andika Pratama focuses on their torsos, clad in br more...

'Colors of the Lagoon' (Brazil)

The sun dips beneath the mountains, casting a path across glassy water with the last light of day. Anita Soares captures a picture-postcard view of the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro. Framed by branches on the shore, the scene is one of more...

'Composition with Silent Nature' (Brazil)

A diversity of objects inhabits this beautiful woodcut print; each seems to be a fervent being. Inspired by a hot summer day in Rio de Janeiro, Andre de Miranda centers the work with a red beach towel. Outside the composition of still life elements, more...

'Condong Dancer I' (Indonesia)

Looking straight into the lens of Balinese photographer Rudy Adnyana, a condong (attendant) performs the intricate finger patterns of the Legong dance. Adnyana shares the richness of his culture with this color photograph on laminated paper, for the more...

'Copacabana Dawn' (Brazil)

Copacabana welcomes the new day as the shy rays of sun dispel the shadows away. Mauro Fichman chooses a fishing boat as his subject, absorbing the first rays of sunlight creeping over the eastern horizon. Skyscrapers appear miniscule in the backgroun more...

'Copacabana II' (Brazil)

The heat of a Brazilian morning courses through the magnificent details of this composition. Mauro Fichman photographs a fishing boat resting on soft sand, soaking up the rays of a sunrise over the horizon. The gentle crashing of waves on the shore l more...

'Corcovado - Christ the Redeemer' (Brazil)

A venerable tree frames a distant view with leafy branches. Standing tall above Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer embraces all with arms wide open. The largest art deco sculpture in the world, this beloved image was designated as one of the New Sev more...

'Cuddling By Your Side' (Peru)

"All you see sea lions do most of the day is nap, nap, nap," reminisces Jenny Chua. "You seldom see a sea lion sleeping alone. They like to stay together and cuddle up as close as possible for warmth, softness, and security. I crept up to four dozing more...

'Dance of the Swans' (Brazil)

Floating serenely on a rippling lake, two swans join in a joyous water dance. Robson Sicuro takes his camera into the sierra above Rio de Janeiro to portray the wildlife at an altitude of 2,775 feet. Camouflaged by their color, nonetheless the gracef more...

'Dawn in Copacabana' (large) (Brazil)

A group of fishermen drag their boat out to sea, their path illuminated by sunrise. The quiet of early morning is interrupted only by the reassuring sound of waves breaking on the beach. Mauro Fichman discovers a magnificent arrangement of tones with more...

'Dignity (Wat Umong in Chiang Mai)' (Thailand)

"The centuries have taken their toll and the weather has done its worst, yet nothing can touch the abiding peace and dignity exuding from this ancient and weathered face," says Brendan O'Connell as he photographs the stone sculpture of Buddha. Shooti more...

'Do Not Disturb' (Peru)

"I was wading along the edge of Santa Fe Island (Galapagos), when I chanced upon this marine iguana. I waited for a while to see if it would get into the water, but it simply would not budge," says Jenny Chua as she recalls the moment in which she to more...

'Drops of Water on Leaf' (Indonesia)

Falling on a green leaf, drops of water bring refreshing nourishment. Rudy Adnyana captures the wonderful contrast between the water's glistening beauty and the leaf's velvet textures in this admirable color photograph. Printed on Konica laminated pa more...

'Enlightenment' (Thailand)

Ryan Chappell is inspired by the serenity that emanates from this sculpture of Buddha, at the Jogyesa temple in South Korea. "I wanted to convey Buddha's sense of peace," confides Chappell. Originally it was taken as a color photograph, then Chappell more...

'Escorting Banten Offerings' (Indonesia)

Fringed parasols shade a group of women who file gracefully toward the temple. Balanced on their heads are banten, offerings the ladies have created from flowers, young coconut leaves, cookies, plants, meat dishes and bamboo. These symbolic gifts to more...

'Favela' (Brazil)

A colorful favela rises under Rio de Janeiro's crystalline skies, houses consuming land until the horizon is but a blur. Favelas are the densely populated areas surrounding Rio. Mauro Fichman transforms harsh reality into poetic beauty, as his camera more...

'Feeling, Not Showing Its Beauty' (Thailand)

Looking closely at leaves, Somchai Sawasdee perceives their beauty through all the senses - their hushed rustle, pungent fragrance and delicate textures. Sunlight and shadow heighten the magical sense of this very personal etching. more...

'Fish on a Table' (Brazil)

Shining in an obscure setting filled with shadows, silvery scales capture the eye. A closer look reveals slender fish, their tails curving sinuously. Peeking from a sheet of rumpled newspaper, they take on a sensuous beauty in this elegant compositio more...

'Fish' (Brazil)

Bringing the lens close to his subject, Hugo Curti discovers magical textures in silvery fish. The spontaneous composition shows a pleasing repetition of shapes, while light glistens off shining scales. Depth of field focuses attention on the bounty more...

'Flower' (Brazil)

With petals the color of pristine snow, this orchid was captured by Mauro Fichman's lens - its glistening beauty now allowed to live forever. Fichman digitalizes the photograph to enhance color as well as to add a tenuous pink backdrop. Set on a mat more...

'Forest Buddha' (Thailand)

"I was on a helicopter when I photographed this brass Buddha sculpture. I really like it, though it was very difficult to take it," confides Ryan Chappell. Flying over Taejosan Mountain in South Korea, Chappell saw this towering, 15 m. tall sculpture more...

'Four Fishes' (Brazil)

Glistening scales shimmer in the darkened room, reflected on the countertop. Hugo Curti captures the four rounded fish forms in a handsome composition. His skillful counterpoint of light and shadow discovers a startling beauty in the quotidian. Color more...

'Frangipani After Rain Shower' (Thailand)

Five frangipanis blossom with tropical beauty, luring Ryan Chappell into immortalizing them through his photographic art. Printed in black and white, the photograph successfully conveys the petals' fresh textures after the rain. Chappell works with F more...

'Frangipani Tree' (Thailand)

Stout branches sprout from the venerable trunk, casting shadows upon the lower boughs. Lacy and beautiful, this is an interesting perspective as Chavanond looks upward. He captures the fascination of a frangipani tree. Black and white photograph on h more...

'Girls Carrying Cane' (Brazil)

Leandro Mantesso takes his camera to the western shore of the Brazilian Amazon to capture a group of indigenous girls carrying cane. Framed by forest, the girls gaze back with curiosity or smile spontaneously at the photographer. They belong to the K more...

'Grace and Beauty (Wat Sa Si, Sukhothai)' (Thailand)

Buddha's presence exudes serenity in a black and white photograph by Brendan O'Connell. The stucco sculpture is situated in Wat Sa Si in Sukhothai (Thailand), and is known as the "Sacred Pond Monastery." The unique sculpture is known as the "Walking more...

'Graceful Wat Phra Sri Sanphet' (Thailand)

The spires of Wat Phra Sri Sanphet capture Noi's imagination as she photographs the venerable old temple in black and white. Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Historical Park, the temple with its three pagodas was frequented by the Kings of Ayutth more...

'Great Kiskadee' (Brazil)

Although autumn has left the tree bare, Robson Sicuro discovers the highland landscape's sober beauty. He captures a great kiskadee perched against an indigo sky. Sunlight tints the branches silver as the bird sings golden syllables, "bem-te-vi! Colo more...

'Hidden Laugh of a Balinese Child' (Indonesia)

Sticking out his tongue, a little boy giggles with glee. While waiting for a ritual procession, the child plays hide and seek with his friends. Andika Pratama captured the moment in Bali's Pura Samuan Tiga at Bedulu, Gianyar district. The black and w more...

'Huayao Yi Woman' (Thailand)

Her face framed by bright colors, a young woman displays her traditional Huayao costume with obvious pride. "The Huayao Yi are one of the most lavishly dressed people in all of Yunnan (China). A young woman takes a year to finish embroidering her cos more...

'Ice Cream' (Mexico)

Pushing his ice cream cart along the sands of Chacala Beach in the state of Nayarit, a man pauses to look to the horizon. He seems lost in thought while all around people swim and splash among the waves. A sense of tranquil nostalgia exudes from this more...

'Interior' (Brazil)

Andre de Miranda's busy studio serves as inspiration for this linocut relief print. Doors, windows and flowers defy gravity and move to a surreal plain orchestrated in black and white. A dynamic composition enhanced by the balanced use of color, this more...

'Ipanema Sparkle' (Brazil)

The sun shines bright over Ipanema Beach as it casts a spell of tranquility. A bather tests the water's temperature while preparing to play with the lulling waves. Sugar Loaf Hill stands tall like a sentinel of time guarding the beautiful bay in an i more...

'Jingpo Munao Festival' (Thailand)

Clear blue skies and festive colors capture the spirit of celebration in this photograph by Akha Jim. The procession is led by priests dressed in dragon robes and peacock-feather headdresses, in honor of the peacock who sang the first Munao ("singing more...

'Lanterns' (Thailand)

Myriad lanterns celebrate Buddha's birthday in South Korea. The actual date changes according to the lunar calendar, but the Lotus Lantern Festival is always celebrated on the last evening of the festivities. The parade includes over 100,000 lotus la more...

'Leblon II' (Brazil)

Crystalline waters and pristine skies are divided by verdant hills housing Leblon, one of Rio de Janeiro's most frequented beaches. Surfers and swimmers together delight in the refreshing freedom of the sea. Mauro Fichman stills life for a moment, hi more...

'Leblon II' (large) (Brazil)

Crystalline waters and pristine skies are divided by verdant hills housing Leblon, one of Rio de Janeiro's most frequented beaches. Surfers and swimmers delight in the refreshing freedom of the sea. Mauro Fichman stills life for a moment, his lens im more...

'Leblon' (Brazil)

The beach of Leblon is located next to the famed Ipanema shore of Rio de Janeiro. It is here that Mauro Fichman takes this photograph, portraying the arching coastline, impressive mountains, and at times turbulent waves of the bay. Moving white cloud more...

'Lige Village, Lugu Lake (Yunnan)' (Thailand)

Time stands still in this scenic view of Lige Village, set in Luku Lake, Yunnan (China). Akha Jim is proud to have captured this breath-taking view, which is threatened by the demands of modern times. "New buildings on the hill opposite the peninsula more...

'Little Lotus' (Indonesia)

Arising from emerald lily pads, a small purple lotus is dazzling. Rudy Adnyana turns his lens toward a calm lake in Bali, photographing the favorite flower of Buddha. more...

'Little Monk' (Thailand)

A little monk stands on the temple steps while adults inside pray their morning prayers. One turns to keep a watchful eye on the child. Captured on film, the scene comes from the morning of Buddha's birthday at Jogyesa temple in Seoul, South Korea. R more...

'Llamas in Macchu Picchu' (Brazil)

Grazing on mountain plateaus, llamas inhabit a wondrous world of ancient mystery. Leandro Mantesso explores the stunning architecture at Macchu Picchu. The stately animals seem at home in this lost city of the Inca high in the Peruvian sierra. Their more...

'Lloa Valley' (large) (Brazil)

"Half of Ecuador's population lives close to a volcano, and they honor Pachamamma, or Mother Earth daily," says Brazilian photographer Joao Paulo Barbosa with obvious admiration. "Ecuadorians transform the landscape and extremely fertile volcanic gro more...

'Lloa Valley' (medium) (Brazil)

"Half of Ecuador's population lives close to a volcano, and they honor Pachamamma, or Mother Earth daily," says Brazilian photographer Joao Paulo Barbosa with obvious admiration. "Ecuadorians transform the landscape and extremely fertile volcanic gro more...

'Lomi Akha Bride' (Thailand)

Tradition colors the costume of this young Lomi Akha bride with rich, festive elegance. She wears an embroidered cotton jacket and elaborate headdress, which includes a cap featuring large studs, silver balls and pendants cast of shiny silver. Akha J more...

'Lone Monk' (Thailand)

Alone in the cool morning, a Buddhist monk walks along a road in Pai. Birdsong accompanies the man, who seeks offerings from neighbors along the way. Thailand's Mae Hong Son is especially picturesque, inspiring this poignant photo by Ryan Chappell. C more...

'Lotus Bunch in Black and White' (Thailand)

Standing tall to reach the heavens, lotuses draw the attention of talented photographer Ryan Chappell. His use of perspective is admirable as he exalts the symbolic meaning of the lotus flower. According to Buddhist teachings, the beauty of a lotus t more...

'Lotus Dreams' (Thailand)

Ryan Chappell captures the exotic beauty of a lotus's heart in this admirable black and white photograph. According to Buddhist teachings, the beauty of a lotus that blossoms even though its roots are set in the mud represents purity, resurrection, a more...

'March of the Yi Tigers' (Thailand)

Men dressed as tigers run through the streets of Mudi village in Yunnan (China), in a celebration that honors the spiritual beliefs of the Yi people. "The procession ends at the village square, where they dance," explains Akha Jim. The Yi believe the more...

'Mask Dancer' (Indonesia)

A Balinese topeng, or mask dancer sings as he performs during a ritual procession. A mustachioed mask covers his face while a white cloth hides the man's hair. By Andika Pratama, this portrait comes from the 32nd Bali Art Festival. "There are many ki more...

'Mazatlan: Ancient Wall' (Mexico)

An open door invites a glimpse of the interior of an abandoned house in Mazatlan. Caressed by sunlight, peeling paint on the ancient wall suggests an abstract work of art. The color photograph forms part of a series on portals. "The door is an entryw more...

'Mazatlan: Old Blue Door' (Mexico)

Pacific winds, humid and salty, have worn away the paint on old adobe walls. Yet this Mazatlan mansion is still beautiful, its stately doors whispering of its past glory. The color photograph forms part of a series on portals. "The door is an entrywa more...

'Meditative Hands' (Thailand)

Ryan Chappell aims his lens at hands in prayer holding Japa Mala rosary beads. According to Buddhist practices, 100 mantras are to be said during meditation, plus eight more to compensate for past errors. The monks at Bongeunsa Temple in Seul, South more...

'Miracle of Image' (Brazil)

Lucid tones of sapphire and emerald undulate in a seductively beautiful image. Mauro Fichman's lens captures the colors of gently flowing water in a stunning image. Playful yet intriguing, the photograph suggests the transitory nature of a single ins more...

'Moon Over the Sierra' (Brazil)

Surrounded by a silver halo, the moon makes a dazzling appearance as it shines over the Brazilian sierra. Robson Sicuro's opportune lens was aimed at the pedra de elefante massif, situated in Nova Friburgo. Sicuro's photograph expertly conveys a sens more...

'Murmuring Waters' (Brazil)

"Listen to God's voice in the murmur of the water," exalts Brazilian photographer Mauro Fichman. "Could it not be that simple reflections on water reveal the hand of God in our daily life?" Fichman directs his camera with wondrous artistic insight. H more...

'My name is Nong Ying' (Thailand)

A fuzzy baby elephant explores the world under the watchful gaze of her mother. Animals are a favorite theme for Noi, who captures the charming scene in a black and white photograph. "The baby's name is Nong Ying. I wanted to convey the elephant's se more...

'Ninfeia' (Brazil)

The waters of an isolated pond reflect their blurred surroundings, focusing attention on the clean green lines of ninfeia water lilies. A pair of blossoms grows from the floating scenery, their petals tinged in a mystical purple hue. Taken by Mauro F more...

'Ogoh Ogoh Image' (Indonesia)

Carried through the town, a winged lion with the face of a bird frightens away evil spirits. The dramatic wood and paper statue is known as the ogoh-ogoh. Captured during the Ngrupuk parade, which takes place on the eve of Nyepi day, the mythic creat more...

'Pajeng Ritual Umbrella' (Indonesia)

Lifted toward the sky, colorful parasols cast shadows upon one another in a composition of dynamic beauty. Andika Pratama turns his lens toward Bali's ritual ornament, the pajeng, or ritual umbrella. Fringe flutters in the breeze. "And the sky was so more...

'Parrot' (Brazil)

Perched on a post, a parrot seems unaware of the photographer's presence. Anita Soares captures an almost pensive attitude in the splendid bird whose plumage blends into the verdant rainforest of Amapa State. She presents the color photo in an Arquat more...

'Partners' (Thailand)

Heralds of spring's arrivals, daffodils capture Ryan Chappell's photographic eye. "I love Korea's natural surroundings," reminisces Chappell. He works with Fujicolor crystal archive paper, presenting the signed photograph on a mat board. more...

'Patterns of Life' (set of 5) (Thailand)

Ryan Chappell aims his lens at capturing nature's original beauty. For this set of color photographs, Chappell focuses on different leaves, highlighting their exotic shapes and textures. Printed on Fujicolor crystal archive paper, each photograph fea more...

'Phra Phoot Sihing Buddha' (Thailand)

The quiet grace of a Buddha image is manifest against an ornate background. This beautiful statue sits in Thailand's Wat Phra Singh temple. Considered a supreme example of northern Thai art, the image is one of a rare series of "lion" style images. C more...

'Pink Orchid' (Brazil)

Seen up close, petals shade from scarlet to pink and rose. Anita Soares focuses her lens on a perfect orchid from Rio de Janeiro's famed botanical garden. This superb photograph seems to capture its perfume. Soares presents the color photo in an Arqu more...

'Purity' (Thailand)

Traveling through Korea, Ryan Chappell becomes captivated by the beauty of a multi-petal lotus. According to Buddhist teachings, the beauty of a lotus that blossoms even though its roots are set in the mud represents purity, resurrection, and the enl more...

'Quan Ho Singers, Vietnam' (Thailand)

A quintet of beautiful singers performs classic Quan ho melodies during festivals throughout the Red River Delta. "Quan ho is the Vietnamese version of antiphonal singing, and it is an integral part of festivals in northern Vietnam. The singers usual more...

'Rails' (Brazil)

A group of pigeons stares enraptured at the train tracks, seemingly hypnotized by the light reflecting off of steely rails. The intimate perspective of this photograph characterizes Mauro Fichman's style, its natural essence emphasized by his use of more...

'Raindrops' (Indonesia)

Falling, bouncing and refreshing, raindrops dance on Bali's verdant stage. Rudy Adnyana captures nature at its best through his well-aimed lens focusing on a single spiraling vine. Printed on matte Konica paper and laminated. more...

'Reflections' (Brazil)

Seemingly abstract shapes give way to the effect of reflections. Mauro Fichman uses his camera lens to embellish natural beauty, capturing an instant of red and yellow light on rippling blue water. Glassy textures add to the intrigue of this stunning more...

'Rio de Janeiro Seen from Niteroi' (Brazil)

The legendary mountains of Rio de Janeiro cut through the early morning mist to reveal their impressive forms. Mauro Fichman takes this photograph from the neighboring city of Niteroi, linked to Rio by a bridge. Sailboats crisscross the bay with cris more...

'Rio Night' (Brazil)

Long exposure allows for magical streaks of light, as cars travel along the coastal road of urban Rio de Janeiro. The central focus of this photograph is Sugarloaf Mountain, rising dramatically from a thin peninsula dividing Guanabara Bay. Mauro Fich more...

'Rio's Guitar' (Brazil)

This spectacular photograph by Sid Bond borrows light from the morning sun to capture Rio de Janeiro's renowned landmark, Sugar Loaf Hill. Situated in Guanabara Bay, the hilly landscape recalls the shape of a guitar. Printed on Fuji paper with a Pana more...

'Rio, Marvelous City' (large) (Brazil)

Long exposure allows for magical streaks of light as cars travel along the coastal road of Rio de Janeiro. The central focus of this photograph is Sugarloaf Mountain, rising dramatically from a thin peninsula dividing Guanabara Bay. Mauro Fichman inv more...

'River in Reflections' (Brazil)

Fed by thawing ice from the southern Peruvian Andes, a river flows across a highland plain. Clouds repeat themselves on the broad expanse of water, their billowing beauty vague in the swelling current. From a vantage point high above, Leandro Mantess more...

'River of Beauty' (Brazil)

Lush vegetation ripples across the mountainside, blown by gentle winds. Lining the riverbank, trees and rocks frame the placid waters. Mauro Fichman focuses on textures, shapes and patterns. They take precedence over the objects themselves in the fas more...

'Road to Luck' (Brazil)

Leaning forward, religious images in a street stand seem to be walking in unison. A sign on the bright blue base affirms that taking a statuette home opens the road to luck. Captured by Hugo Curti's lens, the scene is endlessly fascinating both for i more...

'Sacred Valley of the Inca' (large) (Brazil)

Billowing clouds nestle on ridge tops, casting shadows on steep slopes. Beneath, a smooth plain stretches between mountains, punctuated by dense woods. Mauro Fichman captures a serene landscape in a monotone photograph. "This scene could never be for more...

'Sea Coast' (Brazil)

Crowning the seacliff, elegant high rise apartments look out at the ocean. Beneath them, smaller, humbler dwellings line the bank. They share a view that is equally beautiful. Hugo Curti reveals the shore drive from a unique perspective, discovering more...

'Shades of Pink' (Thailand)

A lotus reveals its innermost secrets, pistils and pollen, to the lens of Ryan Chappell. According to Buddhist teachings, the beauty of a lotus that blossoms even though its roots are set in the mud represents purity, resurrection, and the enlightene more...

'Shadows of Beauty' (Thailand)

Ryan Chappell's lens reveals the ethereal beauty of an orchid blossoming in Thailand. Printed in black and white, the photograph successfully conveys the silken texture of the flower's unique petals. Chappell works with Fujicolor crystal archive pape more...

'Shaft of Sunlight in Mazatlan' (Mexico)

Sunlight penetrates thick foliage to play across an old wooden gate. Crumbling stucco and sturdy red bricks define a wall in Mazatlan. Captured on canvas, this evocative photograph by Michael and Darian is a part of their collection on portals. "The more...

'Sitting on the Stairway of a Temple' (Indonesia)

A mother and her twin daughters sit on the temple stairs, awaiting the beginning of the prayer procession. One girl leans on her mother's shoulder, while the other child arranges her sister's hair. "What a really warm family atmosphere!," Andika Prat more...

'Spanish Moss' (Brazil)

Standing tall in a sunlit meadow, a casuarina tree echoes the line of a distant peak in the Brazilian sierra. Barba de velho (Spanish moss) shrouds the branches in its softly curling lace and sways gently in the breeze. A dark pond adds a different s more...

'Specter' (Mexico)

"My intention with this photograph was to describe dreams and surrealism through images that are designed to evoke in the spectator a variety of memories or meanings," confides Jose Martinez. "This photograph is the result of a long search. I took ph more...

'Spring's First Walk' (Thailand)

Fascinated by Korea's exotic flora, Ryan Chappell directs his lens to the exotic beauty of this plant. "I took this photo in Cheongju, South Korea. It has a yellow flower, but I wanted to immortalize it in black and white," explains the talented phot more...

'Street' (Brazil)

A radiant light surfaces from the horizon changing slowly into soft and then darker blue. Mottled with pristine white clouds, the illusion is fascinating. Hugo Curti juxtaposes the clear sky with the arid land and contrasts nature's magnificence with more...

'Strength and Resolve (Wat Sa Si, Sukhothai)' (Thailand)

"This Buddha sits in Wat Sa-Si emanating great strength and resolve. It has weathered monsoons for centuries, and will weather them for centuries more. It is as immovable as the surrounding mountains," says Brendan O'Connell in admiration. His photog more...

'Sugar Loaf - Vermelha Beach' (Brazil)

Sugar Loaf looms tall when seen from the perspective of Praia Vermelha, a beach in Urca. Tall palms in the foreground seem to dwarf the majestic mountain. Anita Soares captures the expansive silence of the scene in a lyrical monotone photograph. She more...

'Sugar Loaf Mountain' (Brazil)

Sugar Loaf Mountain rises over the early morning mist, waking up the seagulls that nest on its walls. The imagery is impressive, captured for posterity by Mauro Fichman. His use of light serves him well in creating an ambience of ethereal beauty in w more...

'Sugar Loaf with a Ceiba' (Brazil)

Anita Soares turns her lens toward Rio de Janeiro's famed Sugar Loaf Mountain in this dramatic shot. Shades of gray and deep black shadows meet brilliant Brazilian sunshine in a handsome visual composition. Seen from Rio's Botafogo neighborhood, the more...

'Sugar Loaf' (Brazil)

Standing like a sentinel, Sugar Loaf Mountain overlooks the deep blue bay where boats traverse serene waters. Above, feathery drift across an azure sky. Robson Sicuro creates a study in sapphire in this inspired portrait of the Rio de Janeiro waterfr more...

'Sugarloaf Green' (Brazil)

Emerald tones create the faint perspectives of this dramatic vision by Mauro Fichman. Sugarloaf Mountain rises above Guanabara Bay in vertical contrast to the placid seascape of Rio de Janeiro. Its peak is reached only by a cable car that arrives fro more...

'Sugarloaf I' (Brazil)

Earthen tones of red and brown create the faint perspectives of this dramatic vision. Sugarloaf Mountain rises above Guanabara Bay, vertically contrasting the placid seascape of Rio de Janeiro. Its peak is only reached by cable car, as seen here, arr more...

'Sukhothai Sunset' (Thailand)

Sunset light surrounds northern Thailand's ancient temples with a magical aura. Beautifully captured by Ryan Chappell's lens, the Sukhothai Historical Park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991. The beautiful old buildings formed part o more...

'Sunset Behind the Mountain' (Indonesia)

The setting sun leaves the sky afire, a moment in time immortalized by Rudy Adnyana through his photographic art. He captures the sky's reflection on the waters of Lake Beratan, in Bedugul (Indonesia), while in the distance, the windows on houses and more...

'Sunset in Urca' (Brazil)

A golden halo envelopes Urca as night descends on Guanabara Bay. One of Rio de Janeiro's most well-known neighborhoods, Urca stands under the protection of the legendary Christ Redeemer statue on Sugar Loaf Hill. Printed on Fuji paper with a Panama p more...

'Sunset over the City' (Thailand)

The setting sun casts a spell of silent tranquility over historical Cheongju City, in South Korea. Gray clouds hover as the last rays of light illuminate tall buildings in a wonderful display of colors. Ryan Chappell immortalizes the magic of the mom more...

'Sunset Palms' (Thailand)

Sunset caresses verdant palm leaves making them grow with endless beauty. Captivated, Ryan Chappell immortalizes this natural scene in this admirable color photograph. He works with Fujicolor crystal archive paper, presenting the signed photograph on more...

'Tell Me Your Secret' (Peru)

"The cool blue waters surrounding Espanola Island, in the Galapagos, is inviting and refreshing, especially with all the friendly sea lions getting up close. This blue eyed Galapagos sea lion was scratching its ears just as I released the shutter. I more...

'That Second Glance' (Peru)

A school of yellow tail surgeon fish, their tails like yellow scissors, swiftly passes by like an underwater curtain revealing the treasures of underwater life. "Through the blue hues we can see a sea lion taking a second glance as the water's new re more...

'The Beauty of the Marsh' (Thailand)

"Si Pan Don lies near the Cambodia border in southern Laos. Here the Mekong River breaks up into myriad little streams, giving the site the name 4000 Islands," explains Akha Jim. His opportune lens captures the moment in which buffaloes take a refres more...

'The Beauty of Variation is Nature II' (Thailand)

Evoking the endless cycle of birth, growth and death, natural forms move across an ivory plane. Somchai Sawasdee discovers rich visual textures in a bold, monochrome etching. Conjuring clouds, rivers and forests, the artist extrapolates an entire uni more...

'The Equator's Heat' (Peru)

The setting sun reveals the silhouette of a Nazca Booby majestically perched on leafless branches. Previously thought to be a masked booby, the Nazca Booby was distinguished in 2006 as a different subtype because of its orange bill, white tail and ye more...

'The Race' (Peru)

"Two competitive sea lions show off their swiftness and power in a friendly race through deep blue waters that are interrupted by peaks of jagged rocks," says Jenny Chua as she describes her experience. "I tilted my lens upwards to include the belly more...

'The Rest of Boats' (Brazil)

Copacabana's blue skies and golden sands offer respite to these boats after a long fishing day. Home to an extensive fishing community, Copacabana is awaken every morning by men putting their boats out to sea. Mauro Fichman's acute lens captures the more...

'The Sweet Smile of a Balinese Girl' (Indonesia)

Dressed as a dancer, a young woman shares a smile of rare sweetness. She wears an elaborate golden headdress and stage makeup, yet her fresh and innocent beauty cannot be disguised. "Her smile communicates patience and friendliness," says Balinese ph more...

'The Voice of the Waters is Blue' (large) (Brazil)

Mauro Fichman captures translucent colors in a delightful photograph of shimmering contrasts. Portraying gently flowing water, he captures dancing red lights on its deep blue surface. The Brazilian photographer brings an intimate immediacy to his lyr more...

'Tomatoes' (Brazil)

In all stages of ripeness, luscious tomatoes rest in wicker baskets. Hugo Curti captures a variety of colors in this study. Deep green peppers provide a cool counterpoint to the crimson orbs. Discovering an informal still life in a market stall, he c more...

'Toucan' (Brazil)

Posing like a muse of natural beauty, a toucan captures the lens of Brazilian photographer Joao Paulo Barbosa. "The Ramphastos toco is the largest known species in the toucan family. Its amazing and prominent yellow-orange bill makes it easy to recog more...

'Traditional Boats' (Indonesia)

Colorful fishing boats lull in time to the melodious waves of Lake Beratan, in Bedugul (Indonesia). They catch Rudy Adnyana's eye as he expertly focuses his lens in their direction. The photograph clearly highlights a legendary custom that has made i more...

'Trail of Mangoes' (Brazil)

Ancient trunks attesting to their great age, mango trees tower along a shady trail. Bromeliads cling to every branch, creating the illusion of lacy fingers that beckon as they dance. Mauro Fichman creates visual poetry, capturing startling images of more...

'Tree' (Brazil)

The horizon is speckled with eucalyptus trees, their size distorted by the distant vision. The sky is magnificent, its limpid blueness mottled with pure white clouds. On the ground, the arid land offers a sharp contrast, yet it is in perfect harmony more...

'Trio of Rio' (Brazil)

Working in black and white, Anita Soares evokes scenes like memories from Rio de Janeiro. The first of three photographs depicts a wild orchid against the vast sky. Wavelets ripple across the surface of a glassy lagoon. And tall palms seem to dwarf t more...

'Urca's Night' (Brazil)

A bright, magical halo surrounds Guanabara Bay as night descends on Urca, a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Sid Bond expertly captures that instant when daylight leaves, night descends, and streetlights shine on the boardwalk. Printed on Fuji paper w more...

'Uyuni Salt Lake' (Brazil)

Barren mountains slope toward a sparkling expanse of white, their rugged slopes revealing an eerie beauty. Cactus covers the dry hillside like lonely sentinels. Leandro Mantesso turns his lens to the Salar de Uyuni, one of the world's largest salt la more...

'Veredas' (large) (Brazil)

Tall palm trees stand like handsome sentinels of nature underscored by Brazil's golden skies. "In 1961, the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park (Cavalcante) was composed of an area of 625,000 hectares and had the name of Tocantins National Park, in r more...

'Veredas' (medium) (Brazil)

Tall palm trees stand like handsome sentinels of nature underscored by Brazil's golden skies. "In 1961, the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park (Cavalcante) was composed of an area of 625,000 hectares and had the name of Tocantins National Park, in r more...

'Vietnam's Limestone Loveliness' (Thailand)

"Ninh Binh Province in northern Vietnam is famous for its unique landscape, featuring unusually small and steep limestone hills," explains Akha Jim as he introduces this photograph. Known as 'Halong Bay on Land,' the limestone hills stand like natura more...

'View of Pedra Bonita' (Brazil)

Stretching toward Africa, the Atlantic sends rolling swells to break against Pedra Bonita, the easternmost point of land in Rio de Janeiro. To the right, the Sao Conrado neighborhood hugs the sandy beach. Robson Sicuro selects an unusual perspective more...

'Waiting for You at the Window' (Brazil)

A woman sees the world pass by absorbed in curious expectation, leaning out of a window of ancestral design. Andre de Miranda seeks to capture the charm of Brazil's ancient architecture, when doors and windows featured polychrome fanlights. In this x more...

'Wat Rong Khun' (Thailand)

Seen in silhouette, dragons seem to take flight from the roof of Wat Rong Khun. The temple, located in Chiang Rai, is the work of Chalermchai Kositpipat. White represents Buddha's purity, and white glass insets symbolize the Master's brightly shining more...

'Water's Delight' (Peru)

"Sea lions are very curious and they love bubbles, so my trick was to blow bubbles to lure them towards me," says Jenny Chua as she shares her adventures in the Galapagos. "The playful sea lions were diving into the water from a rocky outpost, and th more...

'What a Beautiful Day' (Brazil)

"The contrast between the recently painted Arcos da Lapa and the blue sky caught my eye," confides Mauro Fichman as he shoots the photograph with an admirable use of perspective. Located in the neighborhood of Lapa, these stone arches are a famous la more...

'Wonderful Place' (Brazil)

Rolling green hills stretch endlessly beneath a sky filled with billowing clouds. Mauro Fichman captures a bucolic image on film. A wonderful place to live, to appreciate and to contemplate, this landscape radiates a sensation of peace. Color photogr more...

'Young Balinese Girl' (Indonesia)

With a smile of quiet pride, a schoolgirl is dressed for a dance performance. Fresh flowers cover her elaborate headdress, and she wears the makeup of a professional dancer. Captured by the lens, her shining eyes enchant Balinese photographer Andika more...

'Young Balinese Girls' (Indonesia)

Dressed for the ritual Rejang dance, three young girls steal a moment to talk about their costumes, makeup and performance. Yet their innocence and fresh beauty captivated photographer Andika Pratama. The elegant black and white portrait conveys the more...

'Young Thai Akha Girl' (Thailand)

"This is an increasingly rare image of a youth in traditional hill tribe clothing," comments Akha Jim as he presents the portrait of a beautiful girl. She is from the Akha hill tribe and she wears the costume corresponding to a single, adolescent you more...

Happy Wa Girl' (Thailand)

Akha Jim expertly captures the moment the breeze lifts the hair of a Wa girl. Smiling happily, she raises her hands as she stands on a woven mat next to a pile of rice. The Wa people hail from China's Yunnan province, and this girl is wearing the tra more...

Ocean Dawn' (Brazil)

In the stillness of the morning mist lays low on mountains and sea, shrouding the world in mystery. The emerging sun casts a pink glow on the blue sky, turning the air to mother-of-pearl in this extraordinary photograph. Anita Soares captures the mag more...

Tapirape Canoe' (large) (Brazil)

A sense of peace and tranquility emanates from this photograph by Brazil's Joao Paulo Barbosa. "A man in a canoe travels the Araguaia River, in the Karaja/Tapirape territory," Barbosa explains. "The Karajas and Tapirapes of today have intense social more...



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