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Home Decor - Masks - African Nigeria
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Home Decor - Masks - African Nigeria are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Africa teakwood mask, 'Protect My Farm' (Ghana)

"Growing up in the Alto Volta region, my grandfather used to tell me people would hang this mask on their farms believing it would scare away passersby who would cast an evil eye and destroy their crops," recalls Top Cambodia. Hand-carved of teakwood more...

Africa wood mask, 'Sympathy I' (Ghana)

Poised with eyes closed and a gentle smile, this original mask by Eric Danquah is hand-carved with sublime detail. Danquah decorates the sculpted sese wood mask with embossed aluminum to resemble tribal scarifications. Titled "Ahummobo" in Akan. more...

Africa wood mask, 'Sympathy II' (Ghana)

Handsome with a gentle smile, this original mask by Eric Danquah is carved by hand with sublime detail. Danquah decorates the sculpted sese wood mask with embossed aluminum to resemble tribal scarification. Titled "Ahummobo II" in Akan. more...

African wood mask, 'Boli Protection' (Ghana)

Kobina Asmah transforms the Boli mask of Bambara people into an art piece worthy of admiration. Meaning "mighty powers on Earth," the boli mask is believed to ward off evil and is placed throughout the fields of southern Sudan. "This horned mask is d more...

African wood mask, 'Companionship' (Ghana)

Sharing facial features, a black and yellow mask symbolizes unity among races in the art of Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng. "I designed this mask as a symbol of the harmony that could exist between people of different origins. It is to inspire loyalty and more...

African wood mask, 'Excellent Harvest' (Ghana)

Meaning "whistle," the Fito mask is worn by the Hausa people of Nigeria to celebrate a good harvest. Abdul Aziz Mohamadu honors Hausa art and customs with a magnificent African rubberwood replica, which he carves and paints by hand. Embossed aluminum more...

African wood mask, 'Harvest Chief' (Ghana)

The Gabogi people of Nigeria celebrate a good harvest during the Mashgu Festival, when the chief wears the Bariwa or Authority mask. Impressed by its beauty, Abdul Aziz Mohamadu creates a faithful replica as he carves the mask from African African ru more...

African wood mask, 'My Good Friend II' (Ghana)

"This mask is a very special one, which not many people have or know about," says Awudu Saaed of this replica. "Nigeria's Hausa people only give it to a woman after she has been of immense help to the person giving the mask. It is called Fulo meaning more...

African wood mask, 'My Good Friend' (Ghana)

"This mask is a very special one, which not many people have or know about," says Awudu Saaed of this replica. "Nigeria's Hausa people only give it to a man after he has been of immense help to the person giving the mask. It is called Fulo meaning 'g more...

African wood mask, 'Nature's Gift' (Ghana)

"This mask is about the harmonious relationship that can exist between living creatures," says Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng of his original design. "Birds are gift of nature, created by God to fulfill a promise. Birds do not weed, farm or work, but their more...

African wood mask, 'Tribal Power' (Ghana)

This handsome mask depicts a person of power for horns are a traditional symbol of power in many West African tribes. "Power is earned and not bought," states Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng, referring to the tradition of selecting tribal chiefs according t more...

African wood mask, 'Unity' (Ghana)

"This mask tells about different races of the world, and how a blend of the two skin colors will unite the world for the good of mankind," believes Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng. In his original design, the Ghanaian artist depicts the head of a man above more...

Angolan wood mask, 'Spirit of Wealth' (Ghana)

Walter Kuma faithfully recreates the Chihongo mask of the Chokwe people from Angola. The mask represents the spirit of wealth and prosperity, and it is reserved for the king or prince. They wear it when they travel across the land, exacting tribute f more...

Angolan wood mask, 'Tears' (Ghana)

This moving mask's expressive features tell of sadness and despair. Designer Nana Adu Amankwapam I replicates the art and customs of the Chokwe people who live in Zaire and Angola through this mask of sese wood, brass and copper. Known as Mwana Pwo ( more...

Cameroon wood mask, 'Fishermen's Deity' (Ghana)

By Sefah Mohammed, this handsome mask represents a deity venerated by fishermen in Cameroon. He carves the piece by hand, adding beautiful colors and applications of white clay. Such masks receive sacrifices to assure a plentiful catch. more...

Dan wood mask, 'Boy's Initiation' (Ghana)

Eyes open in surprise and the mouth forms the word, "Oh!," as the mysteries of adulthood are manifest to initiates. Deftly carving seasoned sese wood, Nana Adu Amankwapam I shapes a mask from the Dan people of Cote d'Ivoire. It is used during their i more...

Ethiopian wood mask, 'Berber Man' (Ghana)

By Sefah Mohammed, this handsome mask represents a man from the Berber peoples of North Africa. The symmetrical features receive a coat of textured color, and a hat crowns the mask. Named Faadi, "lengthy mask" in the language of Ethiopia, it represen more...

Ethiopian wood mask, 'Beware' (Ghana)

Narrow eyes are menacing beneath brows like red flames while the headdress suggests a spider's web. Designed to strike fear into the hearts of intruders, this mask is the work of Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. "These are used by the Afare tribe of Ethiopia at more...

Ethiopian wood mask, 'Hail to the Chief' (Ghana)

This mask of noble visage was often used by Ethiopian Chiefs to symbolize their authority. Sefah Mohammed replicates the mask with astute artistry as he carves it by hand from local sese wood. He paints and decorates it with clay and embossed aluminu more...

Ethiopian wood mask, 'Village Mediator' (Ghana)

Gazing downward with heavy-lidded eyes, a personage seems contemplative. His is an important task, for this is the mediator of conflicts. Gleaming brass repousse covers the features, sculpted in sese wood and polished to a deep luster. The elongated more...

Ewe wood mask, 'Purification' (Ghana)

Solemn and beautiful, this mask is used to purify the village after a death and help the deceased's soul on its way to a final resting place. It comes from the Ewe people of Ghana's Volta region and is masterfully carved by Walter Kuma. more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'Girl Grows Up' (Ghana)

This elegant mask by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu is colorful and beautiful. Adorned with gleaming brass and intricately embossed aluminum, it depicts a beloved daughter. Recycled glass beads in red, yellow, green and blue give the mask a festive air. "These more...

Ghanaian wood mask, 'The Protector' (Ghana)

Wearing ornate headgear resembling a fula (hat), this striking mask offers protection. Abdul Karim Star replicates this legendary mask, used in the 18th century by Dagomba monarchs to protect their palace. The hand-carved sese wood mask is decorated more...

Hausa wood Africa mask, 'Handsome Boy' (Ghana)

Long eyelashes flutter over almond shaped eyes while stars appear on the forehead. The child's face is long and regal, and his lips full and sensuous. Superbly carved of African sese wood, this mask comes from Abdul Karim Star. Among the Hausa people more...

Hausa wood Africa mask, 'Hausa Festival Personage' (Ghana)

White eyes beneath arching eyebrows stare impassively from smooth sese wood. This elegant work represents a guna</> who performs circumcisions on male babies from the Hausa tribe. Carefully carved and painted by Abdul Karim Star, the festival m more...

Hausa wood African mask, 'A Chief's Role' (Ghana)

Looking downwards upon the chief's head, a sunsu ("bird," in Hausa) with an egg in its beak symbolizes looking after one's people. Sefah Mohammed carves an ornate sese wood replica of this Nigerian mask featuring clay and hand-painted details. more...

Hausa wood African mask, 'Beautiful Wife' (Ghana)

Lace-like patterns cover her slender cheeks and adorn her downcast eyes. Subtle color and repousse define a demure young woman of exceptional charm. Issaka Ibrahim creates a mask he names Qualia, "Beauty" in the Hausa language of Nigeria. Such masks more...

Hausa wood African mask, 'Beautiful Woman' (Ghana)

The eyes dominate this elegant mask, their clear orbs surrounded by intricate plates of embossed brass. A medallion of brass repousse centers the wide forehead, Working in polished sese wood, Abdul Karim Star sculpts an elongated mask to portray a yo more...

Hausa wood African mask, 'Bountiful Harvest' (Ghana)

Sumptuous curves in textured brass create a sensation of well being. Embellished with gold and crimson, this beautiful personage wears a beaded nose ornament with red cotton tufts. Juliana Akandas designs a mask that protects farmers among the Hausa more...

Hausa wood African mask, 'Celebration' (Ghana)

This extraordinary mask is worn by the Hausa people of Ghana during the yam celebrations. Juliana Akandas designs the mask to be carved of sese wood, ensuring the faithful replication of details. Dazzling beads and polished brass plates add to the ma more...

Hausa wood African mask, 'Family Values' (Ghana)

Admirer of history and traditions, Sefah Mohammed replicates the goro mask with loyal detail. Meaning "kola nut" in the Hausa language, it is reminiscent of the Songhai Empire and it symbolizes family unity and dedication to work. Mohammed carves the more...

Hausa wood African mask, 'Forgive Me' (Ghana)

Narrowed eyes are somehow contrite in this exquisitely detailed mask. Contrasting its smooth line with intricate brass repousse, Daniel Nyadedzor creates a piece from Ghana's Hausa people. Named Hankuri ("Sorry"), these masks are given to someone who more...

Hausa wood African mask, 'Giraffe' (Ghana)

A giraffe poses on the forehead of this handsome mask. Hand carved from African sese wood, this design is named Bariwa, "Giraffe" in the Hausa language of Nigeria. By Issaka Ibrahim, it represents masks that are given to the community's best hunter. more...

Hausa wood mask, 'Lion' (Ghana)

A roaring lion dominates this handsome mask with fierce pride. Intricate textures in aluminum repousse cover the cheeks and eyelids in a beautiful African mask. Hand carved from African sese wood, this design is named Zaki, "Hunter" in the Hausa lang more...

Hausa wood mask, 'Queen Mother' (Ghana)

Sefah Mohammed honors the artistic customs and traditions of the Sahelian people with this attractive mask. Carved by hand of sese wood, it represents the Queen Mother and her trademark braided hair. Mohammed calls this mask kiso, which in the Hausa more...

Hausa wood mask, 'Sympathy' (Ghana)

With downcast eyes, a solemn visage radiates empathy and understanding. Ornate plates of embossed brass add to the beauty of this Ghanaian mask by Daniel Nyadedzor. Named Sennu, or "Sympathy" in the Hausa language, it is a gift to a person who has ex more...

Liberia wood mask, 'Male Spiritual Healer' (Ghana)

Carved from sese wood and treated with clay, this mask represents a male healer from the Dan tribe in Liberia. "It is actually worn by soldiers, but sometimes they need to act as native doctors," explains Salihu Ibrahim. "They believed they will be p more...

Nigerian wood and jute mask, 'Heart Fortunes' (Ghana)

Salihu Ibrahim crafts an impressive mask in the tradition of Nigeria‘«÷s Hausa people. Known as Zuchiya ("Heart"), the mask is believed to bring good fortune to those who live in the household where it hangs. Zuchiya is carved from sese wood and ador more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Celebration' (Ghana)

A beautiful mask welcomes chiefs to the Chikachiki festival in Kano, Nigeria. Meaning "Full stomach" in Hausa language, the festival is celebrated by the Tijaniyya people when Ramadan is finished and fasting is over. It means merriment is allowed and more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Equality in Marriage' (Ghana)

"Masks such as this are used by the Gaya people of the Kano State in Nigeria," says Ghanaian artisan Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. "They are used during marriage ceremonies when the bride and groom come from different tribes. During the ceremony, the man wear more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Festival' (Ghana)

The proud, elegant visage of the Ibo people of Nigeria personifies this sese wood mask by Salihu Ibrahim. He carves it by hand with refined finesse, detailing the facial scarifications that distinguish the Ibo tribe. Decorated with clay and polish, t more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Festival' (Ghana)

Intricately illuminated in colorful beadwork, this extraordinary mask showcases Victor Yao Delanyo's design vision. He sculpts the piece from sese wood and achieves the deep, rich color with mansion polish. Named "Festival," the work is typical of pi more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Foreigner' (Ghana)

With an expression of sadness, a foreigner recalls his homeland. Sefah Mohammed creates a mask steeped in tradition, applying embossed aluminum and white clay to the sober features. "In olden days, people from Nigeria migrated to Sudan. As time went more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Fulani Maiden' (Ghana)

Demure and beautiful, a maiden from Africa's Fula tribe is depicted in a mask. Abdul Aziz Mohamadu shapes the piece from seasoned African rubberwood. Painted by hand, it receives applications of richly embossed aluminum. The artisan's inspiration com more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'God's Bounty' (Ghana)

By Abdul Aziz Mohamadu, this mask conveys a quiet joy. Its colorful contours are hand carved from seasoned African rubberwood and beautifully painted. Seed beads of recycled glass adorn the cheeks and brow. Used by the Gogoberi tribe in Nigeria durin more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'God's Gift' (Ghana)

A serious expression belies the joy of an abundant harvest. Carved and painted by hand, this handsome mask comes from Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. "It is used by the Goroshie tribe in Nigeria during thier harvest festival called Motaka Rafi." he says. He nam more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'God's Gifts' (Ghana)

Brilliant color conveys both joy and gratitude in this elegant mask by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. Symmetrical features narrow from wide eyes to a narrow chin and voluptuous lips, while aluminum repousse creates a triangle on the wide forehead. "This mask i more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Harvest Joy' (Ghana)

A serious expression belies the joy of an abundant harvest. Carved and painted by hand, this handsome mask comes from Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. "It is used by the Chamba people of Nigeria during the Chambalare festival, which celebrates the end of the hun more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Harvest Master' (Ghana)

Ornate and powerful, this replica of the Mudubaa is worn during the Yandaba Festival to give thanks for an abundant harvest. The mask evidences the artistic stylizations of Nigeria's Kaduna region, masterfully replicated by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. He ca more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Hausa Farmer's Friend' (Ghana)

Beautiful but stern, this imposing mask by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu is named Buriemini, a Hausa word meaning "leave it for me." Strong African rubberwood contours are carved and painted by hand, while applications of white clay give the piece a vintage ap more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Heart of Grief' (Ghana)

With eyes closed, a face is filled with sorrow in this mask by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. "Among the Hausa people of Nigeria, such masks are given to a widow or widower," he explains. "They believe the spirit of the mask will give the bereaved person a lar more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'I Swear' (Ghana)

Smooth, symmetrical features convey a sense of assuredness, beautifully depicted in an African mask. By Sefah Mohammed, the image is carved and painted by hand, and adorned with ornate aluminum repousse. "Such masks are used in Northern Nigeria, spec more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Ibo Farmer' (Ghana)

Salihu Ibrahim replicates the striking mask of an Ibo farmer from Nigeria. Carved by hand of sese wood, the mask features a gun between the eyes with a cross above it. "It means the farmer must never use his gun on his fellow human beings," explains more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Kaduna Protector' (Ghana)

Wide eyes are ever vigilant, always alert. By Abdul Aziz Mohamadu, this mask represents a protective spirit. "It is used by the Kaduna people in Nigeria, who hang the mask in their room," he says. "Anytime the man has to leave his wife alone at home, more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Karime Funeral' (Ghana)

Abdul Karim Star hand-carves a detailed replica of the Karime ("Small") mask, worn by the Dagomba people of Nigeria. It is usually worn by the tribe's healers, when one of the healers dies. Star decorates the sese wood mask with embossed aluminum pla more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'King Olu Badan' (Ghana)

Legendary tales of regal eccentricities inspire George Asante to carve this mask in honor of Olu Badan. The Nigerian king is said to have changed his physical appearance and character to be different from the rest. He even changed his way of life. As more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'King's Companion' (Ghana)

His eyes are closed in death, yet the chieftain is an imposing figure. Carved and painted by hand, this handsome mask is the work of Sefah Mohammed. Ornately embossed aluminum adorns the cheeks and forehead. "Masks such as this are used by the Huasa more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Moon Goddess' (Ghana)

Once worn in Northern Nigeria to detect the moon's phase, this beautiful mask is haloed by moonbeams. Applications of white clay evoke the silvery orb in a hand-carved piece by Sefah Mohammed. more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'My Beautiful Lover' (Ghana)

Sculpted by hand of native African rubberwood, this face depicts a woman of youthful beauty. Long lashes frame demure eyes and applications of aluminum create intricate patterns on her cheeks and forehead. "Among the Hausa people of Nigeria, such mas more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'My Beautiful Woman' (Ghana)

Carved by hand, this exquisite mask by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu features gleaming brass and colorful beads. "Such masks are used by men of the Igbo tribe in Nigeria to express how they feel about a woman," he explains. "A husband may also give such a mask more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'No Dispute' (Ghana)

By Abdul Aziz Mohamadu, this bold mask is decorated with colorful seed beads, while an elongated forehead lends it an air of authority. "This mask is used by the Kabogie people in Kontagora, Niger. When a dispute is being settled, the mask is hung at more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Peace from Nigeria' (Ghana)

Framed with colorful zigzags, an elongated oval forms a tranquil face. Golden hues define the features, embellished by richly embossed sheets of brass. Juliana Akandas designs a mask used by the Fulani people, nomadic cattle herders of northern Niger more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Protect My Baby' (Ghana)

Long eyelashes frame watchful eyes in a face that is sweetly feminine. Carved by hand of African African rubberwood, this beautiful mask is the work of Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. "Such masks are used by the Hausa tribe of Niger. It is placed in the room wh more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Snake Fertility Mask' (Ghana)

Abdul Karim Star carves this detailed replica of the Snake Mask worn by the Baribari people of Nigeria. According to custom, it is worn at dances to bring good luck and prosperity. It is also said to foster fertility, for it's believed that a woman w more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Twin Spirit' (Ghana)

The art and customs of Nigeria's Ibo people inspire this colorful mask with the head of an elephant. Sefah Mohammed carves it by hand of sese wood and decorates it with clay and embossed aluminum plates. The Ibo people look upon the birth of twins as more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Unfortunate' (Ghana)

Brilliant colors distinguish this beautiful mask, and a bird appears on the forehead. By Sefah Mohammed, it is adorned with African beads and ornate aluminum repousse. "In Southern Nigeria, this mask is displayed during periods of drought," he explai more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Virtues' (Ghana)

This multicolored mask by Evans Doe Martey symbolizes the virtues of beauty, peacefulnes and kindness. Carved by hand from sese wood, the mask is inspired by the customs and artistry of the Igbo people of Nigeria. more...

Nigerian wood mask, 'Yoruba Gelada Headdress' (Ghana)

Wearing an extraordinary headdress, a fierce visage bares his teeth. Bands of color cross his mouth and textured plates of brass adorn his cheeks and forehead. Evans Doe Martey sculpts a powerful portrait of the Gelada association, a Yoruba secret so more...

Senegalese wood mask, 'Farmer' (Ghana)

This thoughtful personage represents a farmer from Senegal and is called Lelele. The word means "never satisfied with his harvest." Carved by hand from sese wood, the handsome mask features subtle color and applications of aluminum repousse. Peter Wo more...

Sierra Leone wood African mask, 'Girls Only' (Ghana)

With her large eyes, round cheeks and smooth features, this charming mask represents a girl on the cusp of puberty. Rita Addo Zakour takes the image from the Bundu tribe of Sierra Leone. These masks are used by the Sande secret society that guides gi more...

Sierra Leone wood African mask, 'Sande Society' (Ghana)

Rich repousse textures cover this enchanting mask by Rita Addo Zakour. With her large eyes, round cheeks and smooth features, this charming mask represents a girl at the edge of puberty. The designer takes the image from the Bundu tribe of Sierra Leo more...

Sudanese wood mask, 'Source of Power' (Ghana)

A turban crowns this elongated mask with its enigmatic features. Carved and painted by hand, the mask is believed to be a source of power for chiefs in Sudan. Sefah Mohammed presents a design placed in front of Sudanese royal palaces. more...

Sudanese wood mask, 'Stand Firm' (Ghana)

With unwavering eyes and a set jaw, this personage is a symbol of firmness for Sudan chiefs. Sefah Mohammed carves and paints the slender, handsome mask by hand. Applications of white clay enhance its textures. more...

Togolese wood mask, 'Bountiful Harvest' (Ghana)

Festive colors invite celebration during the Tubawa festival in Togo. Representative of the Chamba Lare people, the event commemorates the bountiful harvest just past. Abdul Aziz Mohamadu carves the mask by hand of seasoned African rubberwood, adding more...

Togolese wood mask, 'Scarecrow' (Ghana)

Tall and imposing, this colorful mask is created by Ghana's Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. Gleaming brass and colorful beads adorn the handsome piece. "These masks are used by farmers of the Kabire tribe in Togo, where they serve the purpose of a scarecrow," h more...

Wood mask, 'Bwa Butterfly Bat' (Ghana)

Target-like circles on the face identify this ethereal winged creature as a butterfly, while some scholars believe it represents a bat or a hawk. Gliding on checkerboard wings, the mask represents a nature spirit among the Bwa tribe of Burkina Faso. more...

Yoruba African wood mask, 'Spiritual Harvest' (Ghana)

This mask of solemn beauty is known as Obuluw by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Meaning "spiritual face," it is worn by the fetish priest when consulting the gods to ask for a favorable planting season. Ghana's Awudu Saaed creates a spectacular sese w more...

Yoruba ceramic mask, 'Yoruba Chiefs' (Ghana)

This mask of regal visage is known as the Festac mask of Nigeria's Yoruba people. The name Festac is an abbreviation for the Festival of Art and Culture, attended by all the chiefs. Over time, other regions on the continent have innovated upon the ma more...

Yoruba wood mask, 'Chief's Staff' (Ghana)

Sefah Mohammed finds inspiration in the art of Nigeria's Yoruba people for the creation of this ornate mask. It crowns the staff used by the Yoruba Igwe ("chief"), and it is known as the "Haske" (bright) mask. Carved of sese wood, the mask is decorat more...

Yoruba wood mask, 'Good Luck' (Ghana)

Horns wrap around the head of a bearded man. By Abubakari Alhassan, this mask is named Gelede, or "Good Luck" in the language of Nigeria's Yoruba people. He carves the piece from sese wood to emulate an antique. Worn on the head like a helmet, such p more...

Yoruba wood mask, 'He Brings Good' (Ghana)

By Abubakari Alhassan, this mask is named Ekpa. In the language of Nigeria's Yoruba people, Ekpa means "Good Things." "It is used for dancing during festivals to show happiness," Alhassan explains. He carves the man's visage from sese wood and gives more...

Yoruba wood mask, 'Horn Dancing' (Ghana)

Brandishing long horns, this mask symbolizes power. The Yoruba people of Nigeria believe the wearer will be endowed with the mask's powerful energies. Wilson Aboagye carves this stunning version by hand of local sese wood. He decorates it with emboss more...

Yoruba wood mask, 'Horn' (Ghana)

This magnificent mask originates from the people of Yoruba in Nigeria. Over time, the mask's style has been added upon by other regions on the continent - providing new decorative materials such as beads and brass. The mask is skillfully hand-carved more...

Yoruba wood mask, 'She Brings Good' (Ghana)

By Abubakari Alhassan, this mask is named Ekpa. In the language of Nigeria's Yoruba people, Ekpa means "Good Things." "It is used for dancing during festivals to show happiness," Alhassan explains. He carves the woman's visage from sese wood and give more...

Yoruba wood mask, 'Storm God' (Ghana)

Dark eyebrows knit thoughtfully and blazing eyes observe the earth. Juliana Akandas' design depicts the orisha (god) of thunder and lightning. Believed to have founded the Yoruba kingdom in Nigeria, he is portrayed in a sese wood mask. Human in his a more...

Yoruba wood mask, 'Traditional Yoruba Headgear' (Ghana)

Serious and contemplative, a man seems to ponder life's mysteries. He wears the distinctive headgear of the Yoruba, used for ceremonial occasions. Crafted by Victor Yao Delanyo, this serenely beautiful mask is hand-carved from sese wood. Delanyo pain more...

Yoruban wood African mask, 'Gelede Mourning' (Ghana)

With downcast eyes, his face expresses sorrowful resignation. Yet a quiet dignity permeates his smooth features. This imposing mask by Nana Adu Amankwapam I represents those worn by male members of Yoruban Gelede societies. Such masks are worn at the more...

Zaire wood mask, 'Flying Protector' (Ghana)

Salihu Ibrahim celebrates the art of Zaire with this ornate mask. It is a replica of Pande and Kasai tribal origin, which he carves of sese wood featuring a bird over the forehead and nose. The mask is believed to protect from all flying evils. Recyc more...

Zambian wood mask, 'My Bride' (Ghana)

This exquisite mask by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu represents a bride. Gleaming brass, aluminum and colorful beads adorn the handsome piece. "Such masks are used during wedding ceremonies by the Bemba tribes from Zambia," he explains. "The mask is presented more...



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Shawls - Women's - Patterned
Shawls - Women's - Solid
Walking - Sticks

Russian Style Fur, Sheepskin and Leather Hats
Military Style Russian Hats Fur Ushankas
Military Style Russian Hats Service Headwear

Benjarong Porcelain - Thailand
Nesting Dolls
Nesting Dolls 3 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 5 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 7 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 10 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 15 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 20 doll sets
Nesting Dolls 50 doll sets
Custom Nesting Dolls

Coffee Tables
Storage - Trunks & Chests

Handbags - Clutches
Handbags - Cosmetic - Travel Accessories
Handbags - Embellished
Handbags - Evening
Handbags - Flaps
Handbags - Handle
Handbags - Hobo
Handbags - Messenger
Handbags - Handle
Handbags - Slings
Handbags - Soda pop top
Handbags - Tote
Handbags - Wristlets
Shoulder - bags

Outdoor - Living
Welcome Signs

Photo   Frames

Tableware - Entertaining
Barware - Wine Holders
Cocktail - Shot Glasses
Coffee - Tea Cups
Serve ware
Drinking - Glasses
Serving - Trays / Trivets
Table - Linens - Placemats / Napkins
Table - Linens - Tablecloths / Runners

Blankets - Throws
Cushion - Covers

Musical Instruments - Bali / Java
Musical Instruments - Drums
Musical Instruments - Peru
Musical Instruments - West Africa

Backgammon - Sets
Board Games
Chess Sets
Shadow Theater - Puppets


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