Art Gallery - Sculpture Iron

Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Art Gallery - Sculpture Iron - are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.
Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Iron sculpture, 'Seed of Hope' (Peru)

"This sculpture is inspired in life and the environment that surrounds us. It has a semi-circle shape to represent cyclical energies and it represents stalks blossoming with hope," explains Peruvian artist Marco Florindez. He sculpts this admirable p

Sculpture, 'Pop Art Love' (Peru)

"This heart-filled car travels the world with a message of love, its driver filled with inner peace," exclaims Peruvian artist Luitpol. Merging Pop Art with recycling practices, he sculpts the piece with wood, paper, and aluminum for the driver and w

Steel statuette, 'Happy Hummingbird' (Peru)

Marco Florindez depicts a hummingbird, a protected species in Peru's Amazon region. With wings extended, the delightful bird seems to hover in mid air. "I think there is nothing more comforting for the soul than to watch these magnificent creatures f